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How to Make Homemade Jam (Compote) of Plum in Simple Way



Plum Slice (Photo: Novi Rahmawati)

Plum is low-calorie fruit that contains a lot of vitamins and carotenoids to prevent the degenerative process in human body. This stone fruit has strong antioxidant capacities because this fruit contains flavonoids and phenolic acids. Flavonoids and phenolic acids are plant-based fruit that can protect human cells from free radical attack. You can consume this fruit to fight oxidative damage diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer. Source:

For those who does not like to consume plum in fresh condition or in raw condition, there is another way you can try on. You can make homemade jam (compote) from plum fruit. You can serve it along with your favorite ice cream. The taste of ice cream will be delightful if you put compote of plum as a topping. You can also serve it as an additional flavour for you cake such as brownies plum. You can just simply convert chocolate bar into the compote of plum.

Here are the ingredients:

0.5 kg of plum fruit

1 kg of sugar

Here are the steps:

1. Slice plum fruit into small pieces

2. Cook plum fruit with sugar

3. Mix and Stir them. Make sure it not get scorch. It will not get scorch if you often stir it.

4. When sugar is melting and mixing with plum. The plum is ready to serve as the compote

5. If you want to make jam, it need much longer to cook it. When you do not recognize the shape of plum anymore and the plum is turn into liquid, then the plum is ready as jam. Now, you can put your homemade jam/compote into a jar.

A jar of Homemade compote (photo: Novi Rahmawati)


So which one you like? A compote of plum or jam of plum? Enjoy your ice cream with a compote of plum! It is tasty and healthy!

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9 Best Foods to Improve Sex Drive



Feeling like you have a very low sex drive that doesn’t feel comfortable for you? While human beings are not wired the same, some causes of low sex drive are due to conditions like mental or physical health state. Sometimes, it is possible to improve your sex drive with some aphrodisiac foods. Here are some of the best foods that can help you become more “in the mood” for love.

Dark chocolate

Source: harvard

Dark chocolate is loaded in compounds that boost your feel-good hormones and put you in the mood for some intimate time.


Source: eater

Oysters have been known as powerful aphrodisiac foods since the ancient time of Rome. Oysters might affect your libido because of its high zinc and amino acids content that are thought to boost sexual function.

Hot peppers

Source: pepperscale

The spicy chemical called capsaicin in hot peppers may improve testosterone and vascular health in men. As a result, sex drive and function could also be boosted. Moreover, it also triggers endorphines which is good for the mood.

Maca root powder

Source: bewellbuzz

The Peruvian supplement powder could also boost sexual desire and combat the sexual dysfunction that is caused by taking some antidepressant medications. Moreover, it might also boost sperm count. This is due to the arginine it contains that work for both men and women.

Black truffle

Source: restaurantzigante

The natural female pheromones known as androstenol in this classy delicacy might improve men’s sexual desire. While there is no direct evidence that proves this claim, there is no harm in  trying this for your next fancy date.


Source: fifteenspatula

The vitamin D in salmon could lower depression and improve the level of vitamin D, both are thought to be the contributing factors in low libido. The low levels of vitamin D also leads to less pleasuring orgasms in women.


Source: naturalfoodseries

According to several studies, ginger might contain enzymes that boost sexual function. It also improves muscle and soothe menstrual pain.


Source: toriavey

The vitamin B6 is chickpeas is essential in  improving sex drive and libido. Moreover, it also boosts dopamine.


Source: youqueen

The fresh, ever-inviting summertime favorite is rich phytonutrients that will relax blood vessels the way Viagra does. This benefit affects both men and women.

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Top 5 Halloween Inspired Dishes



If you want your Halloween dinner to be spooky and spectacular one, or just looking to fuel up the kids before a long night of trick-or-treating. We’ve got a fantastically creepy selection of family-friendly appetizers, main dishes, and desserts to fit the Halloween theme. For even more Hallow’s ideas, check out this collection of ghoulishly good dinner party recipes.

Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

(Source: kraftfoods)

If you want your dish that can give a warm and homey feeling in the cool weather night. Slow cooker chicken chili is the perfect dish for it. Calling for a mixture of beans and hominy. This recipe also boasts bold, also rich flavor, something that can often be dulled in a slow cooker. Processing some of the beans in a food processor thickens the soup, lending a heartier flavor to the dish. We suggest serving the soup with green onions, cheese, cilantro, peppers, and plain yogurt, a great substitute for sour cream. Ideal for cool weather, and guaranteed to make your home smell amazing while you’re gone, this slow cooker chili is sure to make your “must make again” list.

Apple Jack-O’-Lantern Hand Pies

(Source: thewimpyvegetarian)

You can do a custom look on your hand pies to be more Halloween-y. For these Halloween riffs on the classic calzone, use 4- by 5-in. Pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters (find at cooking or craft stores and online). Or cut out a pumpkin-shaped template from paper, so set it on the dough, and cut around it with a thin, sharp knife.

Chicken Curry Moon Pies

(Source: Sunset)

Toasting the cumin brings out its flavor, and a bit of Madras curry powder makes this a savory pie that’s as have appealing looks to grown-ups as it is to kids.

Devilish Chorizo Chili

(Source: theeggfarm)

This is one of the easiest dishes you can make, and it can improve with time. If you like your chili very spicy, add an extra teaspoon of chipotle powder. Prep and Cook Time: 50 minutes. Notes: Prepare chili up to two days ahead. Cool, cover, and chill; reheat before serving. Buy the best-quality chorizo you can find, preferably from a butcher or Mexican market, and avoid the type of chorizo that is very soft and sold in plastic casings; it tends to break down too much in cooking. Substitute another spicy uncooked sausage if you can’t find good chorizo.

Spooky Sangria

(Source: theroastedroot)

What could be more fun than a cauldron full of seething, smoking sangria? It’s delicious and wickedly strong (use more sparkling water if you want to dilute it a little). Although dry ice is not toxic, it’s dangerous to swallow chips because of the extremely low temperature. Using a chunk of the ice, and wrapping it in cheesecloth, avoids that problem.

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Top 5 Fun Activity You Can Do Before Halloween



For most people October it’s one of their favorite months. One of the reasons is Halloween. Every October, you can do many fun fall activities as you can. In New York, October typically near-perfect weather, which is awesome. The problem is that there are so many awesome things to do before Halloween that it can be overwhelming.

Want to have the best month ever and make your Halloween even more enjoyable? We have more than a few ideas on how to do that. We think you’ll be able to squeeze these activities in after schoolwork! Here are 5 fun things you absolutely must do before Halloween in order to have a great time this month. Follow this bucket list and become happy! It sounds corny, but We promise, it will work.

Hike Through The Foliage

(Source: visitmysmokies)

What makes October a fun month? Because the weather is nice to be on the outside. It’s not too warm and not too cold, which is great. I love going for hikes during October to breathe in the crisp air and crunch through leaves like a little kid, and just enjoy the colorful leaves all around. It sounds corny, but it’s fun! Make it a hiking date or just go with friends.

A Trip To A Haunted House

(Source: collegian)

Free your weekend and go to your local haunted house. It may not be as professional, but it will still be fun. In all seriousness, visiting haunted houses is one of my favorite things about October. It’s so much fun to be scared by creepy characters and crazy sets. Plus, this makes a great date night, because it gives you a legit reason to jump on your crush. Just saying.

Make A Fall Inspired Dish

(Source: Foodnetwork)

There’s no reason not to cook fall inspired dish. Especially breakfast, because breakfast food is the best food, obviously. Treat your family or your significant other or just yourself and make something pumpkin or apple flavored.

It’s Time For Create Your Costume

(Source: hearstapps)

Halloween is obviously all about wearing the perfect costume. Buying a costume is so boring. Instead, make a DIY one! We have so many ideas on the site that you can check out.

Carve Your Pumpkins

(Source: ThoughtCo)

Carving pumpkins will never get old. Have some fun with it and do something you came up with on your own, or look through the Internet for free design patterns. When you light them and see how great they look, you’ll feel so excited for Halloween.

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These Diet Changes Should be Your Goals if You Want Better Skin



What will you do when you think that you need some new skincare habit so you can get better, clearer skin? Most people will turn to new skincare products, try to go to a better dermatologist, or even look for help inexpensive beauty salons. While all of this may lead to the result you desire, what is absolutely important but commonly ignored is the diet changes that you must make if you want some beautiful skin. Diet changes can significantly lead to the changes in your skin, especially if you adopt a new healthy diet.

Here are some of the healthy diet changes you should look into if you aim for a clearer and more rejuvenated skin

Stay hydrated

Photo Source: health

Drinking more water is always a good advice whatever healthy result you are trying to aim for. We are always told to drink at least eight glasses of water every day if we want to stay healthy. Your vital organs are not the only parts of your body that will benefit from drinking enough water. Hydration will also improve the moisture of your skin and make it glow healthier because it flushes toxins out of your body. Moreover, it also feeds your cells and gives them the necessary water needed for cell regeneration and healthy function.

Choose seeds as your snack

Photo Source: fdfworld

Do you snack on potato chips or chocolate cookies? They might be some pleasant treats but definitely not a good idea if you want to be healthier and have more glowing skin. Consider snacking on seeds and nuts instead, besides the regular salad that should also definitely be your friend. Sunflower seeds and almonds are very good for your skin. They are rich in vitamin E that eases skin dryness and neutralize oxidants that will damage the organ. Making these diet changes will significantly impact your skin.

Stop consuming dairy

Photo Source: nutritionreview

Need more reasons to adopt a plant-based diet? Well, these diet changes will help you get healthier skin. While cheese and hot chocolate milk taste really good, they are not so kind to your skin. Dairy products promote more inflammation, including in your skin. This may lead to breakouts if your skin is prone to acne. So, if you have these issues, you should stop consuming dairy products at all and it might help you solve the issue.

Stop drinking soda

Photo Source: reportshealthcare

Besides dairy products, soda is also one of the drinks you should avoid if you want your skin to glow. Soda is the worst drink ever for the skin. The corn syrup in the soda is full of high fructose that affects your skin worse than glucose does. The inflammation and the glycation cause your skin to age faster.

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3 Kidney Cleansing Drinks to Boost Your Health with a Few Sips



Kidneys are one of the most important organs in your system that allows you to live and function normally. The organs filter out the waste and toxins from the bloodstream and prevent them from circulating to your cells. Because of this role, your kidneys play a crucial part in maintaining your overall health. Unfortunately, a bad diet and drinking habit might affect your kidneys buy accelerating the build-up of toxins which will eventually affect your kidneys and other organs. When the condition persists, it may lead to kidney stones and other conditions.

There are definitely other measurements to take when you want your kidneys to stay healthy, but drinking a lot of water for hydration and consuming these kidney cleansing drinks that are just easy to make will definitely help you.

Cranberry Juice

Photo Source: prepareandnourish

For a long time, cranberry juice has been famed for its ability to boost the functions of the urinary tract and kidneys. According to the research, cranberries can help fighting infections along the urinary tract probably due to the prevention of bacteria attaching themselves to the urethra and bladder. In addition, the fruits might also help in cleansing the calcium oxalate in the kidney area that might potentially lead to kidney stones. If you want to make kidney cleansing juice from cranberry juice, make sure that you don’t add sugars or artificial flavors to get the biggest benefits.

Lemon Juice

Photo Source: powerofpositivity

Lemon juice is naturally acidic so it can improve the citrate levels in urine. Thus, it may act as a kidney cleansing juice that prevents kidney stones from forming. For the perfect cleansing juice, squeeze 4-5 lemons into a cup and a quart of cold water. Or if you just need some warming beverage, squeeze a half of lemon into around 8 ounces of water and drink it daily.

Beet Juice

Photo Source: active

Beet might also be one of the most effective kidney cleansing juice because of its betaine content, which is a beneficial phytochemical with antioxidant properties. Betaine an also increases the acidity of urine which will in turn clean up the buildup of calcium phosphate and struvite in the kidneys. The removal of these buildups will decrease the possibility of suffering from kidney stones.

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4 Best Carbohydrate Sources for Runners



Many health and lifestyle outlets recommend us to avoid carbs, but just like not all carbs are created equal, not everyone needs the same amount of calories from sources of energy. If you are in a pursuit of weight loss or bodybuilding, avoiding carbohydrate sources might be best for your interest. But for athletes like runners, sometimes it is necessary to consume different types of carbs to fuel their energy while running.

Carbs are a primary energy source that can replenish your energy quickly before, during, or after exercise. When you don’t have carbs in your system, your body will use fat and protein which can be very inefficient for runners. There are two types of carbohydrate sources: the ones containing simple and complex carbs and both can be useful for runners.

Here are some of the best carbohydrate sources for runners.


Photo Source: stack

Bananas are athletes’ favorite foods as it can replenish energy very quickly pre or post-exercise. Runners can eat some bananas before or after a race because of its fast-acting nature. Bananas contain moderate to high glycemic index and loaded with potassium. As a result, the fruit can quickly help you replenish the electrolytes that you lose when you run. Eat a banana an hour before going for a run for a quick energy.

Dried fruit

Photo Source: healthline

Going for a long run? If your run is longer than 90 minutes, a small handful of dried fruits like raisins, dates, or dried apples will be the best carbohydrate sources for this. It is a lot better than consuming sports beverages. Dried fruits can be absorbed quickly to replenish the glycogen that depletes as you run.

Whole grains

Photo Source: Sparkpeople

While those two carbohydrate sources are simple and quick-releasing, complex carbohydrate sources like whole grains take longer to be absorbed by the body. However, the energy is more sustainable. Brown rice and quinoa provide high sources of carbohydrates. It is a lot healthier than pasta or rice because they also contain minerals and vitamins. Quinoa is also a protein source.

Sweet potato

Photo Source: tableandco

Sweet potato is also a great complex carbohydrate source that you should consume before running. The carbohydrate source is also loaded with minerals and a lot of vitamins like vitamin E, C, and beta-carotene. These vitamins fight inflammation and improve the immune system which will fight the stress that your body experiences because of running.

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Starbucks Drinks to Order When You’re on Your Keto Diet



The best thing about keto diet is that you can still eat many of the traditionally avoided foods for dieters, like meat, fish, milk, and protein sources. The worst thing about it? You will never experience the euphoria like when you’re high on sugar anymore. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot go to places where you usually get your sweet treats. Used to be into hanging out at Starbucks to see people or to taste their various flavored coffee and tea? Starbuck drinks are heavenly to some people, and a pure necessity for some others. You don’t have to quit your Starbucks routines or only start ordering black coffee just because you’re on a keto diet. Here are some of the Starbuck drinks you can purchase.

Fresh Brewed Hot Coffee and Tea

Photo Source: southfloridareporter

The good news about most fresh brewed hot coffees is that most of them are naturally low carb provided that you don’t add any sweetener to your cup. You can try some low carb freshly brewed coffees like Pike Place Roast (0g carbs), Decaf Pike Place (0g carbs and 5 calories), Featured Dark Roast (0g carbs and 5 calories), Clover Brewed Coffee (0g carbs and 10 calories) or Decaf Pike Place (0g carbs and 5 calories).

Hot teas also typically contain 0g carbs and 0 calories, meaning that you can drink them as much as you wish and they still won’t ruin your keto diet! Don’t be afraid to order Jade Cirrus Mint Green Tea, Teavana Earl Grey Brewed Tea, Youthberry White Tea, Royal English Breakfast Tea, Teavana Organic Chai Tea, and all the herbal teas you can find on the menu.

Flat White

Photo Source: fastfoodgeek

Typically, a cup of Flat White comes with a concentrated espresso shot and steamed milk to reach the effect of strong buzz in a creamy cup of coffee. The espresso is fine for your keto diet, but any Starbucks drinks with steamed milk can be bad because it has around 8g of sugar. You can still order this drink if you replace the steamed milk with heavy whipping cream and water. This way, you can get the same creaminess but in a safer way for your keto diet attempt. This Short Flat White will give you only 1g carbs and 55 calories after modified.

Low Carb Chai Tea Latte

Photo Source: manreviewsfood

When you order the typical Chai Latte, you will get a drink with a thick foam on top which is basically made of chai tea concentrate, water, and milk. It also has some honey and sugar to add the flavor. While the drink is super tasty, this is not exactly good for anyone attempting a keto diet. Try to ask a modified, low-carb version of this drink to your barista by replacing the chai tea concentrate with real brewed tea bags, milk with heavy whipping cream, and sugar with cinnamon dolce syrup. This will save you at least 22g carbs and probably even more. As a result, you only get 5grbs and 206 calories.

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Surprising Health Benefit of Worldwide Exotic Plants



Our mother nature has plenty of incredible secrets that have been passed on from generation to generation. Though today we rely most on manufactured medicine, our ancestor only depends on plants and herbs to stay healthy. Every country has its own local plants and herbs that actually rich with nutrient and health benefit. So next time you have a chance to encounter these exotic plant, do not hesitate to try them since they are actually safe to eat and good for keeping diseases away.

Red perilla leaves

Source: farmone

This delicacy is originated from Japan and Korean and usually eat raw. The local people use it as a wrap for meat, grind, and vegetable when they are having a barbecue. Honestly, it tastes like common leaves with a vague note of anise or cinnamon. The first timer might be surprised with its strong grassy taste, but once you get used to it, the leaves go really well with roasted meat. The perilla leaves are good to avoid an allergic reaction, prevent food poisoning and remove heavy metals from your body.


Source: lifetimedaily

This tropical fruit is one of the biggest fruit in this world and commonly harvested in South East Asia. The fruit has a hard skin with sweet yellow flesh inside. It also has a distinct fragrance that can be pretty strong but not like durian. The jackfruit flesh is rich in vitamin C, A, and E that is very good for your skin. The phytonutrients found in it can help prevent cancer and its seed also can be made into a paste to soften wrinkles.

Lotus Root

Source: ctfresh

Lotus root is a common ingredient for herbal drink and soup in China. This crunchy rhizoma has a distinct tangy flavor with a hint of sweetness. It can be eaten fresh or dried, and many people use this as a substitute for white potato. The lotus root is believed good for improving bowel movements, regulate blood pressure and great in weight management. You can find this plants in dried state at a Chinese store or Chinese medicine store.

Bitter Melon

Source: klikdokter

The appearance of this plants perhaps is not as inviting as the other plants and it is for a good reason. Just like what it is called, the bitter melon tastes very bitter, even after it is cooked. However, many South East Asian country consider this delicacy as a delicious vegetable. When it is cooked properly, actually the bitterness can be tolerable. And when it is cooked with a right side dish, it indeed tastes pretty good. The bitter melon is believed very good to treat diabetes type 2, improve asthma and bronchitis and helps liver regeneration.

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Awesome Party Ideas to Celebrate the 4th of July Festivities



The Fourth of July is right in front of our eyes. There is no reason to skip celebrating the independence day, especially since the weather is nice and just fine. This is also a good opportunity to get in touch with your community after a long holiday. However, become a good host perhaps is not that easy. For those who are no party organizer, opening the house for the celebration can be an exhausting task. Do not let your worry become a burden. Here are some awesome party ideas that will make you a fun and charming host in your own home.

Mini Celebration Bar

Source: sugarandcharm

No party will be lit without a hint of booze to loosen up your mind. If you plan to arrange an adult only party, preparing a mini self-service bar is a really good idea. You can have fun with snow ice bar with various syrup, frozen berry, fresh cut fruit and a nice kick of booze. Prepare a huge amount of shave ice and let the guests make their own drink from mixing the ice with syrup, fruits, and their preference booze. Keep the conversation light and prepare to have a lot of fun!

Coolest Pool Party

Source: housebeautiful

It is the time to utilize your nice pool to refresh your closest friends during the holiday. There is nothing more fun than chilling in the pool on a hot summer day while waiting the festivities run wild all around you. The keep your guest happy and stay cool, make a customize floating cooler to act as a mini bar for them. Prepare an inflatable tub and fill it with water and bunch of ice cubes. Then arrange various drinks, fruits, and snack inside so your guests can help themselves in the pool. You can also add a fancy cocktail drink in a glass bottle to spice up the party.

Nation Flag Themed Picnic

Source: mussingmommy

Your well-maintained yard can be a very special place for the Independence Day celebration. You can have a casual picnic on a cool afternoon with your family while waiting for the fireworks to start. Decorate it in Nation Flag themed party items, like red and blue striped banner, confetti balloons, Star-patterned picnic blanket and relating paper glass and plates. To keep everyone occupied and happy, take out your reliable grill and start an intimate BBQ party with your fam.




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