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Useful Strategy to Avoid the Most Common Office Design Mistakes



The productivity and performance of your organization depend on many things, and office design might be a factor that affects it. An office with a bad design might affect the overall mood and environment that make the employee become less motivated and engaged. A negative atmosphere that can be a result of a wrong design can decrease the employees’ morale and ability to collaborate. As a result, the productivity may slump and the overall job satisfaction may drop. This is definitely not something you want to happen at your organization so you need to avoid common office design mistakes by doing these things.

Planning ahead is a must

Photo Source: howtobecome

Redesigning or rearranging an office cannot be a spontaneous decision. Lots of time need to pour into the planning, especially if it is a professional or major redesign that involves a designer. Proper consultation with the designer, through brainstorming, and careful and precise decision making needs to be conducted before the execution. When you allocate more time to the planning, better proposals and richer back-and-forth discussion will happen. Communication is a key during this period. You must also consider the time to get permits and to choose or tender the construction companies.

Since this stage is already complicated and needs to be handled carefully, have a project manager to make the stage smoother.

Consider the acoustics

Photo Source: oiatlanta

Not many people will think about the acoustics when planning an office design and this mistake can cost you greatly. Especially if you are trying to design or redesign an open office where people share the same space, acoustics can be really important. Reduce the noise levels by using the right acoustic materials as it will provide a better quality of sound and clarity. Better quality means better comfort levels and better productivity. Moreover, it is easier to collaborate when you reduce excess noises.

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all

Photo Source: homedesignboard

Just because you were at somebody else’s office and the design was great or you felt that your old office encourage more productivity, it doesn’t mean that it can work in your office. Before you change on office design to follow a certain design you have seen before, step back and ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the new design. Inspiration can be great, but you must assess your needs carefully and whether the new design delivers what you and the team need.

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Home Design

4 Wonderful Staircase Ideas for Your Home



The staircase in your two or three-story home serves an important role as a functional tool, but it can also be more than that. While it is usually not very common to overthink how your staircase looks like, it is actually the perfect area to work on for some magical decoration. You access the staircase multiple times a day. So it’s a worthy task to do some interior designing to present some wonderful staircase ideas at your home.

Stuck on finding some staircase ideas that could work for your home? Here are some of them.

Steps painted with book titles

Source: spicytec

Are you a bookworm and wanting to express your love for literature? Show off your passion through some wonderful staircase ideas. The idea is pretty easy and clear: express your love for some of the books that impress you the most by painting the stairs with those titles. All you need is an afternoon and a little painting effort, you don’t even have to be skillful at these. You can totally DIY this!

Fancy pattern and dark colors

Source: carlaaston

Not really into blank monochromatic staircase at your home? Well, you can totally opt for a more fancy one with interesting backdrop. To add some cohesion for the stair, just choose some dark colors for your railing, like dark grey or black. Your staircase will instantly appear bold and interesting to the eyes.

Dark wood and a white bannister

Source: laurelberinteriors

Instantly transform your staircase into a piece of art whit this simple staircase ideas. Choose a backdrop of a darker color and partner it with a rich dark wood for the steps. This will make your staircase seem very elegant and even luxurious in an industrial way. To be strategically eye-catching, complete it with a white railing or bannister.

Soft paint colors

Source: reverbsf

When a staircase is painted right, it turns the whole atmosphere of the room into a warmer or more cheerful one, depending on the mood you are attempting to set. If you want a warm and welcoming home, try to pick soft vibrant colors that match the color of the rest of the house. Don’t forget to match the color with your wooden staircase on a dark floor. Accesorize with plants or pictures to enhance the soothing atmosphere and wrap the mood together.

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Home Design

How to Decorate Your Home Like A Real Parisian



Paris is a city of dream and romance which calls many of us who live with a fine taste. But you don’t have to live in the City of Light to bring some of the Parisian inspiration to your home. All you need is some simple design ideas that will help you decorate your space like a real Parisian. Incorporate the classic touches into more modern setup and you’ll do the trick. Not sure on how to begin? Here are some of the easiest ideas to decorate your place like a Parisian.

Get an oversized mirror

Source: anthropologie

…and make it the statement piece of your space! Classic Parisian apartments that were built in the middle of 19th century usually have a common centerpiece feature: a fireplace accompanied with an oppulant mirror. While owning a fireplace in your home or apartment sounds very comfortable, it is not always realistic or convenient to the pocket. However, oversized mirrors are more accessible, both space and budget wise. So why not making it the statement piece of your space? Go scavenge some at the local flea markets or head to eBay or other second-hand marketplaces for an antique mirror. As an added benefit, multiple oversized mirrors will definitely bring a lot of light to your room and make it seem bigger.

Incorporate some rustic elements

Source: housebeautiful

Rustic flourishes will bring the needed classic touch to your modern home. While you might wish you lived in a historic building with some Parisian architecture, most of the times a little touch here and there is the only thing you can afford. Try installing some faux wood beams or rustic flooring to your space to make it look like a classic 19th century building.

Try bohemian

Source: pinterest

Parisians tend to incorporate elements from places like Morocco, Italy, and Spain which are not very far away to their home décor design. If you want your space to look lik a more Parisian home, you should try to go bohemian. Pick at least a few items to bring into your home like a boho table or rug.

Use books to decorate your house

Source: 1915house

Reading is still a Parisian culture. To show off your high culture and awesome collection, use books as a decoration. People in Paris used to fill up an empty space with books and this is a very nice design idea you should try too.

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Romantic Wedding Room Decorations For Memorable Night



The lovely couple has finally said I do and the party is over. All of the guests have left with fond memories at heart. Now is the time the love birds finally nest. The idea might be simple, the first night as official partner. But, first night should be special. To make your first night special, here are some room decorations for your romantic night.

The Graceful Swans

The most beautiful and romantic bird, the sacred animal for Venus, the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Two Swans folded out of some white clothing in the middle of the mattress with might be some rose petals spread out.

Photo Source: dreamstime

Sultry Candles

Maybe the art of folding clothing into some beautiful forms is not for everyone. But fear not! With a simple idea, you can also create romantic night with candles. Besides some exotic candles, you can add exotic lantern, glasses or even hookah.

Photo Source: 123rf

Exotic Canopy Bed

If the bed has canopy, then this is a good way to go. Or even if the bed has no canopy, you can add four posts and make a canopy of your own. After having a perfect white drapes over the bed, you can add some floral arrangements on the canopy to make the mood more romantic.

Photo Source: ezcanvas

Lit Flower Carpet

You can feel like a super-star with this treatment. As the soft petals of flowers kiss the soles of your feet and the candle lit up around the flowers. Now, who could resist the charm of this?

Photo Source: the bridal box
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DIY & Craft

4 Interesting Ideas on Decorating with Lights




Modern people cannot live without artificial light. It doesn’t only help us see in the dark so we can maintain our activities and guarantee our safety, but it is also a crucial part of home design. The arrangement and quality of lighting in the house will determine how we experience the whole aesthetics and comfort of the house. Therefore, decorating with lights is a creative yet super smart way to enhance the whole livability in the house. Fortunately, there are many ways you can try todecorate with lights to achieve whatever result you want: from cozy to dramatic. Here are some of them!

Romantic fairy lights on bed post

Source: Pinterest

What is the easiest way to make your bedroom seem more romantic? By adding fairy lights to the environment, definitely! Decorating with lights becomes very easy once you realize that fairy lights are not only for the holidays. Use some string lights to decorate your bedpost to make your nighttime reading experience much more enjoyable.These tiny LED bulbs are not only beautiful, but also durable!

Starry garlands of pine needles

Source: gardensite

Arranging pine needles into beautiful garlands and putting them all over the corners and on the doors definitely bring the spirit and atmosphere of holiday season. This is also an easy way to bring nature into your home. However, if you want to make it a lot more beautiful, try decorating with lights on these garlands. Make them look like they are full of stars by twining some LED fairy lights around them. Pretty stars resting in the green needles? How romantic!

Stairway to the sky

Source: ourdiyprojects

You can make a flight of stairs a lot more than just functional by arranging tiny fairy lights around the rail. These will give you the needed illumination for when you want to use it after you turn off all the lights at night, or just to navigate in the area that normally doesn’t receive a lot of light. Not only that, it is going to create the perfect view of a stairway to heaven full of stars!

Bottles of blue light

Source: deal-dx

Still need a pretty centerpiece or table decoration for nighttime? Decorating with lights becomes very easy when you put some LED lights into a plain blue bottle- or some of them!. As you light up the lights, the bottles will enchant everyone in the room! 

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Interior Design

Interesting Fall Home Décor Trends That You Should Give A Try



This is fall, a season of pumpkin pies and falling leaves and cool breeze and everything romantic. This is also the season for a new decoration if you want to make your house more interesting and inviting for all the relatives and guests that will probably come over for any celebrations you will have this season. There is nothing better than following the fall home décor trends that have garnered so much attention from so many people this year.

So what are the latest fall home décor trends? Here are some for you to adapt to your house.

Abstract Portraits

Photo Source: aliexpress

Paintings, portraits, and any other similar art pieces always make good decorations. One of fall home décor trends, according to the site Chairish that analyzed the data of art, furniture, and home accessories sales, is abstract portraits, or arts with faces in general. This is also confirmed by several online art galleries.

Heavily Patterned Upholstery

Photo Source: apartmenttherapy

Minimalism is really not trendy this fall. On the contrary, it is maximalism which has become the broad theme this fall, with rich and layered decorations being the currently most-sought-after items. Heavily patterned upholstery fits well into this fall home décor trend and you can find it anywhere this season. It is going to even be more and more popular. Adopt these beautiful pieces for an inviting trendy house!

Warm Tones

Photo Source: gazettenet

Especially when used as accent pieces! If you want to participate in this fall home décor trends, you can put some accent accessories or decorative pieces that have the colors of burnt orange, amber, olive green, mustard, rust, or khaki. These warm colors will make your home feel more comfortable. These are the colors of changing leaves too, which suit the season really well.

 Autumnal Colors in Wall Paint

Photo Source: imgeditor

Of course, as a classic recurring trend, every time the season is coming, painting your walls with autumnal colors is a good idea to embrace the spirit of the season and participate in the trend. Choose colors like red pear, martini olive, quetzal green, or valiant poppy this season!

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Simple Things You Don’t Do that Make Your House Losing Its Style



Styling a house is more important than you think. After all, the house should be your number one place to care about since you need to find comfort there. There are a lot of things you can do to make your house beautiful and stylish. You can hang some sophisticated arts on the living room, decorate the rooms with cute ornaments or choosing popular wall paints. However, the key points is not about what you have done, but what you did not do. Keeping the house stylish comes from good habit. So here are few simple things that you may neglect to do that will spoil the style of your house.

Making your bed every morning

Source: Materialicious

It seems really simple thing to do, but a mess is a mess. The bedroom is your sanctuary where you can unwind yourself at home. It should be a comfortable and relaxing place that you can arrange as you want. Leaving the bed unmade every morning tend to make yourself messed up the whole place from time to time. Because the bed is the center of a bedroom, once it got messy the whole atmosphere will turn ugly. No matter how busy you are, make sure to always leave the house after you make the bed.

Keeping worn utensil away

Source: houzz

Not only food that has expired date, your home utensil also do. Understand that it is not important to keep buying new things just to make sure your house looks good, but it does not mean you have to show it off. Spare some closed space to keep the worn out hardware if you are still going to use it. You can also trade it off with something more useful in flea market or garage sale in your area. It is okay to occasionally buy cute things just for the sake of display if it can help make your house looks chic and stylish.

Cleaning all windows

Source: decorpad

This is another simple thing that you may have missed. The outside part of the window is prone to smudge due to pollution and dust. You might have clean the inner part regularly but the outside part seems not that important and to much drag. However, a clean window will really help to make your rooms look bright and tidy, especially if you rely on natural light. Spare time to do a full house clean up once a week to re-organized your stuff and get rid the unwanted dirt.

Taking care of fabric

Source: sundecdecoration

For sure you use a lot of fabric, from curtain to upholstery. This textile also need regular cleaning since it is easy to catch dust and dust mite. Neglecting to clean them is not only make your house unhygienic but also bad for your health. It is true that washing the fabric from time to time requires too much effort, but it is very important to do to make them more durable as well as keep your house comfortable and pretty.


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Best Dorm Room Interior Ideas to Escape the Gloomy Autumn



The beginning of the semester is full of cheers and homecoming party. But as the season change and the weather goes chiller, you might feel a little bit sluggish and gloomy. Turns out it is not always bright and sunny in college when your project list is getting longer and mid exam is coming near. When the weather is bad and you do not feel like an outing, your dorm will be the number one hideout where you can find comfort. We know that you might think this idea is not cool at all, seeing yourself confined in a small dull room without anything to chill. So here are some awesome dorm interior ideas to make your bedroom a comfortable hub for resting and studying.

Minimalist white

Source: Pinterest

The white interior is your go-to style that will make your room feel spacious and comfortable. Start with a white linen and bedding to create a hotel-like bed which is inviting and comforting for your weekend rest. Repaint the wall if you must and find a white curtain to create a clean and neat vibe. For the decoration, you can find neutral earthy color furniture such as cream pillowcase and light brown bedside table. Monochromatic metal colors also suit well with this interior. Bring some piece of spring with table pot plant or fresh cut flowers to brighten up the atmosphere.

Colorful Boho

Source: Pinterest

To soothe your wanderlust soul, this bohemian chic dorm interior will be suitable and comforting. If the room is really shabby and repaints them seems like too much effort, then brighten it with string light to create a soft and romantic vibe. Do not let your wall go bare since it will make your room so much dull and boring. Put a collage of your last summer holiday trip or memories with your goofy friends in an interesting pattern or cute little handmade pinboard. You can also put some cool printable arts in a rustic frame and bring your inner free-soul. Do not afraid to play with color for your bedding. Hunt some clashing boldest pattern for the pillowcase and blanket.

Charming pastels

Source: apartmenttherapy

If you are looking for a more subtle interior with a feminine touch, a pastel interior will be your best option. Look for vintage affordable wallpaper or paint it yourself if you can. The bold blooms in soft color will surely change the entire atmosphere of your room. It centered the attention from the tiny size and make it such a cute pretty little bedroom. Invest a soft rug and charming sofa for your study corner where you can sit down and do all your task. Do not forget to add some soft pillows in pastel color and beautiful table decoration to complete the look.

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Beautiful Functional Room You Can Squeeze Outside Your House



Having a house with a space for a patio or backyard is a really nice addition. It times when any extra space in the home is really precious, a chance to build a nice terrace for you to sit on and enjoy the weather will be gladly welcomed. However, if you desperately want to have some outdoor area in your home, it is always possible to spare for one. You just need to trade it with one functional room in your house and move it outside. Here are some smart ideas to squeeze a room outside your home without losing it functions and aesthetic value.

Luxurious outdoor bathroom

Source: Pinterest

If you live in an area that bathing outdoor is always possible without freezing your self, putting in an outdoor bathroom is like a dream comes true. It will give you a feeling of holiday resort whenever you do your routine shower and still allows you to enjoy the outside air pretty much. While you are at it, why not giving all the best like this private country spa outdoor bathroom with stone tube and wooden interior. It will make all the effort that you do to move the bathroom outside really worth it.

Patio guest room

Source: Pinterest

Having a guest room outside is not only very cool and chic but also gives you space to make the unwanted guest stay outside. You can also have the benefit of enjoying your tiny garden while entertaining your guest. If you are open for something less conventional, this modern living room uses huge swing instead of a plain sofa which is very cute and cozy. No need to work very hard for the rest of furniture, just throw a couple of cute chairs an mini table and perhaps you own the coolest guest room in your neighborhood now.

Open space living room

Source: Pinterest

If it is really impossible to squeeze any backyard or front yard in your house, why not open up the middle space of your house? This will be a great space for an outdoor living room for you to hang out with the rest of the family. However, it is better to make sure that you have a really effective precaution against the harsh weather and heavy rain since it can be pretty messy and nasty for your precious furniture. All in all, still it is a really great idea to enjoy the open air without leaving your comfortable home.

Backyard dining room

Source: Pinterest

If you live in a house that has a secluded backyard, having an open kitchen and outdoor dining room is a really great idea to save space. Perhaps you can finally have a bigger bathroom after moving those room outside of your house. This backyard dining space is not only cute and lovely but also have a special nook to lounge for before dinner is ready. What an amazing way to enjoy a fine afternoon right inside your house.

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Adorable Nursery Themes to Welcome your Precious Little One



Having a baby is one of a miracle of life that is worth to celebrate. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare as a mom, to make sure your little one can grow wonderfully. We believe every parent want to give the best for their children. One of the first thing that you can do is making a perfect baby room or nursery room so your child can rest in the comfortable and pleasant surrounding. The Pinterest is full of lovely and adorable interior ideas for the nursery, so here are our best pick that is trending on Pinterest right now.

Classic natural white

Source: Pinterest

The bright white themed nursery is one of all time favorite since it gives a clean and neat look for your new baby born. We love to combine the perfect white wall paint with natural wood furniture because it is extremely pretty and goes really well with the natural lighting. The wooden furniture is sturdy and beautiful in a natural finish that will make you feel at home instantly. To add a cheerful texture, play with patterned rugs and bedding, then finish it with colorful cute little toys.

Colorful magical kingdom

Source: Pinterest

If you want more colorful vibe in the nursery, the pretty little room can be a nice idea. The elaborated wallpaper make your baby room another wonder of joy. It features a cute baby crib by the window so the baby will get plenty of natural light, a matching changing table in wooden structure with the natural finish, and a little tent for your child to play with. What a lovely and comfortable place to grow up.

Pastels princess castle

Source: Pinterest

Not only it is very lovely, this pastels themed nursery is also unique and exciting. It is perfect for a baby girl with a wonderful mind and utmost love for plushy. The whole room is painted with baby blue with huge flower painting in pastels color. Not to mention the comfortable princess crib in rose gold metal that goes really well with the theme. Our favorite, of course, the tiny tent with cute knot pillow and dolls in the corner which is perfect for a little reading nook or breastfeeding corner.

Monochrome Forest Adventure

Source: Pinterest

There is no rule the baby boy nursery should be done in bright and childish color. If you want the nursery goes really well with your monochrome interior, this cool forest adventure den in monochrome will fit like a puzzle piece. Of course, you can still satisfy your inner child with cute and adorable furniture such as the tiny sofa and mini table sets. Do not forget to add a life-size animal doll that will be a faithful companion for them.



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