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A Picture of Beautiful Wildlife in Bunaken Island, Manado, Celebes



Photo: Novi Rahmawati

Bunaken National Park is one of famous diver destination to explore the beautiful wildlife of underwater. Clear waters and biodiversity of marine life attract many visitors and tourists to visit this place. This place is situated within coral triangle where is the abundance of coral reef and coral fishes species. It consists of Mantehage, Naen, Siladen, Manado Tua and Bunaken. One of the sites for diving is located in Bunaken Island as part of Manado, North Sulawesi administratively. This site is as a representative of tropical biodiversity ecosystem underwater. This island is famous for a fantastic reef wall where located a lot of food supply so many wildlife can survive. A lot of diving points can be found mostly in Bunaken Island. It takes at least 30 minutes from Manado Bay or at least 45 minutes from Kuala Jengki to this island by boat. The nice view of the neighbor island can be an attractive scenery along the way to Bunaken Island. A lot of homestay, hotel, and resort is available on this island. It is also available to rent a house or a room from the local people.

The nice view of the neighbor island in Bunaken National Park (photo: Novi Rahmawati)

The best time to visit Bunaken Island is in the dry season that is from May to August. It is because there is high tide during the rainy season, especially from December to January. High tide probably can create dangerous currents for divers.


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4 Real-Life Locations of Game of Thrones That Are Most Popular in Instagram



Game of Thrones has been contributing to the booming industry of Croatia, due to the shooting locations that appear on the hit TV series’ scenes. In fact, the tourism boost was so significant that the local government official planned to limit travelers’ number in 2017. Typically, these destinations get so popular after getting regrammed over and over again. So what are the most popular locations of Game of Thrones in real life on that picture-sharing site/social media? Here are four of them.

Krka National Park

Source: theblondeabroad

The Croatian park is a stunning holiday destination due to its stunning waterfalls and its beautiful river, the Krka River. The park also appeared multiple times on Game of Thrones, making its beauty known to the world. Some scenes are shot at the park, including the scene with Arya Stark and The Hound crossing the Riverlands in the episode Breaker of Chains.

Ait Benhaddou

Source: dunesdesert

Croatia is not the only country who receives instant fame boost because of the popular series, Morocco is also one of them. The country has been famous for its many beautiful destinations, but the appearance of the fortified 17th-century city as Yunkai, one of the slave cities liberated by Daenerys Targaryen, provides even more exposure to the country. Ait Benhaddou is also a UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

Dark Hedges

Source: independenttravelcats

The Kings Road is one of the most popular locations in Games of Thrones. In real life, especially in the first episode of the second season (“The North Remembers”). The enchanting arrangement of beach trees that create an Instagrammable corridor was in Ballymoney, Nothern Ireland.

San Juan de Gaztlelugatxe

Source: euskoguide

Besides Northern Ireland, the Game of Thrones also really loves Spain. This is a Spanish island that now receives many tourists looking to Instagram what was Dragonstone Island on Game of Thrones. If you watched season 7 already, you will be very familiar with the sight. The name is literally translated into “castle rock” in the native language, Basque.

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Top 4 Last Chance Travel Destination



One of the latest travel trends in 2018 is ‘last chance travel’. Last chance travel has been on the headlines for two years now. In Addition, Forbes even named it one of their picks for 2018 travel trends. As the effects of climate change become more pronounced. Therefore, people are flocking to see natural wonders in the belief that they may not be here for future generations.

However, climate change isn’t the only factor spurring on travelers to seek out destinations. Globalization and an increase in tourism worldwide are also changing indigenous cultures and there is a niche but strong market for exploring these before those changes fully take hold.

Amazon Rainforest, South America

(Source: thinglink)

Spanning nine countries in South America, the Amazon Basin holds about half of the world’s tropical rainforests. If you laid the Amazon rainforest over the 48 contiguous United States it would cover 70 percent of the country. About 17 percent of that rainforest gone in the last 50 years, mostly to cattle ranching, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

So large is the rainforest that the wellbeing of the planet depends on the health of the Amazon. Therefore stabilizes the global climate. Deforestation releases significant amounts of the Amazon’s 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon, potentially causing devastating consequences to the earth’s water cycle.

If you cut down trees, you will release carbon dioxide and there’s nothing to absorb it. The Nature Conservancy compares it to opening a forgotten container of leftovers in the fridge … except on a global scale.

Mesoamerican Barrier Reef; Mexico, Belize, and Honduras

(Source: worldatlas)

You might not have heard of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, but if you’ve snorkeled in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or elsewhere along the Caribbean coast of Central America, then you’ve likely already visited this natural wonder. The Mesoamerican stretches 600 miles from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula through Belize and Honduras.

It’s the world’s second largest barrier reef, and the color is slowly draining from it. The Belize section is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the 54 sites on UNESCO’s “in danger” list.

Rising ocean temperatures have caused mass bleaching of the coral. When temperatures rise even slightly, the corals expel the algae that live in coral tissues, which causes them to turn completely white and become susceptible to disease and death. Overfishing, pollution, potential offshore oil drilling, and changes in the water’s pH are other threats cited by the Nature Conservancy.

White Cliffs of Dover, Great Britain

(Source: nationaltrust)

The iconic white cliffs of Dover are slipping away at an alarming rate. The rare cliffs, exposed to the weather and battered by storm waves, are retreating at a rate 10 times faster in the last 150 years than they did in the 7,000 years prior. Each year eight to 12 inches calve from the soft-cliff coastline of this natural wonder and tumble down to the beach below, according to a 2016 report. What’s to blame for the accelerated erosion? The research team suggests thinning cliff-front beaches play a role. The dynamic is exacerbated by rising sea levels and increased storm intensity due to global warming.

The Dead Sea, Israel

(Source: Youtube)

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been a place of healing and relaxation, where people come to float in therapeutic, super-buoyant waters that are more than eight times saltier than the ocean. Some experts believe this natural wonder could disappear completely within the next hundred years. Water levels are dropping at a rate of about three feet per year, and have fallen more than 82 feet since the 1970s according to the World Wildlife Fund.

The waters that used to lap near the doorstep of resorts are now a mile in the distance—with thousands of massive sinkholes in between. A big part of the problem is that the inflow from this lake’s main tributary, the Jordan River, has been reduced to only five percent of the original volume. Bordering countries Israel and Jordan siphon the water for drinking, agriculture, and mineral mining.

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Top 5 New “Fitcation” Trends Destination



Fitness vacation is a vacation that has an exercise element in it. Committing to doing that boot camp, cycle or stand-up paddle you promised yourself you would. It’s also more inspiring to consider. Say, learning open water swimming in the sunny Caribbean than in the grey-brown chop of a wintry North Sea. In conclusion, Combine your workouts and with spa treatments. Hence, to make you fitter, more relaxed and healthier by the time you leave.

Gaining Balance Over Your Mind, Body, And Soul In India

(Source: leisureopportunities)

Opened in 2016 amid the cool, green Sahyadri Mountains. Atmantan is a luxurious wellness retreat with an athletic edge. Another reason the co-founder is an Indian Ironman triathlete. In addition, The Fitness Challenge programme includes body composition analysis and cleansing Yogic Kriyas. Therefore, high-tempo activities in the hi-tech gym, from spinning and ab blasts to Bollyrobics, also treks into the surrounding hills.

Get In Touch With Your Wild Side In Spain

(Source: wildfitness)

Wildfitness retreats seek to boost your health via “wild moving, wild eating and wild living”. New for 2018 is Wildfitness Menorca, where that natural reconnection is encouraged amid the Balearics’ olive groves and citrus trees. Join up to four exercise sessions a day, explore by kayak and bicycle. And learn how to get fit in a more sustainable way.

Boot Camp In Portugal

(Source: mandarmonihotels)

Brace yourself. A week-long boot camp at the clifftop, contemporary-styled Epic Sana resort includes a fitness evaluation and five hours of intense exercise daily – from circuits, cycle rides and beach runs to Pilates and aquafit. Instructors can tailor workouts to target specific ski muscles.

Bushwalking In Australia

(Source: tasmanianexpeditions)

Test your fitness by pitting yourself against the Tasmanian bush for five weeks. New for 2018, World Expeditions “most ambitious wilderness adventure ever” crosses the length of Tasmania by way of the island’s four greatest multi-day treks (including the Overland Track) and an eight-day rafting adventure along the rapid-raged Franklin river.

Cycling In Denmark

(Source: visitdenmark)

While you ease into a new fitness regime on a self-guided pedal through cycle-friendly, largely flat North Zealand (good for biking beginners). In addition, the area is set to become Denmark’s newest national park in early 2018. Also, rich in castles, ancient woodland, bird-flocked lakes, pristine coastline, quiet lanes, and in conclusion, it’s perfect for cycling.


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What Is Over-Tourism And How To Avoid It



Tourism has brought wealth to restored crumbling historic cities, conserved critically endangered species, and forgotten rural communities. Therefore, tourism’s potential benefits are clear.

However, the mistake is to think that it can only bring good. Many of us do not believe this myth. And have been speaking out against it for decades.

Our concerns were dismissed, until very recently. In summer 2017, the media and the travel industry finally began to turn their gaze to the negative impacts of tourism, and the term ‘overtourism’ was coined.

What Is Over-Tourism

(Source: Independent)

Over-tourism occurs when there are too many visitors to a particular destination. “Too many” is a subjective term, of course, but it is defined in each destination by local residents, hosts, business owners and tourists. When rent prices push out local tenants to make way for holiday rentals. Narrow roads become jammed with tourist vehicles. Fragile environments become degraded – these are all signs of over-tourism.

Find Alternate Travelling Destination

(Source: dms)

What to do? As SmarterTravel’s Ed Perkins explains, “Avoiding popular visitor areas completely is not a viable solution. After all, they’re popular for a reason. Florence, Venice, Santorini, and Carmel are unique—there are no substitutes. Nor can you unilaterally do much to aid the over-tourism.” Perkins rightly advises that you stick to low or shoulder season, and avoid being part of the too-busy times of the year.

And while this is absolutely true, there are also plenty of underrated destinations that can handle tourists—you just might not have seen them all over your Instagram feed yet. Here’s a list of recommended alternatives to overcrowded (and at-risk) destinations:

  • Instead of Machu Picchu, go to Choquequirao: While you’ll face a harder trek to get there, these Peruvian ruins are basically untouched.
  • Instead of Amsterdam, go to Stockholm: Head to the Scandinavian capital for fika in place of coffee shops. You’ll find a similar biking and museum culture
  • Instead of Barcelona, go to Granada: This southern Spanish city is often overlooked by foreign tourists, but it offers similarly iconic architectural sights and famous markets.
  • Instead of Venice, go to Ljubljana: Slovenia’s capital is home to rivers, boat rides, and romantic bridges, too—without the flood of tourists.
  • French Riviera can be an alternative for Dubrovnik. Head to one of the many coastal towns along the French Riviera. Since there are plenty of options, the stress of tourism isn’t on just one city.
  • Instead of Ibiza or Majorca, go to Sardinia or Crete. These larger islands can handle more people and are used to hosting many European tourists each season.

Would you consider an alternative destination if tourist caps are in place at a destination you’re traveling to?


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Top 4 Fall Coats For Travelling In Style



You know when the autumn is just around the corner, you’re beginning to see Autumn/Winter season collections hitting the stores. This is an exciting time, especially if you’re in love with this year’s Autumn/Winter trends. From punk/grunge to sober blooms, the cooler weather is a perfect excuse to splash out on the latest fall coats to keep you toasty on your travels.

Anatomie Kenya Safari Jacket

(Source: neimanmarcus)

Anatomie is known for creating a designer travel clothes from high-performance fiber to create garments that are lightweight, protective, resistant, quick-drying and insanely comfortable. That’s why a lot of people love this brand

Therefore, it’s no surprise that their Kenya jacket hence is one of our top picks for the fall season. Also, available in a variety of colors and perfectly packable for when temperatures start to rise.

Joules Right as Rain Packable Hooded Raincoat

(Source: flackbait)

You’re going to stand out in this bright raincoat from Joules. With a beautifully flirty and sporty look. it’s a perfect travel jacket to make a color popping statement in.

What makes this coats better. It’s packable, water-resistant and equipped with an interior drawstring for a proper fir. Gloomy days are no match in this instant stunner!

Topshop Rosa Biker Jacket

(Source: popsugar)

Topshop is one of the best high street retailers in providing on trend catwalk-worthy fashions at affordable prices.

It is the only high street brand to show at London Fashion Week (Topshop Unique). This textured biker jacket is such a classic addition to any travel wardrobe and is guaranteed to add a hint of edginess to any outfit. Most noteworthy, featuring quilted shoulders and cool zippered embellishments, you’re sure to stay cool all season long in this stunner jacket.

BLANKNYC Drape Front Faux Suede Jacket

(Source: shopmined)

This beautifully draped jacket from BLANKNYC is made for layering, therefore a perfect coat to throw over an outfit when heading out at night for a meal or drinks. And if you’re looking for even more coverage, you can easily layer a leather jacket over it as well.

It also ticks off another favorite fall trend – suede. There are plenty of color options to choose from as well, however, you can never go wrong with a classic camel. It’s definitely a piece you can take from outerwear to evening wear, pair with black Ponte pants, loafers and a white tee for a look you can rock all day and night.

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5 Essentials Tips For Solo Woman Travellers



For a female, solo traveling can be challenging especially for women who’ve not done it before. According to survey. 65% of US women are taking vacations without their partner.

You can randomly meet female solo travelers anywhere nowadays. When they asked why they did it; 46% said freedom, independence and the chance to do what they want when they want, 22% said they weren’t willing to wait around for others, and 15% said to challenge themselves and gain confidence. Solo Travel lets you go travel your way.

Taking some from how to travel solo as a woman, others from our safety advice and still more from our lifestyle pieces for women, here they are. So here are our tips.

Plan Your First Night Well

(Source: travelandleisure)

At a minimum, have a place to rest your head on the first night of every destination on your trip and plan to arrive by mid-afternoon. It’s important to have the time to find your hotel or hostel in daylight and time to change your accommodation if you determine that this is not the place for you.

Visualize The Necessities But No More

(Source: adventureinyou)

Traveling solo does require attention to details. Visualizing how the practical aspects of your trip fit together, from departure to transfers to accommodation, help you travel with less stress. But stop imagining what the trip will be like at that point. Be open to opportunities as they arise. It’s impossible to travel without any expectations of a destination, however, the less you are driven by specific expectations the freer you will be to travel at the moment.

Pack Light

(Source: laterooms)

You’re going to save money and be more mobile if you pack light. It requires a bit more planning to have a wardrobe that stretches from hiking boots to high heels but it can be done. Choose a base color (black, brown, beige, navy), a contrast color (white, beige…) and a color or two to accessorize and pull it all together.

Keep Your Accommodation To Yourself

(Source: herpackinglist)

Your accommodation is your safe haven. Don’t tell people where you’re staying. If they ask, it’s easy to be vague. By doing this you can avoid peoples with bad intentions. So keep your lips sealed ladies.

Stay Local, Buy Local, Meet Locals

(Source: Youngandundecided)

By planning well you will have a better understanding of how to be supportive of the local economy. Buy local crafts, eat local food, stay in locally-owned accommodation so that the profits don’t leave the country. And as you do all of this, connect with locals. This will give you much on which to reflect.

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7 Things We Tend To Forget Before You Leave On Vacation



Usually, there are a couple things we miss before we go on vacation. Maybe, because the excitement you get on your trip. However, before you get too excited and let some important to-dos slip your mind. Therefore, read through this list of things people often forget to pack or do before going on vacation.

Your vacation time is too important to put off packing for your trip until the night before you leave. Plus we tend to forget things when we are pressed for time, which could lead to unplanned vacation expenses if you need to replace items while you’re away.

Confirm Your Reservations

(Source: agoda)

Double-check all your reservations: your flight, hotel, car rental, restaurants, attractions, and any other services or experiences you’ve planned. You don’t want any surprises at a check-in counter.

If you have access to a printer, it’s not a bad idea to print out confirmations. If you don’t, write down confirmation numbers (and customer service phone numbers) and keep the paper easily accessible in your wallet or carry-on.

Make Copies Of Important Documents

(Source: lifestorage)

I like to have copies of my passport, credit cards and travel itinerary on me just in case I lose them on my trip. Whether it’s an electronic or hard copy – just make sure that you’ll be able to retrieve it, if needed.

Check The Weather

(Source: omnihotels)

This may seem like an obvious one, but “many travelers forget to do it,” said Levent. Check the forecast for your destination and your hometown when you’ll be returning, and pack appropriately.

Bring Reading Materials Or Snacks

(Source: CNN)

These items tend to be more expensive at the airport or on the train. Also, don’t depend on being able to watch movies or TV shows on the plane all the time.

When I flew home from London last month, I was on an older aircraft that did not have movies available. I forgot to bring reading material so needless to say, it was a long flight home.

I also like to bring snacks since airplane food leaves a lot to be desired.

Avoid Over-Packing Your Luggage

(Source: TravelFashionGirl)

Try to pack lightly, to prevent paying extra for over-sized luggage. This will also give you more room to bring back any purchases you make while on vacation.

Place A Hold On Your Mail Delivery

(Source: obs-commedia)

This is a smart move if you’re going away for more than a couple days, Levent says. Alternatively, you could arrange for a neighbor to collect your mail until you get home.

Call Your Bank To Notify Them Of Your Travel Dates

(Source: moneycontrol)

Call the number on the back of your debit or credit card and let them know where you will be traveling to and your dates of travel. Your bank may be partnered with a foreign bank which allows for free cash withdrawals.

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4 Great Halloween Trip Ideas



An October vacation means you’ll beat the holiday travel crowds and experience cool autumn weather. Also, Halloween is in October too. Therefore, if you’re up for a unique adventure. So, consider putting a seasonal spin on your trip and visiting one of the country’s most haunted locales. The US cities listed here are home to extra spooky events and attractions to get you in the spirit of Halloween!

Salem Witch Museum

(Source: salemwitchmuseum)

Salem has been a draw for the Pagan and witch communities to gather, worship, and shop for crystal necklaces. Because of Salem, Massachusetts is synonymous with the occult. As a result of thanks to the tragically misguided Salem Witch trials of 1692.

At Halloween, Salem pulls out all the stops and the whole town celebrates with everything. From family-friendly costume parades and magic shows to haunted harbor cruises, costume balls, and séances and psychic readings. Be sure to assign a designated driver, because Salem also loves its spirits of a different kind. Bars are packed with revelers through most of October. (“Let’s party, witches!”)

The Stanley Hotel

(Source: stanleyhotel)

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is one of the famous lines from “The Shining”. One of the top scary movies of all times. If you want to relive the experiences from the movie, you can. All you need to do is visit the hotel that inspired the hotel in the movie.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is a turn-of-the-century resort nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains. First of all, In addition to fans of Stephen King’s novel and Stanley Kubrick’s film. Therefore, spook-seekers will enjoy the Stanley for its own reputation for being haunted. The hotel offers Night Spirit Tours focused on the building’s rumored hauntings, and around Halloween puts on themed events like The Shining Ball, a seriously lavish Halloween Masquerade party, plus extravagant Murder Mystery Dinners. I see dead people… Wait, wrong movie.

Winchester Mystery House

(Source: Visitcalifornia)

The Winchester Mystery House. The “mystery” involves a seriously long renovation project. Owned by rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, the house was under construction non-stop for 38 years. Upon her death in 1922, many of the rooms were left unfinished, leaving exposed studs and missing floorboards.

But the most perplexing part of the Mystery House while is its bizarre design choices. There are staircases that lead to nowhere, doors that open to solid walls, a window built into the floor, and closets with a mere inch of storage space.

Legend has it that Sarah was convinced by a medium that her family was being haunted by the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles. After the deaths of her daughter and husband, Mrs. Winchester feared she was next. Her medium told her to build a house for the spirits, and as long as construction never stopped. Hence, she would never die. But die she in the end.

Horseman’s Hollow

(Source: flickr)

Just about 30 miles from Manhattan lies a small town where an old ghost story about a headless horseman still spooks visitors today. For a Halloween scare, visit Horsemen’s Hollow: a spooky haunted house experience set on the grounds of the imposing Philipsburg Manor. Explore the grounds surrounding an old farm and mill that have been restored to feel just like the 1750s.

When the sun sets, take a lantern tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where the real author of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (Washington Irving) is buried, along with famous rich guys Andrew Carnegie and William Rockefeller. At the Old Dutch Church, you can hear a live reading of the tale that made this sleepy town stay awake many a night.

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Top 5 Best And Budget Friendly Places To Go In Europe This Summer



Most people think that Europe can be a notoriously expensive: especially when you think of places like Rome, Paris, and Rome. An irresistible mix of history, culture, and landscape. The continent can be a money-snatching fiend at the best of times. But, if you go at the right time and avoid all the big places (those pricey cities), you’ll find that you’ll actually be able to shake off that horrendous spending habit and enjoy the place that little bit more. So, grab a notepad, whip out your credit card, pack your suitcase and check out the cheapest places to travel in Europe this summer.

Andalucia, Spain

(Source: Ruralidays)

If the first thing that comes out of your mind when heard the name Spain is tapas, cheap beer, magnificent cities, and countryside. Then, you should Andalucia as the next place you want to visit. This glorious part of southern Spain really does have it all. With the likes of Seville, Jerez, Córdoba, Granada, and Málaga under its name, you needn’t bother exploring any other European country because it’s all here.

The wonderful tradition of free tapas originates in this part of the world, which means you can taste Iberian flavors for peanuts, and if you really want to continue your budget adventure, hop on the ferry to Morocco. Yes, really. It’s that close by. If not, magical histories, exquisite museums, and the loveliest people are waiting to greet you in the true Spanish style.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €40
Booze (small beer): €1.70–2.50 per caña
Hostel/budget hotel: €16/€35–80

Peloponnese, Greece

(Source: discovergreece)

Most people only knew travel destination in Greece is Athens and Santorini. But there’s more to Greece than just two places. The Peloponnese really is having its moment. Fine white, sandy beaches (much quieter than the main islands), ancient sights like Epidaurus and Olympia, medieval villages and Byzantine towns await for those that want to go beyond what you see in the travel mags.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €30
Ouzo: €3
Souvláki (shish kebab): €3
Hostel/budget hotel: €20/€30

Gdansk, Poland

(Source: azamaraclubcruises)

If you’re a fan of history, then Gdansk in Poland is the perfect place for you. There’s lots of history in this gritty port town in the Baltic Riviera. The shipyard crane dates all way back to the 15th century, and the city was, of course, the birthplace of the Solidarity anti-communist movement. Celeb status aside, the place looks ancient but it is in fact really hip, and very modern. After you’ve explored the buzzing city, head to the coastal resort of Sopot for drink-related beach party debauchery. Fun times and plenty of ghastly Kodak moments.

The costs:

Daily budget: Basic €30
Vodka shot: €1
Hostel/budget hotel: €12/€35

The Albanian Coast


Albania is known for one of the cheapest countries in Europe to explore, and luckily, has escaped the hands of the millions of tourists exploring other parts of the continent. If you fancy the perfect beach break, well, this is it. On Albania’s southern Ionian coast, expect lots of mammoth mountains, azure seas, and white, white sand.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €25
Bottle of red wine: €6
Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€30

The Lakes Of Macedonia

(Source: wanderlust)

The jewel in Macedonia sparkling crown is Lake Ohrid. Aside from snapping the beguiling lake to death, waltz through the frescoed medieval churches, uncover ancient Roman amphitheaters and climb epic tundras to get the best views from a crumbling fortress. Or, simply just swim, dive or sail the waters by boat. With cheap private rooms to rent and lots of really lovely glamping spots, the area is perfect for travelers young and old on a budget to kick back and relax.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €20
Wine from €2.50 per bottle (gasps)
Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€25

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