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Cozy Winter Outfit Ideas for Women



There are a lot of cozy winter outfit ideas for women. Indeed, winter is coming soon and preparing your wardrobe is one of the most important things. In the cold, freezing weather during winter, wearing something cozy and comfortable is really essential. If you have hard time deciding what to wear during winter, below you will see some cozy winter outfit ideas for women. They are all super comfy to wear, either for casual occasion or formal one.

Drop-Waist Dress + Scarf = Comfy

Wearing scarf during winter time is essential. Scarfs are warm and comfortable to wear around the neck. It help reduce the cold, freezing breeze during winter. That is why scarf should be incorporated in any winter outfit. If you think scarf is ugly and bulky, well, you are completely wrong. Well, at least, you probably do not wear the scarf right or you do not know how to mix and match the scarf with the rest of your wardrobe collections. Scarf is actually great to add low-key chic to anything. Grab your drop-waist dress and wrap a scarf around the neck. Also, wear thighs to complete the look. The combination between the scarf and the drop-waist dress is simply comfortable and cute to look. Do not forget to choose matching colors for the dress and scarf. Say for example, grey dress, maroon scarf, and of course black tights. It will be such a great winter outfit.

The Classic Cashmere Turtleneck Sweaters

If you are a casual person and probably a slight tomboy, this winter outfit will be your winner. Instead of wearing a scarf, you can wear a turtleneck instead. Yes, a warm and comfortable cashmere turtleneck sweater is always a good-to-go outfit for winter. They are warming your neck and also very comfortable to wear. Match the classic sweater with suede-front leggings. It will be a simple yet really comfortable outfit to wear. Finish the look by wearing sneakers or even Uggs.

Wrap It Up with Coat

Winter is the time where matching everything you wear with a thick coat is acceptable. That is why you should not refrain of trying to wear coat in every occasion during winter. In winter, indeed the weather is freezing and thus coat helps you to endure the weather. Hooded coat is very popular to wear during winter. It can practically be matched with anything, including with casual shirt-and-pants and even with long dress. That is why coat is always will be in any cozy winter outfit ideas for women.

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The Essential Plus Size Neckline Guide You Need to Know



Whether it’s a dress, T-shirt, or blouse, a neckline can radically transform your appearance, into the better or worse. If you’re a plus size woman, you probably struggle to find necklines that can make your double chin, bust, and short neck look better. The shape and cut of the neckline of your top will break or make your appearance, so you need to understand all the essential plus size neckline tips to make your appearance a lot more flattering.

Consider your body shape, size of your bust, type of your shoulder, and type of your neck before choosing your tops. To make it easier, here are some important plus size neckline guide for you.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Source: awkwardstyles

A one shoulder or assymetrical neckline doesn’t only make you look chic and fashionable, but it also helps draw the attention away from your bottom and middle areas, such as your thick thigh, wide hip, or round belly. It also makes broad shoulder looks narrower.  Women with any shapes of their faces can choose this plus size neckline as the one-shoulder style does not affect the shape of your face at all.

Boat neckline

Source: forever21

The second most popular plus size neckline is the boatneck or sometimes also known as the Bateau neck. This is a very good neckline for ladies with wide hips as it draws the attention away from the area and to your slim neck and small shoulders. However, even woman with thicker and shorter neck can still look fabulous sporting this stylish modern neckline.

Off shoulder neckline

Source: charlotterusse

Bardot or off shoulder neckline is pretty similar to boatneck, but it sits lower and with a wider size. So generally, the neckline just sits off your shoulders, sometimes even below. The verstatile plus size neckline is very versatile and can be worn by women with all types of body styles, whether pear, apple, rectangle, or hourglass type. No matter how small or big is your bust, this will be the best plus size neckline to sport.

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4-Must Have Clothes for Short Women



Every woman is unique and we all need to adjust our fashion to the way our body is shaped, but short women experience unique challenges. A petite woman has to be very careful in choosing the appropriate clothes so that they don’t even look shorter. What are the appropriate clothes for short women? Here are the must have wardrobe pieces that should be in every short woman’s wardrobe? Here are some of them.

Wrap Dress

Source: dhgate

All short women must own this universally flattering piece of item. This dress will perfectly hug a woman’s figure and flatter the best parts. If you can only have one dress to bring or to store for your everyday collection, this is definitely the best go-to dress to choose. Both the styling and the V-shaped neckline are alluring and very flattering for your petite figure. The skirt style, whether your wrap dress has an A-line or a straight pencil-like shape of skirt, will definitely flatter your appearance too.

White Button-Down Shirt

Source: fashiontasty

The key to a confident, fabolous look while being short women is to choose the clothes that can make you look taller and slimmer. One of the easiest ways is by letting your chest area open, choosing a deep neckline. A white button-down shirt, while being a very classic piece of item, can help you achieve that look. Choose the classic styling, with pointed collar and long sleeves made of cotton or cotton blend fabric. When you wear the shirt, just let the two top buttons unbottoned.


Source: nordstrom

If you don’t feel very comfortable revealing your chest too much, you can couple your V-neckline dresses or t-shirts with a camisole. Layering your low-neck tops over a camisole is the best strategy to maintain the flattering styling while not revealing too much cleavage. You can also choose some dressy camis, like a sequined or beaded camis or even the lacy ones depending on the occassions and the style you try to achieve.

Cardigan Sweater

Source: pinterest

Whenever you need a light topper for the weather or more conservative occasions, a cardigan sweater will always come handy. For petite women, the best cardigan style is the lightweight ones with long sleeves. It will be perfect if comes with a V-neckline too and falls around the hip.

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Guides for Curvy Girls to Stay Fashionable In Winter



Winter is the time to layer up. Your usual warm clothes are not enough to combat the cold when you let it work alone, therefore you have to throw layers over layers to stay warm. But what if you are one of those curvy girls who are already thick enough even without the layers of thick clothes, is there a way to look fashionable and not uneccessarily too heavy during winter times? And how to stay comfortable wearing multiple layers of clothes? To be able to survive winter while looking chic and feeling the best comfort, follow these tips.

Choose an open cardigan over a boxy pullover poncho

Source: covenantwyesdownload

Curvy women should never be afraid to show off their beautiful figures, so instead of hiding under a boxy poncho, be proud of your gorgeous curves by wearing a nice open cardigan. While both styles work and have interesting and trendy boho vibes, an open cardigan is way more flattering for curvy girls. Tuck your tee into your jeans and wear an open cardigan as an outerlayer. It will create the look of an hourglass figure. You can also add a small belt for a more flaunting appearance.

Go for stretchy tights

Source: pinterest

Most tights are unfortunately not very elastic and it is bad for your curvy figures. You need tights with extremely stretchy characteristics to it can hug your body tightly and perfectly without suffocating your skin. Don’t get tights that are too big and leave some extra space between your tights and your skin.

Make a vest from an overly tight jacket

Source: polarscience

Do you have a jacket that you love so much but now just gets too tight since you gain some beautiful curves? This is a classic problem for curvy girls. You don’t have to ditch the jacket though. If the jacket is only tight in the arms, you can magically transform it into a vest just by removing the arms using a seam ripper. You can then layer this over a dress or comfortable shirt and look very trendy.

Get the best stretchy boots

Source: silkovermilk

It will be very annoying when you cannot even tuck your jeans into your favorite pair of boots because the calf area is too tight so the jeans fabric just refuses to go in. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure that your favorite boots are the pair with stretchy fabric in the back area. The boots are a lot more comfortable for curvy girls.

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Essential Tips to Choose Winter Coats for Petite Women



There is no definite rule when it comes to getting the perfect clothes that work for every woman’s body, but one thing for certian is that  a petite woman needs to be very careful that the clothes she chooses doesn’t make her look too heavy or overpowered by the fabric. It means that she has to keep the clothes simple to give the elegant look. This also applies to finding the best winter coats to wear. This is not an easy thing to achieve since winter coats are typically made to be heavy and overpowering to keep the body warm.

So what should petite women do to get the perfect winter coats that don’t flatter their look? If you are short in stature, you should follow this guide.

Choose brands with specific lines dedicated for petite people

Source: notmartha

Today, you can find retail and designers’ fashion brands that release specific lines designed for petite women. So the first thing to do when shopping for winter coats is finding the ones in the petite lines. Products like this will be better at defining your figure as it has shorter hemlines, more accurate waist level, and better overall proportion. When you try the winter coats, make sure that they fit over layers, have sleeves that fall perfectly, and won’t pull or ride up when you wear them to stand and sit.

Add accent to your waist

Source: fashiontasty

The best way to look taller when you are a petite women is by choosing clothes that hug your silhoutte. Accentuate your winter coats with a decorative belt or similar feature to streamline your silhouette and define your waist. Make sure that the coat has a style to closely fit your body. Avoid winter coats that flare out.

Choose winter coats with appropriate length

Source: wheretoget

Make sure that the sleeves of your clothes fall right at the appropriate length, which is exactly at your wrist. Meanwhile, the tops of them should perfectly sit on your shoulders.

The hemline of the winter coats should be shorter for petite women. A winter coat not longer than the knee will be most flattering to your silhouttes, while the longer ones will potentially be dangerous for your frame, making it look heavier.

Bright and neutral As for the colors, bright and neutral shades work best for women with petite frames. To add some height, choose a monochromatic pattern or coats and underlayers and accessories with similar shades.

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Essential Winter Accessories for Women



Winter is the season where every fashion item has to be functional. While it doesn’t mean you are restricted in the way you dress, you have to wear things strategically these times. The snowing season might freeze you out if you don’t dress wisely when going out. Therefore, winter accesories should also be picked in a deliberate manner, with some essentials that every woman should have.

Here are some of the essential winter accessories for you.

Knitted Scarves

Photo source: styledebates

Protecting your neck from the cold and harsh winter temperature and winds is essential. Therefore, you need some good knitted scarves as your winter accessories. These scarves come in many colors, styles, thickness, and length. You will have limitless options to pick ones that best suit your style and individuality. Choose knitted scarves that complement your outfits. When you wear something bright, choose neutral scarves. When it is a neutral or dark outerwear you wear, complement it with a bolder knitted scarf.

Winter Hats

Photo Source: dhgate

While winter hats might not look like some essential accessories, they will also help you stay warm and chic in winter. There are so many styles and types of hats to choose from, including the classic beanies, brim hats or fedora hats made of wools, trapper hats, and others. Just make sure that your ears and head are protected while you choose the various colors, prints, and styles available for you.


Photo Source: solidrop

These essential winter accesories are one of the first items people pick when they are preparing for a colder season. Gloves might probably not come with limitless styles, but there are a lot of cool designs to choose from. Knitted gloves do not only protect you against the cold and keep your hands and fingers warm, they also come with various colors and patterns. Choose casual styles for a walk outside and a pair of more formal ones for work and formal dinners.

Have fun with your winter accessories!

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Must-Have Bags for Every Woman



Bags are important. Yet, there are so many of them that you might feel overwhelmed in choosing which ones that suit your needs. All of our activities, including work, travel, social outing with friends, dating, and partying seem to require different bags for each. Well, actually, there are essentially only four must-have bags for women. When you own these, you are safe.

Belt Bags

Photo Source: newlook

A belt bag or a bum bag might sound like a 1990 item, but this is actually a must-have item that you should own. The good news is: the bags are trending once again! As an accessory, they look amazing. Moreover, they are also practical. These bags can fit with everything, including casual attire, dresses, and even suits! You could also wear this when you travel because the functional pack is probably the safest piece to store your valuables and identity cards.

Everyday Hand Bags

Photo source: lollipuff

This should be one versatile bag that you can carry to most of your formal and semi-formal interactions, including to relaxed activities. The bags have to look smart and elegant, yet chic and not over-the-top. This is the bag that you will always carry to work or to happy hour with your friends.

Tote Bags

Photo Source: fashiongum

While seeming like a teenage hipster thing, a tote bag is actually a must-have for every woman. It is functional yet polished. You can carry a laptop inside and other work necessities like files, papers, magazines, and your makeup kit. Get a tote bag of an elegant classic color, and you can wear it to work or hangout with friends.

Crossbody Purse

Photo Source: livingly

A backpack is very functional, but a crossbody purse has a better appearance while keeping a similar function. The purse also tends to have sturdy adjustable straps. Try to choose a crossbody purse of a medium size and weight. If your purse is too small, it won’t be functional enough to carry your important stuff. After all, the wearable bag is created to be as comfortable enough to carry while shopping, taking a stroll in the city, and other activities.

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3 Ways To Wear A Pleated Skirt



A pleated skirt might not forever be the everlasting trend, but fortunately for the lovers, these days it is trending. these skirts can be very tricky if it is not worn with the best strategy in mind. However, there are many ways to make s pleated skirt look good on you. Here are some of the ways to wear your pleated skirt.

Black and white vs bold color

Source: stylecraze

The easiest way to match your black and white pleated skirt is by sdding some bold color top. The bold combination will definitelh make you stand out. Pair it with colors like coral, yellow, or red. The bold color will disrupt the monochromatic pattern combination.

Pleated skirt and crop top

Source: angystearoom

A pleated skirt might look very good when you combine it with a nice and unusually accented top like a crop top. This type of combination screams such a perfect party attire. Just make sure that the crop top is embellished enough or choose accesories that can give you the sparks. if you are into more minimalist style, this gives you the best look without making you seem boring.

Formal Pleated Skirt

Source: stylishpetite

Not keen on wearing structured skirts and formal pants to work anymore? Try some pleated skirts nstead. A pleated skirt is very verdatile as you csn pair it with almost snything. To break the monotony of your every dsy office wear while still seeming formal and professional, pair your pleated skirt withnpastl or white shirts or blouses, nude pumps, and your professional purses.

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3 Outdated Fashion Rules to Break This Season (If You Haven’t Already)



Common fashion rules exist for a reason: as a general guideline so you don’t make the grave mistakes that make you end up looking like a fashion failure. However, many fashion rules were created during a different time and have since become outdated. Breaking those fashion rules may not only be liberating but also enabling you to create a signature look and show some personality. Clothing plays an important role in boosting your confidence, so breaking unnecessary fashion rules to access more freedom in exploring will definitely provide a boost you need in inventing and pronouncing your style.

Here are some of the outdated fashion rules you should just ignore.

Don’t wear double denim

Photo Source: wardrobeoxygen

One of the most outdated fashion rules that we still hear a lot is not to wear double denim. While it is true that wearing the exact same shade and wash of denim jeans, a denim shirt, and a denim jacket might make you look like a minimalist and boring, there are ways to make the fashion works. Make sure that the hue is contrasting enough to add some balance, for instance, a dark-wash denim skirt or jeans and a chambray shirt. You can even wear this style all around the year.

Don’t wear white in the winter

Photo Source: sydnestyle

Among the most common outdated fashion rules, this is probably the most pervasive. Surprisingly, many people still think this fashion myth is real. Well, it is not true at all. You can wear any color including white during winter, be it a bag, a coat, or any clothing item. While most people will choose dark shades for winter, wearing white will make you look fresh and fun.

Always match your shoes and bags

Photo Source: wheretoget

Decades ago, everyone might believe this fashion rule. Red purse and red pumps. Similar prints for bags and shoes. Today, people who still live with this fashion rule might have missed a lot of fashion progress. You don’t have to match everything you wear, including the shoes to your bag. In fact, that makes you look so boring. They need to go with the outfit, but they don’t have to look like a match. As long as they work with whatever you wear, they can be any print, fabric, and color you prefer.

Ditching all these outdated fashion rules will save you from a lot of headache and hesitation in wearing items that you really like and expressing yourselves!

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How to Stand Out With Your Winter Outfits



It was just the days of the past when women were told to take up as little space as possible. Nowadays, going bold and brave is what many women are trying to aim for. As the world improves and sheds off the patriarchal norms layer by layer, so does the fashion industry. While oversized winter outfits will never fight gender inequality, having choices to express oneself is always nice, especially when the expression is against the oppressive expectations of having to make the wearer look as slim as possible.

Are you into this laid-back style of clothing? Layering is definitely the perfect thing to do in the coming season. Here are the easiest ways to layer up your winter outfits and appear bold and striking.

Wear mix prints

Photo Source: revolution-bars

Wearing mix prints is the basic strategy to take when you want to steal attention. This trick appears in every piece of classic advice on how to stand out. Incorporating mix prints to your winter outfit is also pretty much foolproof. This is also effective for people who don’t have the time or energy to mix and match their outfits but still want to look bold. Snag a pattern-look or multi-piece clothes that have already been done by the designer for you.

Try a unique-shaped coat

Photo Source: shopping-gaga

Another easy way to stand out is by picking coats with unique shapes as your standard winter outfits. Whether it has an asymmetrical hemline, a noticeably high neck, a unique sleeve, or patterns and colors that are different than the norms will give you the non-traditional look that you aim for. And since it is an outerwear, unique coats will guarantee to make you stand out during the winter times.

Pair classic item with asymmetrical pieces

Photo Source: justtrendygirls

If you still want to use subtlety in appearing bold and brave, you can use another mean instead of playing with volume. Try to pair an asymmetrical hemline with some of the more classic winter outfits and you will definitely turn heads easily.

Pair your dramatic pants and printed dresses

Photo Source: fashionmagazine

Taking the idea of “layering up” to the max is an effective strategy to stay warm and stand out this winter. If you can’t decide whether you want to wear your flowy bell pants or an exquisite floral print dress, you don’t have to choose one. Just wear both of them! Just make sure that the color scheme works (ideally, within a similar range of shades) so that your fashion doesn’t look overwhelming. The winter outfits will also show off some of your personality!

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