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Long Hairstyle You Need to Try ASAP



There is a true attraction about a woman with a long, luscious hair. The flowing flocks is an eye turner no matter how you want to wear it. The style goes beyond color and age, it simply beautiful that most men adore women with a long hair. It’s the time to stop your regular 6-weeks trimming and start showing off your natural crown. For those who are lucky enough to be able to grow their hair successfully, here are some inspirations of 2018 beautiful long hairstyle.

Messy fringe

Source: hairstylecollection

It’s utterly cute to have a fringe that covers the forehead area. Especially, if you have a natural wavy hair that always in a good mood every time you wake up. The fringe can also help to cover a wide forehead and make your face looks fresh and young. Try an evenly cut messy fringe to go down with your wavy long hair and have it stop around your eyebrow line to create casual and street-ready style. On a hotter day, put your flock into a top messy bun and you are ready to go anywhere, looking just cute and adorable.

Classic one-sided

Source: hairstylecollection

The old school one-sided swept is called classic for a reason. This style will work perfectly if you have a light color or blonde hair. Just part your hair into 2:3 portion and let the wider area flowing naturally to the side of your head. Long sided fringe will make your face looks leaner and you can also use a half wave style to add some volume. Make sure that your hair is nicely combed to add some shine and elegance.

Shiny wave

Source: classic-hairstyle

A wavy long hair always looks fabulous when it is done right. It makes you look modern and stylish without even trying. This kind of style works very well on the semi-dark hair, with multiple highlights. The natural highlight will give a cool effect whenever it catches sunlight on your outdoor activities. Just wear it down naturally on a neat curl or small wave. If this kind of style has been intrigued your mind for so long, it is definitely the right time to make an appointment with your hair stylist.

Ultimate layers

Source: latest-hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle is very suitable for those with a thin and fragile hair. The layer will create a volume that will make your hair looks thicker and healthier. Layered long bangs also can help disguise a chubby cheek and make your face looks oval. However, you need to give extra care after your last cut since the layering sometimes breaks the strands and not really suitable for full-length hair. So put on those hair masks that piled up in your room for several times and your hair will look as fabulous as ever.

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How to Get the Perfect Curls that Last Long



Thinking that your regular straight hair is too tame? Ditch that regular look and become the center of attention the coming spring with some ultra-feminine perfect curls. Some good waves can make almost everybody look classy and luxurious. If you want to look like a diva, follow these tricks to get the perfect curls that last long,  no matter what types of hair you have.

Pay attention to the important factors

Source: 7daysoffers

To get the perfect curls, some things to take care of are the volume and texture of the hair. If your hair is thick and straight, the right volume is never a problem. But if your hair is too fine or limp then you have to choose some products to add volume first. And if your hair doesn’t have the right texture, add some gel or good mousse so your curls will stay soft and last longer.

Use shampoo and conditioner to prepare for the volume then blow dry your hair by bending it over first. Choose a good finishing product for the perfect texture.

Prevent heat damage

Source: adorebeauty

Your perfect curls will look awful on damaged hair. If your hair is full of split ends, you should trim them first to prevent the unruly look. And if your hair is exceptionally frizzy, your curls will make you look like you were electrocuted instead. Condition your hair well before you curl your hair. Get some heat protecting cream or spray for your hair too to prevent heat damage.

Get the setting spray

Source: hauteofftherack

This is an important spray to get the perfect curls. Without this spray, it will be difficult to lock your curls and make it last. Always invest a product with a good quality with heat protection capacity so you can use one spray for both purposes.

After preparing all of those, you are ready to curl!

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4 Best Hairstyles for Damp Hair



When you have damp hair, you probably think that you could never pull off the trending wet look hairstyle because it will look worse for your hair. While this is true in a few cases, this doesn’t mean that having damp hair prevents you from looking fabulous all the time. There are simple yet super chic looks for women with damp hair that you should try this year, even the wet look itself! Here are some of them.

Wet look with a headband

Source: pinterest

The wet look with a headband is very easy to style, and with a headband, it will look okay on your damp hair. In addition, it also has the ability to make everybody looks at you wherever you take yourself to. Just make your hair very wet by using a hairspray. Then, choose a fancy headband to wear for a chic and elegant look.

Wet pony

Source: dhgate

A ponytail always turns heads, but a wet ponytail is something else. For someone with damp hair, this is a very interesting look to achieve. Whether done artfully or let it sleek and tidy, wet ponytails will steal everybody’s attention. Rosie Huntington should be your inspiration if you don’t know where to start. The super-easy yet attractive hairstyle can be done at home by yourself. Just spray some gel on your hair’s surface then use some scrunchie to make a ponytail. Create a low ponytail by tailing your hair at the nape of your neck.

Wet bun

Source: supervid

If you need something even more formal, elegant, and classy, then a sleek wet bun can be an option. A slicked-back wet bun is absolutely gorgeous when executed well. You can pair it with your most gorgeous dress and accesorize it with some golden thread or other hair decorations.

Slicked high bun

Source: blakenolani

Want a more sophisticating bun? Make it high and super slick and wet. Just spritz a lot of hairspray before you raise your hair for the bun. You will instantly be ready for anything fancy.

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Simple Hair Hacks to Get Ready in No Time



Some people love spending 30 minutes or 1 hour to style their hair in the morning. But for some of us, it is just not possible. Even just to get up in the morning, multiple alarms have to be set. Or, you have house work to do or family to feed so spending hours for self-care is just a selfish luxury you can’t afford. Don’t worry though, as there are simple and timesaving hair hacks that will help you get ready in no time. Whatever your reasons are, just follow these tips.

Accessorize the hair

Source: thecut

The easiest tools for quick and painless hair hacks is definitely hair accesories. They are so powerful and able to transform your bed head into a glorious head ready to wear to work. If your hair looks frizzy after your eight hour of sleep, just pull it back into a low pony and use a nice scrunchie to secure it. You can also use oversized pins to keep half of your hair back. This will not only save your time in hairdressing, but also in deciding the whole appearance as you have shifted the focus into your hairstyle and can just proceed with simpler attire.

Use Dry Shampoo

Photo Source: beautifullyalive

… but use it the night before! Dry shampoo can help you keep your curls or prevent oil from soaking your hair. Just spritz a little of the dry shampoo before you go to bed to absorb the excess grease and oil. Besides, it can also create volume and textures for the hair. In the morning, you will easily get ready in no time.

Slick It Back

Source: faviana

You can wear a sleek hair to work instead of keeping the style onlhy for special occasions like parties. In fact, one of the easiest hair hacks to sport to work is the slick low bun. This saves time and ensure your hair’s tidyness. Secure your hair with a pin and hair elastic. Good luck applying these simple and basic hair hacks for your hectic mornings!

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Breathtaking Eccentric Hair Color Trends that We Glad to Have this Year



Like fashion, the hair color trend comes and goes with the season. Every year we appreciate the hard work of hair designers that comes out with more beautiful shade than last year. There are new technique as well and also more sophisticated equipment to make a particular color stand out, which we are very welcome. So if you are a self-proclaimed fashionista, here are some eccentric shade that you should really wear before the season ends.

Silver Bronde Balayage

Source: Pinterest

Bronde is a new hair color trend that surely will make you fall in love without sacrificing your natural brunette all the way. You can have either a blonde highlight or ombre to pull off this style while still keeping your crown natural color intact. Add some silver balayage to tips to make a royal and rich shade to your beautiful locks.

Night Shade

Source: stylecraze

There is something mysterious and enchanting with the color of the night sky. It is extremely beautiful with a careful blend of dark tone, purple and auburn shade. Capturing this beautiful combination on your hair will be a great experience of arts and style. Start with a dark base of midnight blue or blue-black and put some nice purple and auburn balayage to the mix. Your hair will definitely become the eye-turner whenever you go.

Pastel Purple

Source: Modeshack

If you are hesitant to go all Platinum blonde or silver, there are several options you can choose to put some shade on your hair. The light purple hair is on the hot list right now, and we just love how sheer it is under the natural light. It surely needs a lot of techniques to pull off, therefore make sure you choose a dependable hair stylist to get one. The light purple shade has a badass vibe that surely will turn you into a femme fatale character in no time.

Deep Rose Ombre

Source: svetove-zbozi

For those who are looking for more feminine color, this new trend combination is the right option for you. A combination of deep rose crown and pink ombre is difficult to resist, for sure. It goes amazingly well with any hairdo and braid that will help accentuate the color well. The best technique to wear it is by going one step lighter through the tip with your most favorite pink shade.

Candy Cane

Source: stylecraze

It is absolutely the color of autumn that will match the season well. You can wear this shade into every party and will guarantee a lot of compliment. Begin with a hot candy pink on the top of your hair and match the shade with platinum purple for a more dramatic effect. This feminine color will suit any long locks well with different texture and style.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Less Greasy



Sometimes, oily hair is caused by genetics. But some other times, it is that way because we don’t treat our hair right. Some bad habits that we keep making the oily hair type become even worse. If you have oily hair, you most likely always try to find ways to make your hair less greasy. You probably spend a lot of time every day in front of the mirror because you feel insecure. For the same reason, you probably avoid spontaneous “wefies” your friends love doing because you always need to check your hair first and be certain that it’s presentable enough for pictures. When you feel that your hair is too oily, you become very insecure about it.

The good news is: it’s not impossible to get your oily hair under control. Here are some of the habits that you should nurture to make your hair less greasy.

Stop conditioning all over

Photo Source: stylecraze

Do you normally condition the whole part and length of your hair? If you have oily hair, this is a bad habit that you should give up soon if you want to make your hair less greasy. Applying conditioner to all your hair can weigh it down, increasing its moisture level and promote oily roots. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop conditioning your hair at all. Rather, only apply the conditioner from the middle of the shaft to the ends.

Use baby powder or dry shampoo

Photo Source: beautifullyalive

Try sprinkling some baby powder on the roots of your hair and rub it in. It will help the roots to be less oily and your hair less greasy. If your hair is dark and baby powder will mess with it, try mixing the powder with some cocoa. Obviously, you can replace the baby powder with some dry shampoo. It will suck up the oil and make your hair less greasy. With dry shampoo, you can extend the time between washes too.

Don’t Wash As Often

Photo Source: birchbox

You probably think that this advice doesn’t make enough sense, because when your hair is very greasy, shouldn’t you try to remove the oil by washing it all the time? However, the truth is: the more you try to strip off the oils of the scalp, the more your scalp produces oil to replace the oils it has lost. Because of this, try not to wash your hair every day. Do it every other day or even once in three or four days.

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The Cutest Short Pixie Cuts with Bangs



Super short pixie cuts that make you look super sassy, modern, and sophisticated, but with additional bangs? Why not? Bangs are trending this year. You can incorporate them with another trending haircut this year: the pixie cuts. With bangs, you can experiment more with the look you are trying to attain. You can look as edgy and as cute as you want.

There are so many ways to incorporate both elements. Here are some of the most popular pixie cuts with bangs you can try this year.

Wispy Pixie

Photo Source: short-haircut

A blunt cut is nice, but if you want to look different, try the razored edges. A blunt pixie cut is more serious and sophisticated, and while the wispy cut with razored edges is also classy, it gives you youthful vibes. If you still feel really young inside and want to show off your youthful and fun personality, try this short pixie cut.

Colorful Pixie Cut

Photo Source: pinterest

One of the first thing that comes to mind when people see others with pixie cuts and bangs is the fun and edgy personality that a person might have. If this is exactly the kind of personality that you want to show others, then you might as well make it even more prominent with candy cotton or neon colored-pixie hair! Bright colors equal endless fun. Go bright or go home!

Short Layers

Photo Source: prettydesigns

Short pixie cuts with layers? Who doesn’t love this haircut? If your hair is especially thin but you want to make the volume looks larger, then lots and lots of layers are your friends. Try keeping the back of your hair short and the front longer. Let the hair at the front to be the star of the cut. Cut the hair in various lengths but following that one general rule: short in the back, long in the front. The short layers will make your hair look thicker.

Boyish Bowl Cut with Straight Bangs

Photo Source: hairstyleweekly

If you are into the boyish and retro look, you should definitely give the bowl cut a try. The straight bangs work well for different facial shapes. If you don’t like the “thick” feel the bowl cut gives to your hair, slick the layers down with some gel.

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DIY & Craft

The Easiest Honey Treatment Ideas for Damaged and Dry Hair



Your hair is an amazing part of your body. Although the part which has left the scalp is technically “dead” cells, it can still be damaged or healthy. Countless ways are discovered to make hair prettier. A million formulas, found through hundred-years of tradition or relentless research in the industry, are available to help you obtain your beautiful hair goals. However, your hair is very delicate. Sometimes, it can be so fragile and sensitive that lab-based formula can damage your hair even more. Natural alternatives, such as honey treatment, has been used throughout the history.

Honey is a gentle moisturizer and anti-oxidant that will nourish your hair, scalp, and prevent dryness that can lead to dandruff. If you want to make use of the best honey treatment to repair your damaged hair from the scalp up, here are some of the easiest treatment ideas to try.

Honey and water

An effective honey treatment can just easily be done with honey and water, no other ingredients needed! Just prepare 1/4 cup of organic honey and some fresh water. Mix enough part of water with the honey until the raw honey is thin enough to be spread around your hair evenly. If your hair is longer or thicker, you can use more honey. Just apply the honey like you would apply some shampoo or conditioner on your damp hair. Let the honey sit for around 30 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with some warm water.

Honey and olive oil

Photo Source: femehub

Olive oil is another magic ingredient that will complement your honey treatment. After just a few uses, you can see there is a big difference in your hair’s moisture. It also promotes healthy hair and roots. Besides, the way it coats your damaged shafts will provide protection and moisturizing.

Mix 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of the honey well. If you need to, you can warm the mixture slightly until it is easy to apply on your hair. Do this treatment regularly.

Honey and coconut oil

Photo Source: mybeautynaturally

Another easy and recommended honey treatment to try at home is by combining it with coconut oil. Coconut oil has long been used in many countries for hair treatment. It helps hair growth and makes it smooth and shiny.

To do this treatment, you will need to mix 1/4 cup of organic raw honey with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Pre-heat the oil until it is warm enough to mix well. Then, apply the mixture on and into your damp hair as you would with shampoo. After letting it sit for about 10 minutes, rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

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Dreamy Wedding Hair Ideas for Joyful Summer Brides



What would make the most important day of your life even more joyful? By having it in the summer! The clear blue sky and warm weather will make the day even more blissful. Being a summer bride means adjusting your dresses and makeup to the season. While there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to wedding hair ideas, styling it to match the breeze of joyful summer is what you need to do to be ultimately stunning on your special day. Here are some of the hair ideas you can try for summer.

Baby breath updo

summer wedding hair

Photo Source: pixie

One of the most beautiful classic wedding hair ideas that are still preferred by many brides is the soft braided updo. This will make your hair seem thicker in a somewhat casual but effortlessly feminine way. To give it a perfect summer touch, add some baby breath or small white flowers. The classic hair decoration will make you look like a summer goddess. While working really well to make your hair seem fuller, it is also appropriate to wear with a rustic wedding style.

Summer side braid

Photo Source: brides

Another classic wedding hair to wear on a special day is the side braid. This is a nice way to accentuate the normal updo. It gives your look more femininity and style. This works with both short and long hair. Add some flowers or other beautiful pieces to accessorize your hair and make it prettier and more elegant.


Photo Source: pinterest

Jazz up your wedding by appearing as the stunningly funky bride with this summer wedding hair idea! The formal and feminine version of a faux hawk proves that even on an important and ceremonial-like day, it is still possible to be yourself: to show the best version of you that you are proud of, to be different and have a lot of fun! Add some pins or flowers for the feminine touch.

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Best Job Interview Hairstyles for Confident Career Women



Having an appointment for a job interview coming? Preparation is the key to ensure you get your dream job. And while preparing for a job interview, your appearance matters almost as much as your ability to demonstrate your skills and expertise. While answering interview questions smartly is the most important thing to do, the way you present yourself will greatly affect the first impression in the eyes of the recruiters. And while talking about your appearance, your job interview hairstyles matter. Picking the right job interview hairstyles will enable you to appear professional, confident, reliable, and self-respecting. So what are the easiest yet best job interview hairstyles to wear to your next appointment?

Sleek Straight Hairstyle

Photo Source: thebalancecareers

If you have a long straight hairstyle, you have probably been proud of it so far. It’s very easy to look gorgeous just by wearing it down without any styling. However, during the job interview, there is always the risk that you play with your hair when you are nervous. Or, you wear some glossy lip gloss that makes it easy for your hair strands to stick to your lips, Or what if it’s blown away by the wind then covers your eyes or face? To avoid your hair being a distraction, try a sleek look. The style will make you look super neat, organized, and polished in the simplest way. Keep your hair behind your shoulder so the interviewers will focus on you, not your hair.

Pretty Ponytail

Photo Source: hairstyle

One of the most common job interview hairstyles that give an easy confident boost is the ponytail. If you choose a polished type of ponytail, it can be formal enough for a job interview. Make yourself look as tidy and as well-groomed as possible. Use some anti-frizz to tame your hair if you occasionally see flyaways popping up. Opt for the sleek style. To look more elegant, use your hair to wrap around your hair tie then secure it with a bobby pin.

Pinned One Side Back

Photo Source: thebalancecareers

Not knowing if you should look fashionable or super simple so you don’t have to continually push your hair out of your face? Pinning your hair one side back can be a happy medium for this. This is one of the job interview hairstyles that still makes you look pretty but also professional and competent. It is the compromise between a full updo and wearing your hair down. Just twist one side of your hair back, put it behind your ear, and secure it with a bobby pin.

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