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Do You Believe These Popular Makeup Myths?



Your friends and the internet can give you wonderful makeup tips. But many of those tips are probably as not as accurate as you would have guessed. In fact, there are many popular makeup myths circulating widely that people would be shocked to find out that they are simply not true. To weed out some of the most popular makeup myths, read on and find out the actual truths of these interesting claims about makeup.

Moisturizers and primers work similarly

Photo Source: massivemakeup

If you use primers regularly, chances are you will know that this claim is ridiculous. But unfortunately, this is one of the most popular makeup myths out there. Primers and moisturizers have completely different formulas. Moisturizers work by hydrating your skin and reduce the dryness. Meanwhile, primers prevent oiliness and shrink the size of the pores on your skin and filling the fine lines. Primers are used to create a smooth base on your skin so your makeup will be more even and last longer. So, you cannot replace primers with moisturizers or the other way around. You should apply the primer after the moisturizer and before you start the foundation.

Match the color of the foundation to your hand, forehead, or neck

Photo Source: shefinds

One of the biggest makeup myths, when you go makeup shopping, is by choosing a foundation color by testing it on the back of your hand. If you look in the mirror, you will notice that some parts of your face and body, including your hand, your neck, and forehead are different compared to the rest of your face. Because of this, if you test a foundation color by picking the same color as your forehead or worse, hand, then you will end up some color darker than your actual skin tone. The best way is to smear the tester on your jaw to see if it is the right color because it has the same tone to the rest of your face.

You can use lip plumper to improve the size of your lips

Photo Source: youtube

If you have thin lips, you have probably been experimenting with ways to make your lips appear fuller. Some people believe that lip plumpers can be used to increase the size of the lips. What is a lip plumper made of? Well, it contains hot pepper, menthol, cinnamon, and caffeine. These ingredients will irritate your lips and as a result, it is expected that your lips will look more swollen. Sound like a good way to get fuller lips? Definitely not. Avoid this at all cost.

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Make Up

How to Buy Beauty Products Without Regrets



Beauty products, unlike clothes or shoes, rarely go on huge sale when you visit the department stores or supermarkets. But thanks to the rise of online stores on boutiques, the competition in the beauty industry yields creative attempts to make people buyh their stuff. Therefore, you have to take advantage of it without being tricked into buyint beauty products that you will regret.

So, what should you do to get the most effective shopping experience without the regrets while buying the beauty products in the market? Here are some tips.

Try it before you buy it

Source: womansday

Just like buying clothes or shoes, you need to try the beuaty products you want to purchase. Always find a store where you can try the sample of the products you want to buy. Many department stores now offer these to boost their sales. If you don’t find any tester, ask the salesperson if they have one. You might be surprised at how helpful a polite request is for you.

Find out the return policies

Source: berkeley

In the past, it is almost always impossible to return an opened product. However, now you don’t have to get stuck with the greasy eye cream or irritating lotion that you purchased before you tried the on-the-go sample. Some beauty retailers are now more generous with their return policies. So if you’re not satisfied with some products after trying them a few times, and you know there is a return policy for it, go find out about it.

Join loyalty membership programs

Photo Source: ukbeautyschools

Many retailers and specialty beauty stores now have loyalty membership programs with interesting perks such as exclusive coupons, cash back, and early access to promotions and sales. Try to find out the programs and how you can be eligible to participate. Usually, it depends on your spending. The loyalty benefits might be very tempting and helpful.

Restock by ordering online

Photo Source: glitzmedia

Once you have discovered what beauty products you want to order, it’s time to restock them from the comfort of your pahama. Many retailers offer free shipping and other perks such as free returns. In this way, you can get the cheapest price and reduce the commuting fare to the nearest department store that sell your beauty products.

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Scary Halloween Couple Costume Idea to Try with Your Loved One



Who are you going to attend Halloween with this year? Your other half? Dressing as separate scary monsters can be cute, but choosing matching outfits will give you and your lover ways to express yourselves as lovers while enjoying the night and being very hit at the party. If you want to look scary, you and he can be scary things together. Here are some of the scary Halloween costume ideas you can try with your partner.

Scary Clowns

Photo Source: spirithalloween

Going as a clown is probably a Halloween classic, but this costume never fails. There are just so many ways to make clown costumes work. If you and your partner both want to be spooky together, going to to the party as clowns is one of the best ideas you should try. Match your outfits or your makeup and both of you can have a romantic night trying to give other people a fright- if that’s your definition of romantic.

Chucky and the Bride

Photo Source: pinterest

Who doesn’t have a frightening memory of Chucky? The haunted killer doll will give everyone some chills if it ever comes to real life. Recreate the horror movie in real life (minus the gore and actual dangerous part) by going to the Halloween party as Chucky and his bride. These costumes are very easy to recreate, you will be able to easily mix, match, and modify what you have in a fun DIY project. For a couple who want to look scary on Halloween, this is just the best.

Skeleton Faces

Photo Source: stayglam

Not having enough time and not interested in going out of your way to create serious costumes this Halloween? You and your lover can use some simple makeup tricks to be scary together. Do some skeleton painting on your faces and wear some easy matching costumes. You can look up a lot of easy skeleton tutorials to achieve scary skeleton details.


Photo Source: pinterest

Want to look like the creepiest yet cutest people in the room? Dress yourselves as two puppets. The makeup and the costume ideas are very easy to recreate and achieve. Have fun being a scary couple on Halloween!

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Make Up

Halloween Makeup Tricks that Will Save You on The Last Minute



If you never being serious with your make up palette, the Halloween party invitation this year might really scare you for good. But it is not a reason to stop you enjoy the party. There is the unlimited style you can do on the biggest costume party event in the world. From plainly scary to adorably charming, here are 4 ideas you can steal from the internet to put some glow on your Halloween costumes.

The super easy cat woman

Source: alexya

The character is a legend of Halloween for a reason. It is eye-catching and sexy, yet super duper easy to put on. Just forget about the cheap eye mask that will make your face itchy and hot during the party when you can paint it on your face. All you need to do is find a glittered black lip cream and a very serious black cream eyeshadow and waterproof mascara. Do not forget to add that cute little cat ear headband before you left your dressing room.

The blood-lust vampire queen

Source: vogue

Being a vampire on Halloween night is a classic, but it is never dull. The most important thing is that you can just improvise with whatever you have in your makeup pouch. The eyes play the most important role in this style, so you really need to pay attention to make a mysterious and cold-blooded vampire queen look. Make sure you really put a white liquid foundation and white powder finishing for a pale bloodless skin and wear a pair of red contact lenses for dramatic effect.

Mystical mermaid princess

Source: glamour

Forget about the little red-haired Ariel and go for something more sultry and ethereal with this mischievous mermaid makeup. You have to buy some real shade of glittered cream eyeshadow and liquid lip tint to get this look correctly but it is guaranteed satisfying. Blend some glittered silver, deep blue, and purple shadow on your eyelid and draw a distinct line with true white eyeliner. It is the time to put on the electric blue liquid lip tint that you have been so curious about and put some crazy fake eyelashes for perfection.

Enchanted lost fawn

Source: Youtube

The fawn has its own pure beauty that often found in a fairy tale. This style is also very easy to put on since you did not need to have a top artist skill to draw on your face. Begin the basic with your daily makeup routine but go with the tanned side of your skin tone. Find a really long eye-lashes that will help to make your eyes look bigger and innocent. Out some black liner on the tip of your nose and upper lips to create the fawn facial feature and decorate the sides of your face with white freckles and some flower headpiece.

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Favorite 2018 Halloween Pop Culture Costume and How to Nail Them



It’s October and the month of the festivity is finally here. Although it is still a good couple week away, there is nothing wrong to start thinking about your Halloween costumes. After all, this is one of the most iconic western festivals that is celebrated lovingly from people all over the world. If you are looking for 2018 popular culture references, then you are not all alone. Here are several hot ideas to look awesome on the night of October 31st and how to work on them properly.

Princess Shuri from Black Panther

Source: Twitter

The new Disney Princess is arguably the coolest after all. There are a lot of references that you can pick from the original movie, but it will not hurt to create your very version of Princess Shuri. The key point of this character is, of course, the hairstyle. Since the Princess is a fan of intricate braids, you could easily make your own crown of braid instead of copying straight from the movie. For the costume, you might want to do some DIY to remake her awesome combat gear that will need some crafty moment with used leather and metal beads. Do not forget to put the face painting before you turn into Wakanda warrior.

Dominika from Red Sparrow

Source: moviepilot

Of course, we still cannot forget how brilliant Jennifer Lawrence acting as the Russian spy in hit movie Red Sparrow. It is sexy, mysterious, and basically enthralling to see her turn into a different persona through this role. You can turn into one of her character in this movie with a pretty easy outfit. Our favorite was all black coat with platinum blonde hair and sassy face. Make sure to make your face flawless without looking trying too hard to pull off this character well. Practice the expression from now will also not hurt since you need to look like somebody who should not be messed up with right on the go.

Ally from A Star Is Born

Source: Pagesix

If you still shed tears while remembering the last scene from this movie, then going with Ally for this Halloween party will be kind of tribute to the movie. How we love the tragic storyline that still lingers beautifully in our mind. Ally is the voice of natural beauty that women should embrace to love herself more. You can go with her first stage style that is absolutely charming and sexy. Wear that iconic knotted white T-shirt with formal pants, chain belt, cowboy hats, and dangling pendants. Do not forget to go all out with the ginger hair wig or if you already have on, just let your beautiful locks fall free beautifully.

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Make Up

Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks You Should Try Right Now



There are lazy days when you just can’t get up and do all the beauty rituals you normally do to make yourself feel more presentable to work or school, and there are those days when you just feel too tired from all the work and chores so you want to be a princess without actually trying. It’s okay, we girls have the rights to enjoy our moment and not be pressured to groom all the time. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t present beautiful or more professional when you want to go out and see people. Here are some useful lazy girl beauty hacks for when you just can’t spend hours on your makeup and personal grooming rituals.

Apply some vaseline before the perfume

Photo Source: amrtgirls

Do you know that you can make your perfume last longer by applying some Vaseline as a base before spraying your perfume on the area? This is a neat lazy girl beauty hack for all the lazy girls who don’t take showers sometimes when they go out. Your perfume will hide the scent of your laziness for far longer!

Keep makeup wipes on your bedside table

Photo Source: eminenceorganics

Or anywhere near enough that you can reach for when you just can’t get up and remove all the makeup properly in front off the bathroom mirror. Even on your laziest day, you should clean up the makeup and all the dirt and oil from your face or they will clog your pores. Ideally, you should wash your face properly each night before you sleep. However, when you just can’t do it, using cleansing wipes is a much better alternative than not removing it at all.

Use lipstick for the multi-purpose beauty tool

Photo Source: beautynnesia</a

Do you know that you don’t have to carry your whole makeup kit if you are really just too lazy to prepare everything? When you’re too lazy to do your makeup before work and just don’t feel like bringing the whole makeup bag to your commute, just use your lipstick as a lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush on. Bring some lipsticks with appropriate colors for all these purposes. Try some darker pink shades as a start then layer them up with some other colors.

Use dry shampoo

Photo Source: beautifullyalive

When you don’t feel like washing your hair and it’s already two or three days, apply some dry shampoo on your scalp. This will instantly improve the volume and make your hair less greasy.

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Make Up

Easy Makeup Tutorial to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger



Every woman wants to have beautiful eyes but not everyone is born with big bright eyes that make them look like a human doll. But, you don’t have to be jealous of other women who are naturally born with bigger eyes. With simple makeup tricks, you can make your eyes seem bigger and more beautiful. Just try some of the tricks below!

Do your brows

Photo Source: ukbeautyschools

The first thing to do if you want people to pay attention to your eye area is doing your brows. Make them defined. Defined eyebrows will frame the entire area and make people care about the eyes. When you put more focus on your eyes and the surrounding area, people will perceive your eyes as more attention-grabbing and bigger. A well-defined pair of brows makes your eyes stand out.

Use shadowing to contour the crease

Photo Source: drnaturalbeauty

Your crease needs some more dimension for depth. Added dimension will make your eyes pop. Use some soft neutral colors like matte brown or rosy pink. Mix and match two shades a bit for better dimension. Don’t forget the rule: light color on the lid makes your eyeball looks bigger. Light colors will make you look wide awake because it brings your eyes forward.

Apply mascara to top and lower lashes

Photo Source: stylecraze

It is obviously one of the most obvious ways to make your eyes look larger. Apply the mascara on both sets of lashes, however, be careful with eyeliner on the lower lash line, it can create a sense of “limit” and close your eyes in so it seems narrower. Just skip it on the lower lashes. Mascara is enough to make your eyes stand out without looking like you are overdoing the lower lash line.

Curl your eyelashes

Photo Source: groupon

Curling your lashes upward is definitely the fastest and most certain way to make your eyes look more “open” and doll-like. it creates an illusion that the area is actually larger, while it makes your whites more prominent. If necessary, put on some natural fake top lashes.

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DIY & Craft

Organic Face Toner that You Can Make from Your Kitchen Stash



Face toning is one of four basic skin treatment to maintain a healthy and flawless face. While cleansing is actually the most important step of skin care, toning is actually helping you clear all the impurities. Using soap of facial wash is not enough to reach deep under your pore. This is when face toner come in handy to remove any leftover buildup of dirt and pollutant. Of course, there are a lot of brands that offer a good face toner, but actually, the best ingredients are already provided by our mother nature. Here is some simple DIY face toner that you can be made only using ingredients that you already had in the kitchen.

Mint leaves toner

Source: pulse

Peppermint is good for your skin because it contains organic antibacterial material. Its astringent also contain cooling effect that will make you feel refreshed and relaxed. To make an organic mint face toner, all you need to do is boiling few fresh mint leaves until the color turns slightly green. Let the solution and keep it refrigerated. Use a cotton pad to apply it on your face.

Aloe juice toner

Source: awaaznation

The aloe vera is known for its natural effect to keep your skin moist and cool. It is very effective to soothe sunburn and ease skin rashes and itchiness. To make this cool face toner, you need to prepare a slice of thick ripe aloe that is full of juice. You will need to wash it first and make sure there are no bugs or another pest that might endanger your skin. Slice it open and scoop the gel out. Dilute the gel with cool water and put it inside a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your face evenly and wipe in dry with a cotton pad.

Chamomile tea toner

Source: beautyispleasure

The chamomile flower is widely known as a natural ingredient to fight breakout and help eliminate acne scars. It is also good for oily skins and normal skin because it is really mild and shooting. To make a chamomile tea toner, you will need to brew some good black tea leaves or green tea leaves, since tea is rich with antioxidant. After the tea is boiling, add some fresh chamomile flowers and let it cool. Apply this solution on your face with a cotton pad right after you wash it.

Lemon apple cider toner

Source: poleznite

If you have a really oily skin, the lemon apple cider toner is what you are looking for. Lemon and apple cider is really good to remove the excess oil and brighten your skin tone. Lemon is also good to keep acne away, which is a real problem for those with oily skin. Dilute two tablespoons of apple cider with 100 ml of pure cool water. Add 10 drops of lemon juice and mix it well. Put it on the spray bottle and spray it on a clean face. Remove the water with a soft cotton pad afterward.

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Make Up

How to Look Glam and Hot with Red Lipstick



The red lipstick is undoubtedly an iconic item for a sexy glam look. It is a real deal that shows the true charm of a woman which is hard to resist. Unfortunately, not all women are comfortable with this look since it can be so daring and flattering, which actually such a pity. Actually, it is quite understandable that putting on red lips can be pretty challenging. You should know the right way to apply it to avoid it look too much or messy. Here are some useful tips on how to apply a red lipstick.

1. Deciding the shade

Source: glamour

There are a lot of red shade lips product being sold and if you are a beginner it can be confusing. Well, there is no shortcut beside try as many as possible until you find your own shade. The true bold red usually fit finely with people with pale skin tone, and the darker tone will fit more with orange-red or purple tone but do not let this belief limit your experiment. There is a great chance a perfect red shade is waiting for you that will blow everyone’s mind.

2. Looking for right finish

Source: timeskuwait

After you find your perfect shades, you will need to decide which kind of formula that will match your lips perfectly. There are matte, glossy, sheer, tint and perhaps many more lipstick formula and there is no way to tell which are the best. Again, you need to keep trying until you find something that you are comfortable with. You should consider your daily activity as well as to make sure the color stays intact and stunning. For example, a sheer or tint usually do not stay bold for too long, but a matte finish can last all day long if you apply it correctly.

3. Set a good start

Source: dollskill

Such a bold color like red will need a smooth lip for a flawless application. It will not work if you have a breakout or dry lips. That is why you need to do a regular lip care if you really want to pull off this style. Apply a lip cream every night if you tend to have dry surface and breakout. Exfoliate it with a lip scrub, preferably sugar or coffee, before you do your make up to make sure it is smooth and moist. You can also apply nourishing lip balm or primer before you put on the lipstick to prolong the longevity of your red lip.

4. Learn to shape

Source: nezavisne

A good result requires a lot of trial and error. All the beauty guru and makeup artist surely did not make a perfect line on the first try. You have to know the nature of your lips and find out the best way to paint it. Again you have to practice it regularly to get a perfect color tone that should not seem like halfway job or even too much. If you do not have enough experience, try to use a lip liner first to avoid bleeding or feathering.

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Make Up

Korean Signature Bridal Makeup for Fresh and Younger Look



“Less is more” perhaps is the signature of Korean style makeup. Even sometimes Korean love to play with colors, they always aim for a fresh look that will defy age and time. These principals are also applied in Korean wedding makeup, where the bride seemingly looks gorgeous without trying. However, the simplicity that is offered actually comes in complicated makeup steps to achieve. The key point lays in the preparation. Korean makeup does not depend on heavy foundation and covers, they prepare your skins with moisturizer, serum and CC cream to make your skin looks healthy with a natural glow. Thus, when the stylists work their magic, you will get the complete shower fresh look that is utterly feminine and charming.

Bright puppy eyes

Source: Pinterest

It is not a secret that Koreans love making their eyes looks bigger. The inspiration often comes from Korean artist and idol that has wide round eyes which make them look innocent and cute. It is the muse of their wedding makeup that creates an image of puppy eyes with neat thin lines around the corner of the eyes in the brown or grey shade. You will not find any smoky or strong eye makeup on Korean brides, but a genuine innocent look of bright eyes and long lashes.

Neat and chic eyebrow

Source: pinterest

Korean makeup style loves a neat and chic eyebrow line instead of well defined and elongated brows that the Westerners adore. They also usually use a lighter color shade than the hair to help accentuate the almond or round shape of the eyes. This kind of shape gives a youthful and pure look on the bride that makes them very attractive whether in real person or photos. You may have to shave your brow very thin to get this looks but it will make you look like a real princess on your wedding day.

Glowing and dewy skin

Source: youtube

Koreans are very proud of their skin since it is generally smooth and silky. However, they usually have problems with complexion because Koreans tends to have a pale skin. That is why Korean wedding makeup usually wants to create a glowing and dewy skin that makes a healthier complexion. They really love the after shower effect that makes your skin plump and glossy. This kind of look also really stand up in front of camera flash because after all, you are the star of the show on that day.

Full and shiny lips

Source: christinaliangmakeup

Another signature of Korean bridal makeup is the soft, shiny lips in the pink or peach shade. This color will make the bride looks innocent yet alluring with a kissable lip that is hard to resist. That is why lip tint and gloss is so popular. There are several styles that you can try, ranging from the extra-glossy lips in bright colors to the very natural color with a hint of blush.

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