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5 Beautiful Inspirations of Wedding Dress Trends in 2017



Do you want to hold a wedding? Have you determined a wedding dress? If you don’t have any ideas for wedding dress, you can find recommendations and references of wedding dress trends in 2017. The happening wedding dress today makes your look at wedding more stylish and up to date. The wedding dress starts cute floral dress to elegant high neck gown. You can design your wedding dress with that dress idea.

Low V

If you want to look feminine at wedding, low v design becomes an appropriate wedding dress inspiration. It tends to be opened because it has V design on the chest so that it accentuates your feminine aura at wedding. This gown is from Pronovias being the most elegant design of wedding dress. To make it more elegant, you can add tail on the sides of your hip.

Dramatic Back Wedding Dress

Some women may prefer low V design for taking out their aura in the wedding. But, some love dramatic back design. You need to remember that seeing back of your wedding dress looks fantastic and beautiful. So, you don’t only show front area of your body. Dramatic back wedding gown is very fashionable in 2017. It becomes a favorite wedding dress in 2017 to show off a sexy aura of women.

High Low Wedding Dress

What else are the wedding dress trends in 2017? High low wedding dress becomes another inspiration to make you beautiful at wedding. What is high low wedding dress actually? This gown actually has higher front part and lower part at back of the gown. This looks so unique and elegant to wear in the wedding. White color makes it more attractive to be a favorite design of wedding dress.

High Neck Wedding Dress

If you plan a big wedding reception, high neck wedding dress can be considered. This wedding gown has a very luxury and elegant dress design. It is very fashionable in 2017 but it is extremely perfect for those who want to get an elegant and beautiful wedding dress style.

Germ Wedding Dress

Germ wedding dress is a nice design for celebrating a memorable wedding. This dress looks shining and sparkling with germs attached on the dress. It looks so stylish and fashionable in 2017. The germs are usually put on the upper part of the wedding dress to boost a luxury impression of this wedding dress. Those are categorized to be wedding dress trends in 2017 being an inspiration to choose the best dress.

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3 Books About Marriage And Love You Need to Read Before Getting Married



Planning your wedding soon or just got engaged? You probably have found that everyone has some piece of advice for you. Although most of those advice is expressed with the best intentions, you are probably also tired with the myths, tall tales, and know-it-all attitude that comes to your ears. However, some advice that comes in the forms of books are actually very legitimate. These books about marriage and relationships will at least give you some more perspective before your big day.

Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread

Source: bustle

Anne Tyler loved to write about marriage. Back in 1989, she wrote a novel titled Breathing Lessons with marriage as a major theme which won the Pulitzer Prize that year. But Breathing Lessons is just one of her quality books about marriage. A Spool of Thread is a nice book about Red and Abby Whitshank and ther journey into and in the marriage. The book begins with an argument and despite the fight, the couple’s marriage stays strong for decades. If you want to know what real togetherness looks like, this is the book for you.

Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligibile

Source: myentertainmentworld

If you are into the classical novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen, you will probably love this book too. This is basically a more modern update to the critically acclaimed classic. The book tells us about Elizabeth Bennet, a New York City writer who has to return to her hometown in Cincinnati because her family needs help. In Cincinnati, she meets a neurosurgeon named Fitzwilliam Darcy, who seem to be a self-centered man who is very full of himself. The rest of the story is a look back to the old time favorite written by the literary genius Jane Austen. Books about marriage like this reminds us that with some compromise, even opposites can become great couple.

Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date

Source: facebook

Do you plan on getting an awesome, super big party for your wedding day? While invinting everyone they know is the dream of many couple who have the budget for it, you probably never think of the party from the side of the guests-to-be. Coming to a wedding without a significant other can be something  terrifying. This fun romance tells about two people who solve their situations by faking a relationship just so they can attend the wedding without the embarrassment of being single. The result? Fun, interesting, and delightful!

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It’s Official, Chris Pratt Proposed To Katherine Schwarzenegger



Katherine Schwarzenegger is over the moon about her engagement. Thus, the 29-year-old shared a photo of herself and new fiancé Chris Pratt on Instagram, breaking her silence about their engagement since the Guardians of the Galaxy actor revealed the two were tying the knot early Monday morning.

“My sweet love. Wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone but you,” she wrote in the caption alongside a red heart emoji and a ring emoji. Pratt, 39, shared the same photo in which the two hugged while Schwarzenegger showed off her ring.

(Source: azadhindnews)

Schwarzenegger and Pratt’s ex-wife, Anna Faris, get along great, and that Schwarzenegger loves the exes’ 6-year-old son, Jack.

(Source: marieclaire)

“Anna and Katherine have met a few times and get along and that was very important to Chris,” the source says. “Anna is excited for Chris and Katherine and above all is happy Chris is with someone who loves Jack like their own. The couple got engaged quick but everyone around them saw it coming. They really are a great couple that have a solid foundation. Chris had the approval of the family and everyone is excited for their union.”

(Source: radaronline)

Indeed, Faris congratulated Pratt and Schwarzenegger on their engagement, commenting on Instagram, “I’m so happy for you both!! Congratulations!”

(Source: hollywoodreporter)

Schwarzenegger’s mother, Maria Shriver, also congratulated her daughter and future son-in-law. Thus, “Congratulations to two loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, spiritual people,” Shriver wrote. “We are so happy for you. You are blessed, as is everyone who knows you. Yes, let’s go.”

Together Since June

(Source: eonline)

Pratt and Schwarzenegger were first spotted together last June and only made their relationship Instagram official last month.

Last July, a source told that the two’s relationship got serious quickly.
“[They] went from casually dating to spending much more time together,” the source said. “Chris and Katherine have introduced one another to their family and friends, and have been almost inseparable when they are free.”

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Romantic Wedding Room Decorations For Memorable Night



The lovely couple has finally said I do and the party is over. All of the guests have left with fond memories at heart. Now is the time the love birds finally nest. The idea might be simple, the first night as official partner. But, first night should be special. To make your first night special, here are some room decorations for your romantic night.

The Graceful Swans

The most beautiful and romantic bird, the sacred animal for Venus, the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Two Swans folded out of some white clothing in the middle of the mattress with might be some rose petals spread out.

Photo Source: dreamstime

Sultry Candles

Maybe the art of folding clothing into some beautiful forms is not for everyone. But fear not! With a simple idea, you can also create romantic night with candles. Besides some exotic candles, you can add exotic lantern, glasses or even hookah.

Photo Source: 123rf

Exotic Canopy Bed

If the bed has canopy, then this is a good way to go. Or even if the bed has no canopy, you can add four posts and make a canopy of your own. After having a perfect white drapes over the bed, you can add some floral arrangements on the canopy to make the mood more romantic.

Photo Source: ezcanvas

Lit Flower Carpet

You can feel like a super-star with this treatment. As the soft petals of flowers kiss the soles of your feet and the candle lit up around the flowers. Now, who could resist the charm of this?

Photo Source: the bridal box
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5 Best Moment In Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s Royal Wedding



From the secrets hidden in her styling to the adorable bridesmaid moments. Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank has been filled with plenty of spectacles. Relive all of the action with a few of the best moments that might have slipped you during the festivities.

Princess Eugenie’s Back-Bearing Dress

(Source: Shoestle)

Designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress wasn’t just a beautiful garment. It also carried a deeper significance: With its low back design, it showed off Princess Eugenie’s scar from a scoliosis surgery she underwent at age 12.

The Emerald Tiara

(Source: Vogueau)

It was rumored that Princess Eugenie would wear the York tiara as her mother did on her wedding day. Hence, she opted for a different “something borrowed”. Hence, the Queen’s Emerald Kokoshnik tiara. Originally made for society host Margaret Greville in 1919, its style reflects that of the Russian Imperial Court. Greville gave the showstopping tiara to Queen Elizabeth in 1942.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Bridal Party Performance

(Source: okmagazine)

At this point, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a been pageboy and bridesmaid in multiple weddings—including that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—and they never disappoint. Especially today: Princess Charlotte couldn’t stop waving at the crowds, and inside the church, Prince George was seen palling around with cousin Savannah Phillips.

The Great Gatsby Influence

(Source: time)

Yes, you read that right. One predominant theme running through Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s service was The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of Jay Gatsby’s smile reminded Eugenie of her now-husband. Princess Beatrice reading a passage, and it was mentioned in the Dean of Windsor’s homily. Observers were divided over whether this was cute or not, considering the book’s tragic ending.

Prince Andrew Fixed Eugenie’s Train

(Source: Time)

Princess Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew, took a hands-on role in making sure that Eugenie’s dress, designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, looked perfect before she walked down the aisle. The Prince stopped more than once on their way into the chapel to help sort out the long train of Eugenie’s dress, like the doting dad he is.

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4 Unique Ways to Use Flowers for Your Wedding Day



Every wedding needs flowers- whatever style or culture you adapt for it. However, flowers on your wedding day can go far way beyond the regular hand bouquet. Flowers are beautiful and volatile, as they come in different shapes and sizes. You can use flowers to decorate your wedding day in unlimited creative and unique ways.

Here are just some ideas on how to use flowers to make your special day even more beautiful!

Walls of flowers

Photo Source: wedpics

When you use flowers strategically on walls, they can function a lot more than just as a background for your special moments. The flower can be the centerpiece of actions: like cake cutting, first dance, kissing, vow exchange, and even guest photos! Use flowers to decorate a wall and use it as a backdrop for guest photos. Your guests will bring the memories home with them.

You can even decorate it yourself with your friends and relatives! No need to buy an expensive flower wall. Just choose some less expensive flowers and greenery to cover the majority of the wall and use the prettiest ones for some accent.

Floral structure

Photo Source: matrimonio

To impress the guests so they feel the joy and excitement that you and your partner feel on that wedding day too, invest a beautiful floral structure that you place somewhere the guests will walk through or somewhere visible like the altar. Fully cover an arch with flowers that hang beautifully. Or you can also combine the flowers with some greenery or lighter fabrics.

Aisle decoration

Photo Source: flickr

Whether it’s a civil or church ceremony, flowers will make your sacred moment perfect and colorful. The dull room or area can be easily transformed into a beautiful space by putting flower petals on the aisle. Despite being a symbolic aspect of the wedding, aisle rarely gets the thoughtful decoration it deserves. Using flower petals to decorate the aisle is an affordable and easy way to put an accent on the space and make your grand entrance even more beautiful. Whatever pattern or color you choose, the aisle will easily change your ceremony area into a beautiful space with the nice scent!

Flower terrariums

Photo Source: himisspuff

If you are looking for an idea to decorate your table for guests or give your special guests some unforgettable gift, use some geometrically beautiful terrariums to put some flowers inside. Arrange them well, and they can turn the most boring table pretty and exciting!

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The Best Fall Wedding Ideas for Your Unforgettable Day



Fall is coming! While summer is all about joy and endless happiness, fall is also very pretty in a sweet and romantic way. This is the perfect season for weddings. If you are planning to be a bride this season, you can make your wedding day more special by decorating it in a special way that matches the season. This will definitely make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Here are some fall wedding ideas that you should try if you want to have a very special wedding this season.

Flower Hair Accessories

Photo Source: wedbook

Fall-inspired wedding accessories are definitely among one of the top things that you can choose to make your fall weddings perfect. Red and orange flowers symbolize the season and they are perfect for your hair. There is something feminine, gentle, but powerful about this color when you choose to wear them on your hair.

Fall Leaves Confetti

Photo Source: womengettingmarried

Why not have the guests replace the confetti, flower petals, or roses with fall leaves? Being showered with beautiful fall leaves is fun and definitely unforgettable. Shower them with the falling leaves as confetti replacement!

Leaf Wedding Invitation Card

Photo Source: antonov-travel

Want to show your creative side from the beginning? Instead of printing the wedding invitation on a paper – which is very boring and not very personal- use some fall leaves to craft the special wedding invitation card for your special family members, relatives, and friends! Or, just decorate the invitation with some pretty leaves. The beauty and creativity of your invitation cards will surely make everyone come and not miss your special day. They will also keep them as keepsakes too because of how special they are.

Fall Aisle

Photo Source: wedwebtalks

Make your fall wedding perfect by decorating your aisle with falling leaves, flowers, and trees! The nostalgic and romantic atmosphere will match your joyful tears on this special day.

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Dreamy Wedding Hair Ideas for Joyful Summer Brides



What would make the most important day of your life even more joyful? By having it in the summer! The clear blue sky and warm weather will make the day even more blissful. Being a summer bride means adjusting your dresses and makeup to the season. While there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to wedding hair ideas, styling it to match the breeze of joyful summer is what you need to do to be ultimately stunning on your special day. Here are some of the hair ideas you can try for summer.

Baby breath updo

summer wedding hair

Photo Source: pixie

One of the most beautiful classic wedding hair ideas that are still preferred by many brides is the soft braided updo. This will make your hair seem thicker in a somewhat casual but effortlessly feminine way. To give it a perfect summer touch, add some baby breath or small white flowers. The classic hair decoration will make you look like a summer goddess. While working really well to make your hair seem fuller, it is also appropriate to wear with a rustic wedding style.

Summer side braid

Photo Source: brides

Another classic wedding hair to wear on a special day is the side braid. This is a nice way to accentuate the normal updo. It gives your look more femininity and style. This works with both short and long hair. Add some flowers or other beautiful pieces to accessorize your hair and make it prettier and more elegant.


Photo Source: pinterest

Jazz up your wedding by appearing as the stunningly funky bride with this summer wedding hair idea! The formal and feminine version of a faux hawk proves that even on an important and ceremonial-like day, it is still possible to be yourself: to show the best version of you that you are proud of, to be different and have a lot of fun! Add some pins or flowers for the feminine touch.

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The Timeless Beauty of Vintage Boho Wedding Dress for Whimsical Wedding Ceremony



The bohemian style blends beauty and comfort with the most aesthetic. The style flourished between 1960’s to 1970’s to celebrate the soul free image of the Hippies. This vintage wedding style is also one of the most popular themes for a wedding ceremony because not all the girls want to be a Disney princess when they grow up. The vintage-boho wedding dresses hold a timeless beauty and show inner elegance that will make you the star of the show in a much less torturing way. So here are the best trend of Boho wedding dress in 2018 that will please both your heart and eyes.

The wonderful lacework

Source: Pinterest

Since the boho style fits perfectly for an outdoor wedding, there is no place for grandeur full gown skirt and detailed sparks. It is really a beauty in its simplest way. The delicacy comes in the lacy top with intricate embroidery and floor-length gown made of layered fabric. A spaghetti strap top that is covered with transparent lace cape will be the best option to show off your lean figure. The back is adorned with beautiful tiny lace buttons that you can leave it unbuttoned or just make a stay in classic vintage style. Pick a small yet beautiful hand bouquet to complete this dreamy look.

The Gipsy princess look

Source: dels-mfg

There is something whimsical in the bohemian look that makes you feel like a protagonist in vintage romance adventure. If you one to become the Gypsy princess for a day, choose this beautiful off shoulder full gown with a trail of laces skirt. You cannot help falling in love with its delicate lacy sleeves and perfectly cut long skirt that sparks of natural elegance. Wear your hair down with a couple of flower crown in contrasting color. Match the flower crown with a carefree simple wild hand bouquet and get ready for your adventure.

Vintage Boho full gown

Source: dhgate

However, if you still want to adopt the theme but does not want to lose the chance to wear a full-gown wedding dress, this style is what you looking for. Still, in the spirit of simplicity, you can opt for layer tulle skirt with a long trail and lacy bottom in pastel colors. It still gives you the elegance of full wedding dress but still shows some carefree soul and natural beauty. The top is a white fitted lacy work that will show off your figure perfectly. You can opt for classic vintage round bouquet with lace, beads and pearly detail to compliment this dress.

The sexy carefree bride

Source: ohbestdayever

The wedding day is a woman privilege to be whoever she wants to be. The vintage boho wedding style allows you to look modest, elegant, or even sexy depends on the style you want to adapt. Be the charming and sexy bohemian bride with this lovely spaghetti strap gown with a pretty detailed of embroidery on the top. The crazy deep V neckline will surely make you look gorgeous and alluring and the plain off-white gypsy skirt is another wonder. Not to mention its additional silk cardigan with eyelet details that surely will make you look like an exotic mysterious lady from enchanted land.


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A Well-rounded Beachfront Wedding Inspiration for Tying the Knot



The coastal wedding is beautiful in its own way. It creates a dreamy atmosphere that sparks romance and carefree love. Imagine saying your lifelong vow under a bright summer day and in front of crystal blue sea. The sounds of crashing wave solemnly accompany your private moment with your beloved ones. If you can dream it, then you can make it. Here is some inspiration to get a beachfront wedding for once in a lifetime sweetest memory.

White and gold against the blue

Source: womantowomangyn

The beachfront wedding usually goes with a casual theme where the groom and bride tie they’re the knot in front of closest relative and friends. However, it is not impossible to add some elegance and luxury. This white and gold decoration give you the coastal wedding ambiance against the perfect Mediterranean sea. It still gives you the carefree simplicity yet speak of luxury with the gold ornaments. Keep the flowers decoration minimum yet extravagant by using a huge white arrangement with few of local greens.

Flowing of Elegance wedding dress

Source: nataliefranke

Of course, you still can opt for a more solemn and simple dress for this occasion, seeing that you will have to navigate your way on a sandy beach. However, there is nothing wrong to go a bit sexy since you are in the beautiful coastal area. Play with ruffles and tulle and be generous with them on your skirt. The halter neckline can also be a lovely choice with an exquisitely detailed jewelry that sparks elegance. Let the guest charmed by your natural beauty that will make the blue sea pale in comparison.

Coastal coral bridesmaid dress

Source: yandex

There is no reason to not going all out in your beachfront wedding. You have done a lot to make this happen far away from home. Bring the best of your bridesmaid in this gorgeous ombre dress in coral blue hue. It is unique and personal that will go very well with your theme. You can choose a beautifully arranged floral headpiece in exotic colors or combine the look with a cheerful flower arrangement from the local garden. It will make a great contrast to all white ensemble that you are wearing yet still stay true with the coastal theme.

Gorgeous natural white bouquet

Source: Pinterest

Let your wildest imagination comes true with a huge and wild hand bouquet instead opt for a traditional round or cascading bouquet. There is something magical in beachfront wedding, as it was a part of a movie scene or fairy tale. Visit the local flower shop to get the best option that you can have. It is better to go for the all-white arrangement with few types of greens to make sure that make a contrasting effect to the eerie blue sea. Want it better? Take the biggest and wildest bouquet arrangement that you can have for your romantic and fun coastal wedding.

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