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Try These Easy Cozy Bedroom Ideas for A Restful Sleep



The days are getting longer and warmer, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to make our bedroom as cozy as possible. A cozy bedroom is very important as it is the place for you to relax and rest. Want some ideas on how to make a cozy bedroom? Check some of these.

Wood beams to the ceilings

Source: decorpad

Try light-wood exposed beams or wood-beaded chandelier if you want to incorporate some subtle yet graceful rustic touches. It will work best to add warmth to a muted color palette.

Source: decorpad

Vintage items

Source: pinterest
Source: princegeorges

If you want to add some soul and depth to your cozy bedroom, you need to avoid shiny new stuff. Instead, beautifully incorporate vintage items. It will create warm and inviting texture with so much character. Choose artwork, brass chandelier, or vintage steel frame windows.


Source: livelovefruit

Every kid dreams of living in a treehouse. This doesn’t have to stay a dream forever. You can make it true as an adult by embracing some plants in your bedroom. The greenery will indeed make it a cozy bedroom.


Source: portolapaints

Limewashing, or also called whitewashing, is a process to make your walls look aged and with more dimension but also fresh and clean at the same time. This technique can also work to create a cozy bedroom.

Multitude of patterns

Source: decorwise

You might probably be surprised at how the combination of different patterns make a cozy bedroom. Experiment with different patterns or ceiling, rug, drapery, bedspread, and chairs or other furniture.

Dark colors

Source: houzz

Dark wallpapers or paint adds texture to your bedroom and a warm, moody vibe that will invite you stay in bed and read all day. You can also add some organic elements to make it seem even warmer.

Work with the available views

Source: pinterest

If you are surrounded by a beautiful garden or lives facing a beautiful scenery, make the view the focal point of the cozy bedroom. Make the scenery a center stage and maintain neutral color scheme for the rest of the bedrooms.

Dramatic curtains

Source: homedepot

The easiest way to add luxury to your cozy bedroom? Add some  ethereal draperies.


Source: homedesignlover

A fireplace means peak comfort. If you have the ability to add this to your bedroom, definitely incorporate it for an old-world sense of coziness.

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Need A More Restful Sleep? Get Rid of These Things



If you always feel sleep-deprived, your bad night time habit and cluttered bedroom might be to blame, at least partially. Therefore, if you really want to get a much more restful sleep, you should maintian a clutter-free bedroom that plays the role as your personal oasis. After a hectic or stressful or a boring day, you can always relax and find comfort in your den.

To achieve restful sleep, you must get rid of some things that might clutter your bedroom. Here are some of those.

Lumpy Pillows

Source: thebrickcastle

Old pillows are uncomfortable. But it is not the only reason it might prevent you from getting a real restful sleep. Old pillows can also be full of germs and dust, especially if you are not the type to properly wash your pillows. In fact, according to a study, a pillow that has been used for two years might contain a lot of dust mites that they make up one-third of the total weight. Ditch your old ones regularly to avoid uncomfortable sleep that might lead to some diseases.

Your Bedside Table Clutter

Source: homebliss

Do you usually have trouble falling asleep? The reason might be as simple as the clutter on your bedside tables. If you are not the type who regularly organize it, you should start now to get a restful sleep. Just make sure that there are only essentials on your bedside table, like your water bottle. You should absolutely remove your cellphone and any screen device from your bedside table. Your cellphone emits radiation that can prevent you from getting the restful sleep that your body really needs.

Used Books and Magazines

Source: treehugger

Many people really cling to their books that they don’t realize they are turning their room into a hoarder space, instead of a library. You don’t need old, dusty books that you will never read again in your sleep chamber. This will not provide the nostalgic feeling that sings you lullabies. This will only make your space feels too cluttered. Go through the towering piles of books in your room and ask yourself if you really need to keep all of those books. Donate the books that you won’t ever read again. Letting things go is the key to a more restful sleep.

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Romantic Wedding Room Decorations For Memorable Night



The lovely couple has finally said I do and the party is over. All of the guests have left with fond memories at heart. Now is the time the love birds finally nest. The idea might be simple, the first night as official partner. But, first night should be special. To make your first night special, here are some room decorations for your romantic night.

The Graceful Swans

The most beautiful and romantic bird, the sacred animal for Venus, the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Two Swans folded out of some white clothing in the middle of the mattress with might be some rose petals spread out.

Photo Source: dreamstime

Sultry Candles

Maybe the art of folding clothing into some beautiful forms is not for everyone. But fear not! With a simple idea, you can also create romantic night with candles. Besides some exotic candles, you can add exotic lantern, glasses or even hookah.

Photo Source: 123rf

Exotic Canopy Bed

If the bed has canopy, then this is a good way to go. Or even if the bed has no canopy, you can add four posts and make a canopy of your own. After having a perfect white drapes over the bed, you can add some floral arrangements on the canopy to make the mood more romantic.

Photo Source: ezcanvas

Lit Flower Carpet

You can feel like a super-star with this treatment. As the soft petals of flowers kiss the soles of your feet and the candle lit up around the flowers. Now, who could resist the charm of this?

Photo Source: the bridal box
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Best Dorm Room Interior Ideas to Escape the Gloomy Autumn



The beginning of the semester is full of cheers and homecoming party. But as the season change and the weather goes chiller, you might feel a little bit sluggish and gloomy. Turns out it is not always bright and sunny in college when your project list is getting longer and mid exam is coming near. When the weather is bad and you do not feel like an outing, your dorm will be the number one hideout where you can find comfort. We know that you might think this idea is not cool at all, seeing yourself confined in a small dull room without anything to chill. So here are some awesome dorm interior ideas to make your bedroom a comfortable hub for resting and studying.

Minimalist white

Source: Pinterest

The white interior is your go-to style that will make your room feel spacious and comfortable. Start with a white linen and bedding to create a hotel-like bed which is inviting and comforting for your weekend rest. Repaint the wall if you must and find a white curtain to create a clean and neat vibe. For the decoration, you can find neutral earthy color furniture such as cream pillowcase and light brown bedside table. Monochromatic metal colors also suit well with this interior. Bring some piece of spring with table pot plant or fresh cut flowers to brighten up the atmosphere.

Colorful Boho

Source: Pinterest

To soothe your wanderlust soul, this bohemian chic dorm interior will be suitable and comforting. If the room is really shabby and repaints them seems like too much effort, then brighten it with string light to create a soft and romantic vibe. Do not let your wall go bare since it will make your room so much dull and boring. Put a collage of your last summer holiday trip or memories with your goofy friends in an interesting pattern or cute little handmade pinboard. You can also put some cool printable arts in a rustic frame and bring your inner free-soul. Do not afraid to play with color for your bedding. Hunt some clashing boldest pattern for the pillowcase and blanket.

Charming pastels

Source: apartmenttherapy

If you are looking for a more subtle interior with a feminine touch, a pastel interior will be your best option. Look for vintage affordable wallpaper or paint it yourself if you can. The bold blooms in soft color will surely change the entire atmosphere of your room. It centered the attention from the tiny size and make it such a cute pretty little bedroom. Invest a soft rug and charming sofa for your study corner where you can sit down and do all your task. Do not forget to add some soft pillows in pastel color and beautiful table decoration to complete the look.

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Adorable Nursery Themes to Welcome your Precious Little One



Having a baby is one of a miracle of life that is worth to celebrate. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare as a mom, to make sure your little one can grow wonderfully. We believe every parent want to give the best for their children. One of the first thing that you can do is making a perfect baby room or nursery room so your child can rest in the comfortable and pleasant surrounding. The Pinterest is full of lovely and adorable interior ideas for the nursery, so here are our best pick that is trending on Pinterest right now.

Classic natural white

Source: Pinterest

The bright white themed nursery is one of all time favorite since it gives a clean and neat look for your new baby born. We love to combine the perfect white wall paint with natural wood furniture because it is extremely pretty and goes really well with the natural lighting. The wooden furniture is sturdy and beautiful in a natural finish that will make you feel at home instantly. To add a cheerful texture, play with patterned rugs and bedding, then finish it with colorful cute little toys.

Colorful magical kingdom

Source: Pinterest

If you want more colorful vibe in the nursery, the pretty little room can be a nice idea. The elaborated wallpaper make your baby room another wonder of joy. It features a cute baby crib by the window so the baby will get plenty of natural light, a matching changing table in wooden structure with the natural finish, and a little tent for your child to play with. What a lovely and comfortable place to grow up.

Pastels princess castle

Source: Pinterest

Not only it is very lovely, this pastels themed nursery is also unique and exciting. It is perfect for a baby girl with a wonderful mind and utmost love for plushy. The whole room is painted with baby blue with huge flower painting in pastels color. Not to mention the comfortable princess crib in rose gold metal that goes really well with the theme. Our favorite, of course, the tiny tent with cute knot pillow and dolls in the corner which is perfect for a little reading nook or breastfeeding corner.

Monochrome Forest Adventure

Source: Pinterest

There is no rule the baby boy nursery should be done in bright and childish color. If you want the nursery goes really well with your monochrome interior, this cool forest adventure den in monochrome will fit like a puzzle piece. Of course, you can still satisfy your inner child with cute and adorable furniture such as the tiny sofa and mini table sets. Do not forget to add a life-size animal doll that will be a faithful companion for them.



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Must Have Dorm Items to Comfort Beginning of Term Blues



It is July already and there is no reason to not celebrate the peak of summer season. Although, let’s face it that soon or later we have to say goodbye to the fun and awesome holiday. Now comes the dilly dally of college routine that will take up your time. It is really understandable that you begin feeling the terms blues that make you moody. One thing that for sure will make you better is having a good shopping frenzy. Grab your wallet and wear comfy shoes, it is the time for window shopping to add something nice in your dorm room. Here are few must-have items that surely will boost your spirit to come back to college!

Comfy lounge chair

Source: housebeautiful

It is true that dorm room usually small and tight for all your belonging, but surely you still can squeeze an entertainment corner. It is important to have this corner for you doing your hobby on your spare time. This way, you can separate your own fun world from studying and doing a project. A comfy lounge chair is a must besides the desk on your study table. Pick a cute one that will not take a lot of space but still comfortable enough for you to sit on for a quite while.

Cheerful bedding set

Source: aliexpress

Most of the time, the dorm bed is uncomfortable and shabby due to long-term use and negligence. Not mention the boring bed cover and sheet that sometimes not even clean. You really have to up your game in terms of bedding because it is the place for you to relax and have a rest after long busy day. Therefore, pack some cheerful bedding in nice color to boost your spirit every time you come back to your room. Soothing color like sea blue, turquoise and sage can be your best option for relaxing and comforting effect.

Cool round rug

Source: tr.letgo

It is nice to have a place to sit on the floor when you tired of studying and doing a project. Therefore having a cool looking yet comfortable rug will be a nice addition. It is better to choose a material that does not easily catch dust and match perfectly with your room decoration. The jute rug or cotton weaving rug is a perfect example for this purpose. The round shape will make it easier to squeeze in a small room and you can have a perfect one person seating for reading, listening to music or drawing.

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How to Arrange Your Bedroom According to Pro Organizer



Having a good night sleep is very important in your life. It will give your body a much-needed rest to repair the broken cell, balance the metabolism and also regenerate new energy. Your bedroom play more important role than you ever thought. It should be your personal sanctuary to find comfort and forget bad deals and today’s problem. The way you arrange it also matter in order to ensure you have a high-quality sleep. Some professional home organizer is here to share you simple tips to arrange your bedroom for that main purpose.

Separating it from work completely

Source: stylecaster

Sally Walford, the author of The Clutter Monster advises to not letting any sign of works in your bedroom. No more bills and paperwork for tomorrow’s deadline, your bedroom is the place for you to relax and wind up the day. If it’s possible, make your bedroom a screen-free zone where no blue light and radiation does not exist. Paperwork tends to make you start cluttering in your bedroom. Even if you have a limited space in your house, it is the best to not mix the working area and your bed. Try to utilize the corridor or window corner in your house for your home office instead.

Be strict with your under bed storage

Source: inspiredbycharm

It is very understandable if you decide to maximize the space under your bed for permanent storage to save space. However, Vicky Silverthorn, a decluttering expert really against this idea. You will sleep better when your bedroom has fewer things inside, especially items that you will not need to use in there. It is better to keep those nick-knacks outside your room. If you really must to use the space under your bed, limit it to seasonal items, such as winter clothes, spare duvet, or thick bed cover. And how about, the unused clothes and old books? We strongly advise to put in on sale at the next flea market in your area.

Prepare your day beforehand

Source: zlregata

If you have an early schedule, do not make a habit to pick your outfit and accessory in the morning. Your imagination may not work well all the time, and you end up with a pile of clothes everywhere. Beverly Wade said that morning storm of picking the right clothes is one of the biggest reason your room is not organized. Avoid piling the clothes on the chair or nightstand with a vague promise that you will take care of it when you come back from work. Put the dirty laundry in the washing room immediately and avoid keeping too much-worn outfit outside the cupboard.

Organize your nighttime enjoyment

Source: pinterest

Some people probably need to listen to read few pages before they can fall asleep. This kind of nighttime leisure, of course, is permitted. However, when you keep piling the books on your nightstand without really having a commitment to finish it, that enjoyment will only make a mess. It will be better if you always put the book that you have read back to the shelf right away before you take another one to avoid clutters in your nightstand and bedside table. Same goes for the others hobbies you enjoy before asleep, do not let them lingers too long in your bedroom if you do not use them anymore.




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Best Cleaning Hacks for Every Part of Your House



Trying to keep your house clean and tidy can be a very stressing and challenging task. However, it is not a good excuse to live in a mess. A messy home can increase your stress level and affect your health. It is better to keep it tidy all the time so you can find peace and comfort whenever you come home. Here are 5 best cleaning tips and trick to improve your living style.

Efficient living area

Source: drabtofabdesign

It is very difficult to keep a house clean when you have a lot of things clutters almost everywhere. Try to let go things that you do not need anymore and prepare to make some profit on the next garage sale. Do not buy or keep things that do not have a purpose in your home. Only display tools that you use daily such as scissors, can opener, and knife to avoid the mess. Most importantly, make a habit to put everything back in its place after you use it.

Spotless kitchen hacks

Source: architecturaldigest

The kitchen and pantry is the place that gets dirty and messy at the most. The dirty kitchen will just invite diseases, thus you need to make extra efforts to clean it up. Deep clean your fridge at least once in a month. Throw away foods that already expired and wipe clean every shelf. Use solutions of water and bicarbonate soda to deep clean your oven. Spray it on each surface except the heating area and leave it overnight. Wipe them clean on the next day to get a sparkling brand new oven. For cleaning up the dishwasher, put a chunk of baking soda and let it run as usual. Always check food remains after you use it to avoid the nasty stench.

Sparkling bathroom 

Source: diyblogdesign

The bathroom is one of the hardest places to clean in the house. It regularly gets wet so mold and fungus can appear in some corner or hidden spot. The stains on the mirror, walls, and glasses from body care products are very hard to clean up. Try using water and vinegar to clean the shower head and remove the heat stain from constant hot water pouring. Always dry and wipe the sink, mirror, and glass right after you use them to avoid water stains. Bleach and vinegar can get rid of the mold, but you will have to rinse the solution thoroughly so it will not damage the tiles. Do these routine daily to make sure it always clean and comfortable.

Organized bedroom

Source: clipgoo

Arrange your bedroom so it will not take too much time for daily clean up. The key to making the bedrooms effortlessly clean is a smart arrangement. Put everything in a container or box instead of leaving them clutters on the vanity table or nightstand. Organize your wardrobe by color and seasons; keep the thick winter jackets and blankets on vacuum sealer bag to save space. Have a habit to make your bed every morning before you start your day so you can stay organized.

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4 Easy Tricks to Bring Summer in Your Bedroom



Source: Pinterest

The bedroom is the most important place in your home. You find comfort after a long day on the softness of your duvet and pillows. It is the sanctuary of your home, where you can relax and wind up today’s problems. As the weather heats up, there is no reason to postpone transforming your bedroom into a cool and comfortable summer oasis. Do not freak out yet about the budget. You can get the holiday ambiance that you always want without having your balance suffers. Here are smart tricks to bring summer feeling into your bedroom at the lowest cost.

Getting Cool and Comfy

Source: Pinterest

Surely you will not need the warmth of your winter duvet anymore. It’s time to store it back and bring out the lighter bed cover and sheets. Find covers or throws that are comfortable and set it on the end of the bed. Those covers will be very useful in a chillier night. Remember to pick breathable materials, such as cotton and linen. They are cool in your skin but still soft enough to give comfort during your nighttime. If possible, stick with white-based color for the sheets and cover, since it gives inviting and fresh ambiance to your bedroom.

Adding Fresh Greeneries

Source: Homedit

What is a summer season without sunlight and greeneries? If your blooming yard always gives you the joy of summer, why not bring it to your bedroom. Having a plant in your bedroom can help reduce free radical in your house. It is also very useful to produce oxygen and make you sleep better. Do not worry about keeping them alive, there are plenty of houseplants that are easy to maintenance. Succulents and shrubs are the most popular options you can have. They are very beautiful, space friendly and stubborn enough to live with minimum care.

Be Brave with Color Palette

Although the white themed bedroom is perfect for a summer season, you should never be afraid of experiencing with colors. Summer is for bright and cheerful mood. It is the perfect time to redecorating your bedroom with dazzling colors. Go to the next garage sale and find unique and colorful painting to cheer up your bedroom. Pick yellow or blue for your pillow cover and throw. You can also elaborate some exotic fabrics for tablecloth and curtain.

Prepare for the Holiday

Source: Thenhhouse

Yes, the summer holiday is still couple weeks away, but you can start early from your own bedroom. Transform your warm winter hideout to a tropical summer getaway with adding resort furniture and accessory. Perhaps it is the right time to buy that cute little hammock chair for your reading corner by the window. Hang seashell wind chimes in front of the window so you can enjoy it tinkling peacefully at night. For a final touch, start collecting summer scent essential oils for your burner and let the summer holiday breeze accompanying your sleep every night.

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Need A Better Sleep? Here Are The Most Relaxing Colors for Your Bedroom



The color of the walls and the furniture of your bedroom influence the quality of your sleep. Certain colors make you feel more agitated and anxious. Bright colors like orange or sunshine yellow are certainly not the best color for when you want a peaceful sleep. The most relaxing colors that can send you to a sound sleep quickly are always cool colors. The soothing effect of these colors reduce anxiety and induce calmness so we can fall asleep faster and easier.

Here are some of the most relaxing colors you can use when you design your bedroom.


Photo Source: thespruce

Blue is definitely one of the most relaxing colors in the world. The peaceful feeling when you look at the clear blue sky or when you stare pictures of the deep blue sea is not a lie: blue makes you more relaxed. And you can experiment with blue shades to make your bedroom less boring.  Dark gray-blue, for instance, is a dramatic and deep color, but it still has the cool and calming vibe. You can pair it with white ceiling and furniture of slightly warmer color. Icy blue like the color of the sky on a clear summer day also has a happy but relaxing effect.  But even darker shades like navy blue or turquoise can still send you to a good sleep. Blue always wins when it comes to the most relaxing colors for the bedroom.


Photo Source: decoist

The paintings of meadows and hills are always nice to see. It makes us feel calm and happy. Green is also one of the most relaxing colors for the bedroom. When you have a country-style bedroom with woods and floral decoration, pastel green works best.  It is also good for a classic or more traditional bedroom. It induces happiness while fitting to the overall room atmosphere. For a more joyful but still relaxing bedroom, try mint green.


Photo Source: t66ydh

Gray is also extremely calming, especially soft gray. An all-white room can sometimes feel too cold or sanitized, to add some homey touch, paint the wall gray. This way, you can still maintain the brightness of the room, but it makes your bedroom feels more comfortable, and less like a hotel or hospital room. This works for other rooms too!

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