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Interesting Ideas to Make Your Small Living Room Seem Bigger



A living room is a space where you unwind and relax after a hectic and stressful day at work. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford a spacey living room where you can place everything you want in any arrangement you like to maximize comfort. Many of us have lived with what we have, such as a small living room where things are just so cramped and cluttered that it is nearly impossible to find peace in it. However, there are tricks to make a small living room seem and feel bigger. The strategy is to trick your eyes so your brain will think it is larger than it is.

Here are some design ideas to decorate your small living room.

Choose light colors for curtains and shades

Photo Source: dearmotorist

To maximize the light and make the small living room look less cluttered, choose some colors that are light. For instance, white or beige shades and curtains that are in harmony with the color of the wall will do the trick.

Choose a larger rug

Photo Source: asciln

A smaller rug will visually break up the floor, creating a more cluttered sense that makes your eyes think that the living room is more crowded. For this reason, always choose a larger rug that covers nearly the entire visible part of the floor of your small living room. Even when you choose a bold and eye-catching pattern, it will make the room feels bigger.

Opt for a Seating with Storage

Photo Source: wordslikehoney

You’d want to maximize the spacious look for the small living room without actually reducing the space. One of the best strategy to do that is by choosing some furniture that has a double function. A seating that doubles as a storage are a wonderful idea to organize your stuff neatly without having to add more clutter to the room that makes it look narrower.

Place the Lighting Smartly

Photo Source: rmzme

Don’t waste the floor space by putting a lighting that stands on the floor or is hung on the wall but so bulky that it makes the small living room seems cramped. Attach the lighting to the walls or simply hung from above, but avoid putting the lamps on the table since you can use the space for other things.

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Try These Easy Cozy Bedroom Ideas for A Restful Sleep



The days are getting longer and warmer, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to make our bedroom as cozy as possible. A cozy bedroom is very important as it is the place for you to relax and rest. Want some ideas on how to make a cozy bedroom? Check some of these.

Wood beams to the ceilings

Source: decorpad

Try light-wood exposed beams or wood-beaded chandelier if you want to incorporate some subtle yet graceful rustic touches. It will work best to add warmth to a muted color palette.

Source: decorpad

Vintage items

Source: pinterest
Source: princegeorges

If you want to add some soul and depth to your cozy bedroom, you need to avoid shiny new stuff. Instead, beautifully incorporate vintage items. It will create warm and inviting texture with so much character. Choose artwork, brass chandelier, or vintage steel frame windows.


Source: livelovefruit

Every kid dreams of living in a treehouse. This doesn’t have to stay a dream forever. You can make it true as an adult by embracing some plants in your bedroom. The greenery will indeed make it a cozy bedroom.


Source: portolapaints

Limewashing, or also called whitewashing, is a process to make your walls look aged and with more dimension but also fresh and clean at the same time. This technique can also work to create a cozy bedroom.

Multitude of patterns

Source: decorwise

You might probably be surprised at how the combination of different patterns make a cozy bedroom. Experiment with different patterns or ceiling, rug, drapery, bedspread, and chairs or other furniture.

Dark colors

Source: houzz

Dark wallpapers or paint adds texture to your bedroom and a warm, moody vibe that will invite you stay in bed and read all day. You can also add some organic elements to make it seem even warmer.

Work with the available views

Source: pinterest

If you are surrounded by a beautiful garden or lives facing a beautiful scenery, make the view the focal point of the cozy bedroom. Make the scenery a center stage and maintain neutral color scheme for the rest of the bedrooms.

Dramatic curtains

Source: homedepot

The easiest way to add luxury to your cozy bedroom? Add some  ethereal draperies.


Source: homedesignlover

A fireplace means peak comfort. If you have the ability to add this to your bedroom, definitely incorporate it for an old-world sense of coziness.

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3 Beautiful Carnivorous Houseplants to Trap Insects in Your House



It’s probably a strange fact to some, but some plants are predators. These plants don’t hunt by stalking or chasing after their preys, but they possess unique systems that enable them to catch and consume their preys. And the preys are usually those annoying insects or bugs that you really hate to be in your house. So why not taking advantage of these carnivorous houseplants  to decorate your house and keep it clean from all the insects?

Here are some carnivorous houseplants you can try for a starter.

Venus Flytraps

Source: ihc2015

These carnivorous houseplants wait for bugs to step into their structure of leaf then snap their leaves down on them like some trap doors. The plants are very cute and beautiful and it doesn’t take a lot of space to grow so you can put them in small potes.

These carnivorous houseplants lure their insects by developing their trigger hair and nectar that smells sweet and will lure in some insects. When an insect touches the hair, it will trigger the trap and stuck inside. The plant’s enzyme will then digest the soft body parts.


Source: youtube

The last on the list of carnivorous houseplants that you can use to decorate your home is the sundews. Just like its name, sundews are dainty little plants that sparkle in the sun. The leaves have trichomes that are covered with liquid that tricks insects to believe it’s a dew or nectar. Yet, it’s sticky and trapping the insects. Once an insect falls into the trap, the leaves wrap around it as the trichomes release enzymes that digest the insects.

Pitcher Plants

Source: ourhouseplants

Pitcher plants are carnivorous houseplants that look intimidating. Just like the name, the plants have tube-like leaves that can hold water and look like long pitchers that can hold water. The plant also produces nectar that smelss sweet tat the base of its pitcher tube. The insects will walk along the pitcher rim with slippery material then slip and fall into the pitcher after getting intoxicated by the smell. The digestive juice than goes up and consumes the insects in the pitcher.

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Home Design

Top Smart Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas



Remodeling a kitchen is not something that can be done without proper planning and budgeting. A kitchen can even be the most expensive space to redecorate. So, if you are thinking about marble countertops or brand new high-top appliances, maybe you should be considering something more economical if you still have a lot of bills to pay or on a bit of a tight spot for the coming years. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do some remodeling if you don’t have a lot of money. Here are some of the smart ideas on budget kitchen remodeling that you should definitely try so you can get a fresh kitchen without breaking your bank.

Adds touch to the existing features

Source: coldwellbanker

One of the easiest srategy for an affordable kitchen remodeling is by making use of what you already have. Just paint your old cabinets with new colors or even make some cute arts on it. It will make it fresh and your ambience will change too. The most important thing is to transform the existing element into something new- just reimagine and rework yourself for a new kitchen design.

Add new light fixtures

Source: onuragac

You can easily brighten up your kitchen just by changing the lights in your kitchen. Buy some new light fixtures or replace the old ones. You don’t have to buy an expensive ones. You can even use eBay or other second hand marketplace for an affordable kitchen remodelling. The different ways light shine on different areas of your kitchen can magically transform its look.

Remodel with a tile backsplash

Source: bhg

Another affordable way for a kitchen remodeling is installing a tile backsplash, if you haven’t done it yet. It is also stylish and works for any kitchen styles. Tile backsplash will completely transform your kitchen despite being economical. Moreover, it also adds a visual interest which will be the bright spot in the kitchen.

Choose bold color

Source: thisoldhouse

Bold colors will play the role as an anchor in your new kitchen system. Just try to coat an existing cabinetry with a bold color, especially if the original furniture is dark, dull, or heavy.

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4 Wonderful Staircase Ideas for Your Home



The staircase in your two or three-story home serves an important role as a functional tool, but it can also be more than that. While it is usually not very common to overthink how your staircase looks like, it is actually the perfect area to work on for some magical decoration. You access the staircase multiple times a day. So it’s a worthy task to do some interior designing to present some wonderful staircase ideas at your home.

Stuck on finding some staircase ideas that could work for your home? Here are some of them.

Steps painted with book titles

Source: spicytec

Are you a bookworm and wanting to express your love for literature? Show off your passion through some wonderful staircase ideas. The idea is pretty easy and clear: express your love for some of the books that impress you the most by painting the stairs with those titles. All you need is an afternoon and a little painting effort, you don’t even have to be skillful at these. You can totally DIY this!

Fancy pattern and dark colors

Source: carlaaston

Not really into blank monochromatic staircase at your home? Well, you can totally opt for a more fancy one with interesting backdrop. To add some cohesion for the stair, just choose some dark colors for your railing, like dark grey or black. Your staircase will instantly appear bold and interesting to the eyes.

Dark wood and a white bannister

Source: laurelberinteriors

Instantly transform your staircase into a piece of art whit this simple staircase ideas. Choose a backdrop of a darker color and partner it with a rich dark wood for the steps. This will make your staircase seem very elegant and even luxurious in an industrial way. To be strategically eye-catching, complete it with a white railing or bannister.

Soft paint colors

Source: reverbsf

When a staircase is painted right, it turns the whole atmosphere of the room into a warmer or more cheerful one, depending on the mood you are attempting to set. If you want a warm and welcoming home, try to pick soft vibrant colors that match the color of the rest of the house. Don’t forget to match the color with your wooden staircase on a dark floor. Accesorize with plants or pictures to enhance the soothing atmosphere and wrap the mood together.

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Every Home Needs These Types of House Plants



Every home needs some greens. They will add some decoration to your space in addition to the fresh air they bring to your lungs. However, not everybody has an unlimited amount of time to take care of all the plants they own in the house- or the space for that. Because of this, it is essential to be strategic in picking your house plants.

If you cannot decide which house plants to put in your home, here are some of the useful ideas.

Tiny Plants

Source: contemporist

These are the house plants that are useful to put inside the bathroom and your living room or bed side tables. These tiny plants can cheer you up, make your surrounding looks prettier and more lively. Choose small plants that are not difficult to maintain, like succulents. Get some cute succulents put in little pots, then scatter them on different surfaces all around your home.

Large Plants in Pots

Source: homedecor

Besides tiny plants, you also need house plants that are bigger in sizes to add dimension and interest to your interior. Get at least one large potted plant that can stand on the floor. It adds some dramatic touch and make your effort in turning your home into an indoor garden seems more serious. Try a basket planter or other decorative plant to turn your sleek modern kitchen into something greener.

Trailing Plants

Source: apieceofrainbow

To complete your decorating with house plants, put some trailing plants in a hanging basket or on shelves and by the window sills. This will add a lot of visual interest to your home. Try some pothos, ivy, spider plants, ivy, or other similar plants that will beautifully turn your home into a lovely indoor garden.

A Fake Plant

Source: wonderopolis

Real house plants are the best, but homes usually have rooms or spots with zero sunlight that needs decorating. Your laundry room, for example, might be dark and in need of a little touch to make it more alive. It will be too much of a work to put a real plant and periodically move it to the sun to keep it alive. Get a faux plastic plant instead.

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Need A More Restful Sleep? Get Rid of These Things



If you always feel sleep-deprived, your bad night time habit and cluttered bedroom might be to blame, at least partially. Therefore, if you really want to get a much more restful sleep, you should maintian a clutter-free bedroom that plays the role as your personal oasis. After a hectic or stressful or a boring day, you can always relax and find comfort in your den.

To achieve restful sleep, you must get rid of some things that might clutter your bedroom. Here are some of those.

Lumpy Pillows

Source: thebrickcastle

Old pillows are uncomfortable. But it is not the only reason it might prevent you from getting a real restful sleep. Old pillows can also be full of germs and dust, especially if you are not the type to properly wash your pillows. In fact, according to a study, a pillow that has been used for two years might contain a lot of dust mites that they make up one-third of the total weight. Ditch your old ones regularly to avoid uncomfortable sleep that might lead to some diseases.

Your Bedside Table Clutter

Source: homebliss

Do you usually have trouble falling asleep? The reason might be as simple as the clutter on your bedside tables. If you are not the type who regularly organize it, you should start now to get a restful sleep. Just make sure that there are only essentials on your bedside table, like your water bottle. You should absolutely remove your cellphone and any screen device from your bedside table. Your cellphone emits radiation that can prevent you from getting the restful sleep that your body really needs.

Used Books and Magazines

Source: treehugger

Many people really cling to their books that they don’t realize they are turning their room into a hoarder space, instead of a library. You don’t need old, dusty books that you will never read again in your sleep chamber. This will not provide the nostalgic feeling that sings you lullabies. This will only make your space feels too cluttered. Go through the towering piles of books in your room and ask yourself if you really need to keep all of those books. Donate the books that you won’t ever read again. Letting things go is the key to a more restful sleep.

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Home Design

How to Decorate Your Home Like A Real Parisian



Paris is a city of dream and romance which calls many of us who live with a fine taste. But you don’t have to live in the City of Light to bring some of the Parisian inspiration to your home. All you need is some simple design ideas that will help you decorate your space like a real Parisian. Incorporate the classic touches into more modern setup and you’ll do the trick. Not sure on how to begin? Here are some of the easiest ideas to decorate your place like a Parisian.

Get an oversized mirror

Source: anthropologie

…and make it the statement piece of your space! Classic Parisian apartments that were built in the middle of 19th century usually have a common centerpiece feature: a fireplace accompanied with an oppulant mirror. While owning a fireplace in your home or apartment sounds very comfortable, it is not always realistic or convenient to the pocket. However, oversized mirrors are more accessible, both space and budget wise. So why not making it the statement piece of your space? Go scavenge some at the local flea markets or head to eBay or other second-hand marketplaces for an antique mirror. As an added benefit, multiple oversized mirrors will definitely bring a lot of light to your room and make it seem bigger.

Incorporate some rustic elements

Source: housebeautiful

Rustic flourishes will bring the needed classic touch to your modern home. While you might wish you lived in a historic building with some Parisian architecture, most of the times a little touch here and there is the only thing you can afford. Try installing some faux wood beams or rustic flooring to your space to make it look like a classic 19th century building.

Try bohemian

Source: pinterest

Parisians tend to incorporate elements from places like Morocco, Italy, and Spain which are not very far away to their home décor design. If you want your space to look lik a more Parisian home, you should try to go bohemian. Pick at least a few items to bring into your home like a boho table or rug.

Use books to decorate your house

Source: 1915house

Reading is still a Parisian culture. To show off your high culture and awesome collection, use books as a decoration. People in Paris used to fill up an empty space with books and this is a very nice design idea you should try too.

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Romantic Wedding Room Decorations For Memorable Night



The lovely couple has finally said I do and the party is over. All of the guests have left with fond memories at heart. Now is the time the love birds finally nest. The idea might be simple, the first night as official partner. But, first night should be special. To make your first night special, here are some room decorations for your romantic night.

The Graceful Swans

The most beautiful and romantic bird, the sacred animal for Venus, the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Two Swans folded out of some white clothing in the middle of the mattress with might be some rose petals spread out.

Photo Source: dreamstime

Sultry Candles

Maybe the art of folding clothing into some beautiful forms is not for everyone. But fear not! With a simple idea, you can also create romantic night with candles. Besides some exotic candles, you can add exotic lantern, glasses or even hookah.

Photo Source: 123rf

Exotic Canopy Bed

If the bed has canopy, then this is a good way to go. Or even if the bed has no canopy, you can add four posts and make a canopy of your own. After having a perfect white drapes over the bed, you can add some floral arrangements on the canopy to make the mood more romantic.

Photo Source: ezcanvas

Lit Flower Carpet

You can feel like a super-star with this treatment. As the soft petals of flowers kiss the soles of your feet and the candle lit up around the flowers. Now, who could resist the charm of this?

Photo Source: the bridal box
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4 Interesting Ideas on Decorating with Lights




Modern people cannot live without artificial light. It doesn’t only help us see in the dark so we can maintain our activities and guarantee our safety, but it is also a crucial part of home design. The arrangement and quality of lighting in the house will determine how we experience the whole aesthetics and comfort of the house. Therefore, decorating with lights is a creative yet super smart way to enhance the whole livability in the house. Fortunately, there are many ways you can try todecorate with lights to achieve whatever result you want: from cozy to dramatic. Here are some of them!

Romantic fairy lights on bed post

Source: Pinterest

What is the easiest way to make your bedroom seem more romantic? By adding fairy lights to the environment, definitely! Decorating with lights becomes very easy once you realize that fairy lights are not only for the holidays. Use some string lights to decorate your bedpost to make your nighttime reading experience much more enjoyable.These tiny LED bulbs are not only beautiful, but also durable!

Starry garlands of pine needles

Source: gardensite

Arranging pine needles into beautiful garlands and putting them all over the corners and on the doors definitely bring the spirit and atmosphere of holiday season. This is also an easy way to bring nature into your home. However, if you want to make it a lot more beautiful, try decorating with lights on these garlands. Make them look like they are full of stars by twining some LED fairy lights around them. Pretty stars resting in the green needles? How romantic!

Stairway to the sky

Source: ourdiyprojects

You can make a flight of stairs a lot more than just functional by arranging tiny fairy lights around the rail. These will give you the needed illumination for when you want to use it after you turn off all the lights at night, or just to navigate in the area that normally doesn’t receive a lot of light. Not only that, it is going to create the perfect view of a stairway to heaven full of stars!

Bottles of blue light

Source: deal-dx

Still need a pretty centerpiece or table decoration for nighttime? Decorating with lights becomes very easy when you put some LED lights into a plain blue bottle- or some of them!. As you light up the lights, the bottles will enchant everyone in the room! 

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