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Incredible DIY Wood Pallet Project



Are you trying to make an incredible DIY wood pallet project because there are like tons of wood pallet in your house and you have no idea what to do with that? Well, you are in luck because actually there are lots of things that you can make on your own with some wood pallets. Wood pallets are such flexible materials because basically you can turn them into anything you want. Below are some ideas about incredible DIY wood pallet project that you can actually try to make at home.

1. Wood Pallet Stools

Making stools from wood pallet is easy and once you did it, you can have a functional stool that you can actually sit on. All you need to gather for the material is the wood pallet or pallet slats. For the assembling, you need nails and hammer only. You can paint the stools with colorful chalk-paints, making the pallet stools even cuter for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Wood Pallet Floating Shelf

If the wood pallet that you have at home is thick enough, you can turn it into floating shelf. A floating shelf in the bedroom or living room is not only functional to store and display things, but also becomes a great decoration for the room as well. Before installing the pallet to the wall with some shelf suspenders, nails, and hammer, do not forget to spray paint the pallet with some shiny coatings so that the pallet will look even better and prettier.

3. Wood Pallet Longue Chair

You can also make something big from wood pallet. One of the ideas is making a lounge chair out of wood pallet. The longue chair is definitely classic, rustic, and great for decoration. You can place the chair by the patio or by the garden and you can enjoy your spare time laying back on the longue chair. Making the longue chair starts by making a rectangular frame. Choose thick pallet bars to be used as the frame. Then, fill it with gap by using pallet slat pieces. Last but not least, make hinges from some slat pieces to support the back of the longue chair.

Those are some ideas that you can do with some wood pallets. Use your creativity and imagination to turn the wood pallets into something that you really need or something that will improve the aesthetic of your house. For example, beside of three things above, you can also make frames, headboards, media stands, and so on from wooden pellets. Anything that can present your creativity is an incredible DIY wood pallet project for you.

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Amusing Furniture that are Absolutely Worth to Buy for Your Room



There is essential furniture like a cabinet, sofa, and a dining table that surely will help you function well in your home. However, there are also fun and intriguing furniture that even though not so essential will make you feel at home. It is not a sin to buy more home appliance more than what you actually need. They can give you comfort after a long tiring day and decorate your home beautifully. So here is our ultimate bucket list of furniture that you absolutely need in your home beside the basic deal.

Indoor Hammock

Source: Etsy

Who needs a chair when you can lounge all day in a comfortable hammock instead? The indoor hammock is a great addition to a small reading room or the tiny dorm room. It is sexy and convenient for sitting on yet also pleasant to look at. Having this might be not necessarily important but why settle for the basic furniture if you can buy this at the same price? Try this beautiful macrame fringed hammock and throw some comfortable sofa pillow for your weekend reading time.

Giant knit bean bag

Source: housebeautiful

This cute knit bean bags will surely make you think that sofa is overrated! Not only they are pleasant to hug, but this floor bean bag is also comfortable to sit on or lean on during your movie time. It will be a nice addition to your living room and make a nice decoration to match with your sofa. The delicate hand-knitted gives more texture to your interior. It is also available in several colors that make it easier to match with the vibe of your interior.

Hanging mirror jewelry display

Source: urbanoutfitters

If you are one of those persons who constantly lose their jewelry, then this jewelry display will be very useful for you. Even if you are not, there is nothing wrong investing your money on this gorgeous hanging mirror that can function as hanging display for your chain and bracelet. It is chic and neat and goes well with minimalist room deco. There is no more problem of trying to untangle your necklace in the morning, all will be displayed prettily on this artistic mirror.

Floor pouf pillows

Source: target

Who will think that these huge pouf pillows are actually very cozy to sit on? The trend of implementing floor poufs is popular right not and it is not an exaggerated promotion. This cute furniture is usually helpful for adding texture and color to your interior arrangement. It is also useful for additional seating when a guest comes over or a lovely foot stands for your reading chair. Especially this soft faux fur that we found at target, priceless.

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How to Efficiently Upgrade Your Interior with Aesthetic Decorative Lighting



The lighting system of a house plays important role in creating the overall ambiance. Playing with the light is one of the most efficient ways to upgrade your home interior without spending too much money. One tip that you can explore is by utilizing decorative lighting. Decorative lighting is a light fixture that has aesthetic value beside the functional and technical value. The main purpose of putting decorative lighting is to enhance the interior design of a room beside lit it up for practical purpose. Nowadays, there many types of decorative lighting and each have a specific purpose. They can be simply hardwired or plugged into an outlet, while the more sophisticated design has it run on batteries and even solar power. If you love to add some decorative lighting and wish to have the best options, here are some interesting ideas to enlighten your house.

Aesthetic floor lamps

Source: avablitz

Floor lamps are usually made portable to make the setting and arrangement flexible. The latest trends of floor lamps are including exotic elliptical lamp inside a wicker basket, a set of a bamboo cage or a beautiful sphere with a soft glow. As a room decoration, you can opt for more unique and artistic design, such as a single pole base lamp with a big shade. It will be better to accommodate the floor lamp on a wide and spacious room to make sure the dramatic and glowing effect works perfectly.

Exceptional outdoor lamps

Source: constructii24

Many outdoor lamps use floor lamps since there is no place to hang or mount them outside. Using the outdoor lamp as a decorative lighting in the garden can be a fresh and innovative idea. Especially for those who care to have house plants or a mini garden inside your house. A cute mushroom lamp set or a sphere lamp with wood bark lamination can be a great addition to your garden decoration as well as a light source. Meanwhile, a sophisticated lamp column with flower pattern airbrush can give an artistic modern look in your house.

Minimalist hanging lamps

Source: teamne

You can use soft and lovely decorative hanging lamp as a centerpiece of a room for creating a comfortable vibe. The brighter ones are also used as the primary source of light in a room, such as a kitchen counter and dining room. Use a pendant lamp from a seashell or sphere rattan frame if you look for lovely cottage house ambiance. For a more modern look, a metal frame ceiling-mounted lamp or an intricate rail lamp can serve your purpose pretty well.

Exquisite wall lamps

Source: sammiekennedy

Depending on your purpose, you opt to use it as decoration to match your interior design. A wall-mounted lamp with fabric shade usually is used to light a vanity desk and working table. You can also use it as an accent lamp in a long corridor and stairs. Pick an ornamental design with some traditional patterns if you want to use it as a wall decoration. If you prefer to go with practical value, a simple cylinder or sphere glass shade will do the trick.

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Innovative Design of Bookstore in Maastricht, The Netherlands



Photo: Novi Rahmawati

When you heard about the bookstore, in your mind you will imagine a lot of thick and old and new books and references on the bookshelf. All the book collection are stored in bookshelves parallel to each other with a space between them as a passage for visitors. In your mind, you also imagine bookshelf arranged with specific order according to the first alphabet of the author, the first alphabet of the title or subject and topic of the books. In another side, there is also a new book collection display above table nearby the entrance of bookstore to make sure the visitor know the latest collection of the bookstore. As far as you see, mainly is only a collection of a thousand of books. For a book lover, it is nice to check one by one the collection of a book in every bookshelf and feel surprised with a book that he finally finds. This people also feel enjoy to browse book collection of the bookstore from the computer or from bookshelf information. But not all people feel this way, some people feel so boring just to see the line of books in every corner. For those people who feel this way, bookstore that is located in Maastricht, The Netherlands is the answer. You will see breathtaking bookstore and feel refreshing to be around with a lot of books.

The third floor of Popular Dutch Bookstore in Maastricht (Photo: Novi Rahmawati)

An old church is converted into this famous bookstore. This famous bookstore in Maastricht has an amazing design. The design is a 13th century Dominican Church as known as Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht. This bookstore maintains the structural architecture of the church that is why the bookstore is looking amazing. Your eyes will amaze with pillars and the grounds and do not feel get bored to select or to read all those books.

This innovative bookstore consists of three floors or three-story bookshelves. The second and third floors are the old collection of books usually the old references and books. The order of book is based on alphabet so you can check the first alphabet of your favorite book. The first floor is a new bookstore collection such as a new book about physics, groundwater, soil or romantic novel, politics, sports, etc. It is displayed very nicely. In certain pillar, you can see a nice picture also which look adorable decorated this bookstore. Usually, it shows a new book collection with an author picture or any others announcements. In the first floor also there is a cafe. You enjoy reading your new novel accompanied by a coffee. After for a while searching and looking your favorite books, you can enjoy talking with your friends, partner, a colleague in this cafe.

The view of the first floor from the second floor of Maastricht Bookstore (photo: Novi Rahmawati)

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