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Best Climbing Flowery Vines for Pergola and Arbors



As the weather warmed up, it means you need to start taking out your gardening tools again. If you are lucky enough to have a garden in your home, you might be interested in having a pergola or arbors installed. The cool and shady pergolas will give a calm spot in your garden for relaxing reading time or afternoon tea garden party. Or perhaps an elegant arbor right before your front gate to give a dreamy secret garden look. Since the season is just right, here are best vines that you can have in your garden to give you ideas for a perfect pergola and arbors.


Source: audaxdesign

Honeysuckle is one of the vines that grow rapidly. Thus, it is very suitable to cover a wide arc or pergola. The scent is very sweet and becomes stronger when the dusk set. It also has a lot of color variations that you can match with your garden plants. Having this vine on your garden will make your house seem like coming out from one of the fairy tale’s page. Its leaves also pretty wide and bushy that will protect your couch and table from blazing sunlight.

Western Jasmine

Source: wilsonbrosgarden

Western jasmine can grow easily in any climates. If you live in warm and tropical climate, Jasmine blooms all year round, however, it will bloom annually in cooler weather. The best thing about jasmine vine is its fragrance which is very strong and intense. Therefore, if you are looking for a sweet-scented flower for your garden, having a jasmine arch will really satisfy you. This vine is also low maintenance, so long you give it plenty of water and sunlight.

Clematis Montana

Source: Pinterest

Clematis Montana is one of the varieties that will give you a full-bloom pergola and arbor in spring. Unlike the other varieties, Clematis Montana is easier to grow and to take care. Once it got strong vines, it will cover the frame perfectly and give you the right shading you have dreamed. Its delicate white flower also very beautiful and undoubtedly will give your garden romantic and fantasy atmosphere.

Climbing roses

Source: pinterest

Roses is a classic garden beauty that will make your garden looks magical instantly. Its sweet smell will make you feel relaxed and calm. The scent of roses also has a therapeutic effect on your mind, such as increase mood and natural aphrodisiac. There are several kinds of climbing rose in various color that you can pick for your pergola. They are also easy to take care and quite sturdy once they grow steadily. Imagine having a romantic dinner on a warm summer night under rose bushes with your lover on a special day.


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Crazy Backyard Designs if Money Was Never a Problem



Having a spacey backyard in your home is already a privilege for some people. With the price of land constantly goes up every year, being able to catch a small house in the city is considered an achievement. However, some people are lucky enough to have a dream house that stretches in a wide land, surrounded by amazing natural landscape. They really put a lot of effort in terms of architecture, interior design, and garden landscape. If the sky is the limit, below are the collections of breathtaking backyard landscape that will knock your socks instantly.

Private camping ground

Source: paradiserestored

What is more rewarding than having a touch of nature so close to your house? It is not impossible to make your own backyard as a personal camping ground that can satisfy your wanderlust anytime. This mountain cabin was built with a true love of nature with stones fire pit, spacious patio, and personal hot foot bath. The backyard merges seamlessly with the pine forest that enclosed the surrounding area. The only thing to do is set a tent and you are ready for that little escape to nature at the weekend.

Serene Zen fishpond

Source: Nualgiponds

Many people feel relaxed in Japanese zen garden with its steady stream, elegant beauty, and perfect serenity. Having the zen garden right behind your backdoor is one of ultimate garden goal for people who love the fascinating magnificence of the perfect balance of natural elements. What a generous landscape to integrate a natural pool with a Koi pond and semi-tropical garden. This backyard grandeur landscape indeed is one of an ambitious project, but the end result is really satisfying and breathtaking.

Paradise Backyard pool

Source: paradiserestored

A private pool in the backyard is a symbol of luxury that many people would love to have someday. However, this backyard pool with natural stone waterfall and slides will surely top that. Build a wonderful summer retreat in a lush green hill, this backyard pool is a weekend paradise for the owner. The meticulous natural design blend perfectly with the surrounding facilities, such as beach chair, fire pit, and a poolside bar. The combination of sea blue, pastel orange, and tamarind yellow make such a relaxing and beautiful retreat place.

Astonishing English garden

Source: dealdash

It is not a secret that British people take pride in their home garden. The beauty and elegance of English garden have been told in stories and literature since long time ago. The right balance of colorful perennial flowers, beautiful landscaping skill, and a well-maintained lawn is the main characteristic of this garden, which will make your backyard as if came out straight from a page of a fairy tale. Such as this little cottage with eerie blooming flowerbed and enchanting garden decoration.

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3 Things You Should Take Care for Begonia Flower



Begonia Flower, The Netherlands (Photo: Novi Rahmawati)

Begonia flower can grow in tropics and subtropics. It is the largest of vascular plants because it is found approximately 1500 species only in tropics. Begonia species can be as a sign of biogeographic variation and interesting study for population analysis of endemic species. But there is also another indicator can be shown by Begonia as a cheerful flower in your room. Colourful begonia flower is usually as decorative indoor houseplants. The colourful of flowering begonia make the room look cheerful and beautiful. However, if you do not care to take care this plant, this flower cannot show the cheerful colour in your room anymore. There are at least 3 notes you should take care of Begonia plants when you put in the pots:

  1. Do not give a lot of water

Water is needed by the plant for photosynthesis which allows the plant to make energy and grow. Water is also needed by the plant for nutrient transfer and transpiration. But some plants only need much water and some another plant need less water. Begonia needs water but not soggy and do not sprinkle water into leaves. Slower in watering is effective to this plant. If watering this plant at once in two days or even once in a day, it is not good for this plant. This plant will die if there is a lot of water because this plant only needs a few water. Although this plant needs water more when it is flowering but do not over-water. If the flower stalk or flower stem looks weak and look like a little bit broken or wilting, it can be an indication that you put too much water. The leaves and flowers above this weak or wilting flower stem look fresh, but only counting days you will see this part will be broken.

Begonia Flower in the pot (photo: Novi Rahmawati)

2. Porous and acidic soil

Begonia needs porous and acidic soil. Begonia needs a good drainage and constant moisture. Porous soil makes the possibility for this plant to have a good drainage and constant moisture on every side of soil media. You can raise the soil area to improve the drainage. Well, drainage soil will help this plant not have over-water but content moisture. You can also add fertilizer that gives plant sufficient amount of nutrient. In some cases, there is also a fertilizer that can make your begonia flowering more.

View of red Begonia in the pot from above (photo: Novi Rahmawati)

3. Sunlight

Not all varieties of Begonia is tolerant with full sunlight. Most of the begonia varieties like indirect light and shade sunlight. If you like to decorate your room with Begonia so it should be the species of Begonia that tolerant with indirect light.




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