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Cutest Nail Art Design Ideas for Halloween



Looking Spooky-Cute with Some Cutest Nail Art Design Ideas for Halloween

Cutest nail art design ideas for Halloween has become a trend besides the costume trend that is popular every Halloween. As Halloween is approaching, it is best to prepare for the best outfit because it means that you are ready to celebrate one of the most interesting holidays in the world. Nail art design serves as a detail creativity you can add to your costume that is already a creative choice for Halloween.

Iconic Characters for the Cutest Nail Art Design Ideas for Halloween

Choosing a theme is important before applying a nail art design into your nails. There are actually various themes in Halloween, not just the Halloween itself. You can match your costume choice with the nail art design to make everything about you look perfect in Halloween. Well, as a nail art design ideas for Halloween decorates your nails, you will look probably like a spooky-cute creature. Iconic characters from some movies, comic books, and games can be painted as the spooky-cute designs for your nails.

Maybe in the movies zombie hands will look disgusting, but for a cute nail art design, blood-red colored nails can be a beautifully made nail art design idea for Halloween. Movie characters that are perfect for polishing your nails as the cutest nail art design ideas for Halloween are for example the character for every Tim Burton’s movies, iconic ghosts like Casper, iconic monsters like Godzilla or Alien, and the other iconic horror characters.

Other Accessories for the Cutest Nail Art Design Ideas for Halloween

You can also look both cool and cute for Halloween with a gothic nail art design. This kind of a nail art design probably looks just a plain black design, but when you mix it with a proper costume that has some bits of comical accessories, you will look perfect. You can even put something on your fingers too as additional garnishes for your nail art design. The very simple accessory you can put as an additional garnish is rings. Gold ring, skull ring, or diamond ring can be the best examples for rings to perfect the nail art.

After polishing your nail with some colorful nail polish, you can also glue some knick knacks that shape like anything all around your nail and fingers. They can look glittery, sparkling, or even metallic. All those shapes and looks are the best choices for your cutest nail art design ideas for Halloween.

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Nail Art

Aesthetic Summery Nail Art You Should Try Before the Season End



Style and art come in many shape and terms. With the summer season at its peak, there are a lot of things you can try to update your style and comfort your aesthetic soul. So have yourself a head-to-toe treatment and try looking as pretty as possible before the season end. Since summer is the perfect time for you to show off your inner beauty under the dazzling sun. Do not afraid to try something new until you find your ultimate summer style. For your beautiful nails, here are some ideas to make sure you become the IT girl this season.

Kenzo flower inspired nail art

Source: elle

A floral pattern is the heart of summer, with its blatant color and bright beauty. Kenzo is one of a famous brand that often incorporates flower pattern in its design. It brings a timeless elegance and a hint of mystery on Kenzo gorgeous piece. This Kenzo inspired floral pattern nail art will not only remind you of the magical summer dream but also make your hands look polished and classy.

The ultimate shade of blue

Source: okchicas

Blue and summer have a long-term relationship that no one can break. Painting your nail with blue color might be too literal and boring but the idea is still refreshing and unique. This semi french bluish nail art style will make your summer blues looks new and inspiring. It also makes your skin tone pop out and goes very well with bright summer dresses.

Boho summer vibe

Source: falexx

The Bohemian style has its own beauty and charm. It was a perfect reminder of the cool summer night and dreamy beautiful summer dusk. Bring the pretty twilight sky on your nail with this Boho summer inspired nail art. The perfect combination of dark orange, violet, and dark purple reminds you perfectly of a beautiful sunset in faraway lands, while the cute dream catcher and feathers make a lovely decoration on your delicate nails.

Bring the beaches out

Source: newexpressionnail

We really cannot separate the image of summer with crystal clear beaches and silvery sands. This bright and colorful nail art spark of youthful soul and carefree personality. There are a lot of things you can explore from this theme, start from silvery tips to portray sandy beaches to cute little anchor and starfish decorations. You can also elaborate bolder color, such as sea blue, yellow, and white.

Tropical hibiscus party

Source: zeffeurs

Bring back the holiday vibe on your nail with this lively tropical nail art. With a pretty tropical color as a base like peach and pink, this nail art will make your hand looks utterly cute and feminine. You can add hibiscus flowers in several colors to liven this nail art, or make a silhouette in bold black line to picture summer sunset on an exotic tropical island.

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Nail Art

How to Make Your Nail Polish Lasts Longer



Nail polish is a great way to add color to your otherwise boring fingernails. You can express your style and personality through the different kinds of nail colors and arts. Yet, one of the most annoying thing about doing your nails is having to see the color fades in an instant. Of course, no nail color lasts forever, but there are ways to preserve that color on your nails. The next time you’re thinking about applying some nail polish, do these things.:

Photo Source: azmanbepors

Preparation matters a lot

Impulsively painting your nails with striking polish colors is an alright thing to do, but it doesn’t mean that you can just take the bottles and sweep the polish on your nails with a brush. You have to prepare your nails before they’re ripe for coloring.

First of all, if you want your color lasts, you better trim or cut your nails one or to days before coloring. Longer nails will break easily and means the more surface area to protect. Don’t trim your cuticles if you’re not a professional. Then, clean your nails to remove the natural oils and dirt by using the designated alcohol or vinegar. Apply a thin layer of the base to strengthen the nail and make the polish more even.

Apply two thin coats

You probably think about complicated nail arts, but you shouldn’t do more than two thin coats at once. Anything more than two colors will peel on day two after you apply your polish. Tap a little around the edge before you apply polish to fill on the full nail. Before you apply the second coat, for a few minutes until it has dried out a little. Some people also believe that shimmery color lasts longer. If you want, go for it.

Air dry the nails

To fine-tune the finishing of your nail polish, wait patiently for the polish to dry in the air. You need around 15-30 minutes until the polish is all set. Don’t use your fingers to pick up or do anything. However, if you really cannot afford the wait, try dipping your nails in ice water to cut down the drying time. Some people even believe that you need hours, even the whole day, to make the color lasts a lot longer!

Maintain the polish properly

The trickiest part is actively maintaining your polish. If you get a ding, don’t do the nail all over again. See if you can solve it with some acetone on the cotton swab and apply another coating. Moisturize your hands and nails every day. Protect the nails from the UV ray and add a new top coat every other day or every day to keep the color of your nail polish longer.

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