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Best Cleaning Hacks for Every Part of Your House



Trying to keep your house clean and tidy can be a very stressing and challenging task. However, it is not a good excuse to live in a mess. A messy home can increase your stress level and affect your health. It is better to keep it tidy all the time so you can find peace and comfort whenever you come home. Here are 5 best cleaning tips and trick to improve your living style.

Efficient living area

Source: drabtofabdesign

It is very difficult to keep a house clean when you have a lot of things clutters almost everywhere. Try to let go things that you do not need anymore and prepare to make some profit on the next garage sale. Do not buy or keep things that do not have a purpose in your home. Only display tools that you use daily such as scissors, can opener, and knife to avoid the mess. Most importantly, make a habit to put everything back in its place after you use it.

Spotless kitchen hacks

Source: architecturaldigest

The kitchen and pantry is the place that gets dirty and messy at the most. The dirty kitchen will just invite diseases, thus you need to make extra efforts to clean it up. Deep clean your fridge at least once in a month. Throw away foods that already expired and wipe clean every shelf. Use solutions of water and bicarbonate soda to deep clean your oven. Spray it on each surface except the heating area and leave it overnight. Wipe them clean on the next day to get a sparkling brand new oven. For cleaning up the dishwasher, put a chunk of baking soda and let it run as usual. Always check food remains after you use it to avoid the nasty stench.

Sparkling bathroom 

Source: diyblogdesign

The bathroom is one of the hardest places to clean in the house. It regularly gets wet so mold and fungus can appear in some corner or hidden spot. The stains on the mirror, walls, and glasses from body care products are very hard to clean up. Try using water and vinegar to clean the shower head and remove the heat stain from constant hot water pouring. Always dry and wipe the sink, mirror, and glass right after you use them to avoid water stains. Bleach and vinegar can get rid of the mold, but you will have to rinse the solution thoroughly so it will not damage the tiles. Do these routine daily to make sure it always clean and comfortable.

Organized bedroom

Source: clipgoo

Arrange your bedroom so it will not take too much time for daily clean up. The key to making the bedrooms effortlessly clean is a smart arrangement. Put everything in a container or box instead of leaving them clutters on the vanity table or nightstand. Organize your wardrobe by color and seasons; keep the thick winter jackets and blankets on vacuum sealer bag to save space. Have a habit to make your bed every morning before you start your day so you can stay organized.

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Exotic Mini Bathroom Pool that Will Ultimately Spoil Your Body and Soul



Bathing is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your mind and body without doing much. It is the oldest form of relaxation that any culture and civilization are very fond of. Soaking your body inside a large tube with a hot water is not only help to relax your muscle but also refresh your mind completely. Because of that, if you have enough resources, investing your money on a high end and cozy bathroom is not overrated at all. So here is some bathroom design with a pleasant mini pool that you absolutely should own in your home.

Minimalist wooden spa

Source: Pinterest

Really there is very little you need to do to build this lovely built-in soaking tube. The wooden flooring is nice and neat that will remind you of an exotic spa parlor in a high-end area. The decoration is also very simple yet aesthetic with a couple of wooden ladder as a towel and cloth hanger and rattan round of for you to hang out while waiting for your bath boom ready. However, do not let the simple look deceive you! Put all your money on the tube that will give you a whirlpool and jacuzzi effect for utmost enjoyment.

Balcony mini pool

Source: Pinterest

We still do not know how to make this pool work hanging out on a balcony, but it is totally amazing. If you have a backyard balcony that overlooking a lush green space, this design will greatly complete your afternoon relaxation. Having a secret mini spa right outside your bedroom window is totally no joke. Imagine hanging out inside the calm warm fragrance pool while reading a book and sipping champagne after a really busy week. Who needs to book a weekend in a faraway exotic resort if you can have it under your roof?

Natural terrace spring

Source: Pinterest

If you do not mind chilling outside your house on a bright summer night, then this mini spring is really suitable for you. Having an outdoor bathroom is totally romantic and can save you a lot of space. It might be not that practical, but if you live in a secluded area with a mild weather, then why not? This outdoor soaking tub is built like a natural spring with a mini stone waterfall. It will make you feel soaking in a natural hot spring right on your terrace. You can add some flower bush and stone garden surround the area and your evening bath will definitely be upgraded.





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Beautiful Functional Room You Can Squeeze Outside Your House



Having a house with a space for a patio or backyard is a really nice addition. It times when any extra space in the home is really precious, a chance to build a nice terrace for you to sit on and enjoy the weather will be gladly welcomed. However, if you desperately want to have some outdoor area in your home, it is always possible to spare for one. You just need to trade it with one functional room in your house and move it outside. Here are some smart ideas to squeeze a room outside your home without losing it functions and aesthetic value.

Luxurious outdoor bathroom

Source: Pinterest

If you live in an area that bathing outdoor is always possible without freezing your self, putting in an outdoor bathroom is like a dream comes true. It will give you a feeling of holiday resort whenever you do your routine shower and still allows you to enjoy the outside air pretty much. While you are at it, why not giving all the best like this private country spa outdoor bathroom with stone tube and wooden interior. It will make all the effort that you do to move the bathroom outside really worth it.

Patio guest room

Source: Pinterest

Having a guest room outside is not only very cool and chic but also gives you space to make the unwanted guest stay outside. You can also have the benefit of enjoying your tiny garden while entertaining your guest. If you are open for something less conventional, this modern living room uses huge swing instead of a plain sofa which is very cute and cozy. No need to work very hard for the rest of furniture, just throw a couple of cute chairs an mini table and perhaps you own the coolest guest room in your neighborhood now.

Open space living room

Source: Pinterest

If it is really impossible to squeeze any backyard or front yard in your house, why not open up the middle space of your house? This will be a great space for an outdoor living room for you to hang out with the rest of the family. However, it is better to make sure that you have a really effective precaution against the harsh weather and heavy rain since it can be pretty messy and nasty for your precious furniture. All in all, still it is a really great idea to enjoy the open air without leaving your comfortable home.

Backyard dining room

Source: Pinterest

If you live in a house that has a secluded backyard, having an open kitchen and outdoor dining room is a really great idea to save space. Perhaps you can finally have a bigger bathroom after moving those room outside of your house. This backyard dining space is not only cute and lovely but also have a special nook to lounge for before dinner is ready. What an amazing way to enjoy a fine afternoon right inside your house.

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Legit Outdoor Shower Design You Should Try on Your Backyard



An open bath or separated bathhouse are features that are more like privilege, except you live in the less dense area. However, you can deny that having an outdoor bath has its own interesting charm. It can be a fun way to cool off on a summer day with your friend and children, and also make a pretty relaxing space for yourself. If you happen to have some space in your backyard, you can opt to install an open shower instead of having to build a bathhouse. It is cheaper and easier to maintain but still can offer so much fun. Here are some beautiful outdoor shower designs that might get your mind intrigued.

Tropical outdoor shower

Source: housebeautiful

Ever imagine having a secret outdoor shower with a tropical vibe right in your backyard? Well, it is the time to stop dreaming and make it comes true. You can install this very simple outdoor shower right away. All you have to do is to have a sturdy wall to mount the shower head, a good quality plumbing job, and wide drainage under it. Cover it with plenty of palm shrub and other tropical plants that loves water. Voila, your secret tropical outdoor shower is ready to use.

Semi-Private outdoor shower

Source: acmotorcycles

An outdoor shower is really handy for those who live in the coastal area when the beach and sea are your go-to destination every weekend. However, not all people are comfortable with the thought of openness during their private time. For those who prefer to have some privacy, this semi-private outdoor shower design will be a perfect option. You will need to find a really good timber that can withstand water and harsh season to create a four-sided wall for your pretty little wash. Get it thoroughly treated, so it will last longer. Garnish your outdoor bathing place with potted plants, pretty white stones, and good old plumbing style to create more natural ambiance.

Garden outdoor shower

Source: decoist

This type of outdoor shower is really suitable for a family with kids. It allows your kids to wash up after a great playtime in your garden without having them leaving wet stain all over the house. The stone wall is really pretty as well for outdoor decoration with a modern shower head flowing neatly with the house exterior. It also comes pretty handily for you to wash up after a sweaty gardening day on the weekend. Just make sure you do not have a nosy neighbor because the design is fairly open.

Luxurious outdoor shower

Source: beautyharmonylife

However, if you really want to top up your game and have the resources, this minimalist outdoor shower can be a really nice addition to your backyard. It has a very simple outdoor shower that is mounted in a tree trunk and natural stones base. The bathhouse itself is pretty simple and modern with a nice small Jacuzzi pool inside. Having this in your home is like having a private spa right in your backyard to wind down after long busy weekdays.

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Brilliant Ways to Spice Up Old Bathroom Without Remodeling



It is quite understandable if you get tired of your old house after living there years and years. Especially in some rooms that do not have enough space for improvement and alteration, like the bathroom. Spicing up an old bathroom is a challenging task because basically, you cannot add more furniture or decoration without expanding the space, which sometimes is impossible to do. Actually, there is a lot of things you can do to give your bathroom a new face without demolishing it completely. With these very doable little changes, your old bathroom will not be the same anymore.

Upgrading the fixture

Source: Manosalis

The old pedestal sink and bathtub might work pretty well, but surely they are worn out in several areas. After so many repairs and fixing, your plumbing system might need a complete upgrade. You can use this chance to get rid the old sink and bathtub with a more modern item. It’s also a good idea to switch the tube with glass cabin for the shower and a modern shower head that is more practical for your daily use. While you are on it, grab some neat looking medicine cabinet and say goodbye to the old one.

Lighting and greens

Source: wanista

How you lighten up your bathroom have more effect than you think. Forget the old yellow dim bulb and opt for bright or warm white to create cleaner and neater look. If you still have that old and worn out curtain or window blind, get rid of them completely and use a frosted glass instead. Use a white and soft hand towel and fold it neatly on the drawers. Adding some greens, such as hanging plant and little pots on a floating shelf will lighten up the mood of your bathroom without too much effort.

Improvise the old feature

Source: tileideaz

There is nothing much you can do with that hideous green tiles that you have to endure for years without replacing them completely. However, to do so require a lot of time and money which seems too much to spend only for a little part of the home. If you can change the tiles color, then you have to improvise the interior. Artwork or wall decoration with matching theme can help to elaborate the whole design. Changing small items, like lampshades, stools or the whole vanity bottle set is also a great idea to create different vibe on your sweet old bathroom.

Blast in with color

Source: muymolon

However, if your problem is facing boring white tiles, white walls, white sink, and other blinding white fixtures every day, then you really need to spice it up. In this case, wallpaper can be a great choice to transform your bathroom dramatically. Do not afraid to use contrasting pattern, since you could not change the other fixture without making your wallet suffers. Another brilliant idea is to change a row of tiles with bright color one and add some decorations and details in matching colors.


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