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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis



Photo: Novi Rahmawati

Feeling in love to play tennis is the best reason to make you accept all the advantages and disadvantages of playing tennis. You feel in love playing tennis because you notice from the member of the family who is used to playing tennis. You can also love to play tennis because you like to watch tennis tournaments. You feel in love with tennis because of you a big fan of world ranking tennis player that makes you start to love playing tennis. Or it just simple reason that you play tennis because it is your hobby. Any reason makes you fall in love playing tennis, there are 5 reasons you should know why you love more to play tennis: stress relief, confidence, coordination, cardiovascular exercise, and muscle development.

There are 5 reasons you should know why you should play tennis:

1. Stress relief

Playing tennis definitely is a media for relieving your stress. You just need to hit the ball as hard as possible to the court of the opponent, you feel happy about it. You also feel so satisfied because you know you try your best to put that ball to get the point. You feel happy means it is a good indication you can relieve your stress. You have social interaction with other people that also can be a media for stress relief.

Roger Ferderer (photo: Arturo Felasqué,

2. Confidence

Confidence is the key to playing tennis. You will not be able to hit the ball if you do not have confidence. You feel worry the ball will hit you and hurt you. The worst feeling is you cannot move at all because too afraid to be hit by the ball that is coming to you. Playing tennis can develop a courage and a confidence to face the ball without feeling afraid. It also can build a confidence to fight with your opponent. You should be aggressive enough to run after the ball and at the same time, you do not let your opponent get the point. The tennis player should be optimized to run after the ball. The component of being optimistic is to have a confidence.

Maria Sharapova (

3. Coordination

You should be able to have a good sense of coordination. You need to decide when the ball is in or out in your court. The complex and unpredictable position where the ball will bounce in your court can improve personal coordination. It requires physical ability, flexibility, and improvement to run after the ball. This coordination skill is more valuable when you are on the team. When you play doubles tennis, it means you are a member of the team. You need a good coordination with your teammate to know in which position he is and who is in charge to hit the ball.

Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl (

4. Cardiovascular Exercise

Playing tennis can increase the heart rate that will decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. This exercise demands a lot of movement that not only burns calory and fat but also increases the heart rate. According to Bjorn Borg, tennis is like “a thousand of little sprints” that can increase the heart rate for sure. You can imagine if you do a thousand of little sprints? You can imagine how is the speed of your heart rate?

Serena William (photo: Christopher Hanewickel,

5. Muscle Development

Playing tennis is a complex coordination of hands and legs to move from one side to another side in your court field. You need to move your legs, arms and upper body repeatedly. You do not do the similar movement most of the time. It is a dynamic sport that needs power and strength. You can also improve forearm strength and back muscle. Your muscle will be strengthened and have a good shape. You will have a good muscle development in your hands and legs.

Rafael Nadal (photo: ANP,

Do you love more playing tennis after knowing this fact?

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Super Bowl 2019 Is Boycotted By Many Artists



With four weeks to go until the 2019 Super Bowl. Hence, the National Football League has yet to confirm. Thus, a performer for the half-time show with A-list names including Rihanna and Cardi B refusing to sing. Instead of standing in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

(Source: usatftw)

As the National Football League digs in its heels in a dispute with Colin Kaepernick. Hence, the star quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem in protest at police brutality against racial minorities. Therefore, the show this year has become more about politics than music. The fact that the Super Bowl is taking place in Atlanta. Thus, arguably the capital of black music in the U.S. Hence has only added to the storm.

President Trump waded in when told the NFL. That, if players refused to stand for the anthem. Therefore, they should ‘get that son of a bitch off the field right now’. Colin left the team that year and went unsigned, leading to allegations that he was being blackballed by NFL owners. And in November 2017. Thus, he filed a grievance claim accusing NFL owners of collusion to keep him out of the league. It will go to trial after a request by the league to dismiss the complaint was rejected.

(Source: foxnews)

Some of the biggest names in pop and rap, including Rihanna and Cardi B, have turned down the opportunity to appear. While one group that has reportedly been booked, the Adam Levine-fronted pop-rock act Maroon 5. Also, facing pressure to pull out. Rapper Travis Scott, the only performer reportedly secured to join the show. Also, facing pressure from hip-hop superstar Jay-Z and civil rights groups to pull out. With four weeks to go. Hence, the producers of the 13-minute event are scrambling to find additional performers. For what Variety last week called “music’s least wanted gig”.

(Source: consequenceofsound)

‘The majority of artists are standing in solidarity against the NFL. They do not want to be associated. Because of the protest that was started by Mr. Kaepernick against racial injustice and police brutality,’. Said Gerald Griggs, vice-president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP civil rights group.

(Source: pinterest)

‘We appreciate the entertainers for lending their voices in opposition and standing with us. We call on artists like Travis Scott to pull out,’ added Griggs.

The Super Bowl will take place on 3 February at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Crucial Exercises For Back Pain



Did you know that 80% of American population suffer from low back pain at least once in their life? The worst part is, the pain is the type that cannot be alleviated without any help. While you can head to your local doctor, masseuse, or chiropractor, you can also help yourself through some of these exercises without bleed to death.

Hamstring Stretches

It is one of the most essential exercises for back pain. Moreover, you can do the exercise in many different ways. One of the way is to sit at the edge of a chair, straighten one leg with heels on the floor, and push your stomach towards thigh without moving your body. Hold for thirty seconds with each leg and repeat three times for each.

Photo Source: Youtube

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

The exercise is discreet yet very effective for back pain. The good thing, this exercise can be done even from the comfort of your chair inside of the house. Start with a decent posture, the pull your shoulder blades together from the back. Hold the position for ten seconds then release.

Photo Source: pt-helper blogspot

Lifting Weights

Despite lifting weight is good for back pain, it is better to check out with your doctor first to know whether you are permissible to do the exercise or not since lifting weight can be double sided sword for back pain.

Photo Source: Independent

Knee To Chest Stretches

When it comes to back pain, knee to chest stretches can be one of assistant. This exercise involve lying on your back, bring one knee toward your chest with back pressed into the floor and hold it. Repeat with your other leg.

Photo Source: Youtube


Bridges will work out a range of muscles, not only back pain. Lies on the floor with your heels flat on the ground. Squeeze down your bottom, lift your hips until you are in a “bridge-like” shape. Hold for five seconds before resting and repeating.

Photo Source: Youtube
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Thank You (Mou), Next!!



Yesterday, Jose Mourinho was the manager of Manchester United. Today, he is not. And now that football’s latest high-profile divorce is almost a day old. Hence, it’s probably time to take stock of just where everybody involved goes from here.

Who Is The Next Chosen One For Manchester United?

(Source: Goal)

Manchester United are the biggest club in the world. Or at least according to Manchester United. And so where other clubs look for one manager, they look for two.

(Source: goal)

The first is a caretaker to, err, take care of the team for the rest of the season. Michael Carrick doesn’t fancy it, apparently. This caretaker must. apparently, be somebody that is a part of United’s history. Hence, somebody who gets it, somebody who can bring back a bit of ambition, good feeling, and on-field elan.

(Source: manutd)

The problem is, none of the ex-United managers knocking around have particularly persuasive records. The favorite is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was excellent in his first spell at Molde. But flopped entirely in his brief time with Cardiff City. He — along with a couple of wiser, older heads — could even be in place before the end of the week. Unless the UK press pack have completely lost the run of their sources.

(Source: as)

He’s probably the best of the options, given the criteria. Among those who are out of work. Hence, there are the likes of Jaap Stam, Roy Keane, Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes, and Mike Phelan. Therefore, none of which are names that really scream out for the appointment. Carlos Queiroz is about to lead Iran to the Asian Cup. And then there’s Laurent Blanc, who has been hanging around looking for another gig for some time now. It’d be a surprise if he fancies being a stopgap.

In any case, whether United conceive of their next manager in terms of attributes (Pochettino the favorite here) or look for trophies (Zinedine Zidane, maybe? Antonio Conte?), whether they look to a relative veteran (Max Allegri?) or an up-and-comer (Leonardo Jardim?), there is the broader state of the club to consider. Great managers are rare. Great managers that can succeed without a well-organized club behind them might not exist at all.

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The Love Letter For Big Apple



New York City Marathon who happens in the first Sunday in November is a yearly love letter to New York City. which has crisscrossed all five boroughs since 1976, when roughly 2,000 people started the race and just over 1,500 finished.

This year, that love letter is being penned by 50,000 runners, 12,000 volunteers and hundreds of thousands of spectators dotting the 26.2-mile course. To experience marathon day in New York is to see what a big-city race is capable of generating — joy, pain, misery, triumph and nirvana. This is what it looks like.

It was a day of many personal firsts, as a field of more than 50,000 sought to push their way through the city’s five boroughs in the annual race. Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia won the men’s race — his first in New York — in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 59 seconds.

The Champion

(Source: cnn)

Desisa held off countryman Shura Kitata by 1.99 seconds for his first win in New York, joining victories at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2015. He finished second in New York in 2014 and third in 2015 and 2017.

Desisa, 28, finished in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 59 seconds, the second-fastest time for the course in history. Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya set the record of 2:05:05 in 2011.

“This is my dream,” Desisa, 28, said after the race, The Associated Press reported. “To be a champion.”

The Second Fastest Woman

(Source: thehindupatrika)

Keitany became the second woman to win the marathon four times. She ran the race in 2:22:48, the second-fastest time for the course in history. Margaret Okayo of Kenya set the record of 2:22:31 in 2003.

Keitany, 36, won in 2014, 2015 and 2016 before coming in second last year behind American Shalane Flanagan. She joined Grete Waitz, who won the marathon nine times between 1978 and 1988, as the only women to win the marathon four times.

“I can say the course record was not in my mind,” Keitany said. “For me, winning was very important.”

Keitany pulled away at the 19-mile mark and held a 1:27.83 lead at the 21-mile mark. From that point, the question was not whether Keitany would win. Rather, it was by how much. She beat countrywoman Vivian Cheruiyot by 3:13.

The Wheelchair Division

(Source: gettyimages)

In the wheelchair division, Daniel Romanchuk became the first American to win the men’s race, finishing in 1:36:21. Switzerland’s Marcel Hug trailed about one second behind Romanchuk. Also, followed by David Weir of Britain, to round out the top three.

Manuela Schar of Switzerland won the women’s wheelchair division for the second time, at 1:50:27. Tatyana McFadden of the U.S. finished as runner-up at 1:50:48 and Lihong Zou of China came in third.

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Top 5 New “Fitcation” Trends Destination



Fitness vacation is a vacation that has an exercise element in it. Committing to doing that boot camp, cycle or stand-up paddle you promised yourself you would. It’s also more inspiring to consider. Say, learning open water swimming in the sunny Caribbean than in the grey-brown chop of a wintry North Sea. In conclusion, Combine your workouts and with spa treatments. Hence, to make you fitter, more relaxed and healthier by the time you leave.

Gaining Balance Over Your Mind, Body, And Soul In India

(Source: leisureopportunities)

Opened in 2016 amid the cool, green Sahyadri Mountains. Atmantan is a luxurious wellness retreat with an athletic edge. Another reason the co-founder is an Indian Ironman triathlete. In addition, The Fitness Challenge programme includes body composition analysis and cleansing Yogic Kriyas. Therefore, high-tempo activities in the hi-tech gym, from spinning and ab blasts to Bollyrobics, also treks into the surrounding hills.

Get In Touch With Your Wild Side In Spain

(Source: wildfitness)

Wildfitness retreats seek to boost your health via “wild moving, wild eating and wild living”. New for 2018 is Wildfitness Menorca, where that natural reconnection is encouraged amid the Balearics’ olive groves and citrus trees. Join up to four exercise sessions a day, explore by kayak and bicycle. And learn how to get fit in a more sustainable way.

Boot Camp In Portugal

(Source: mandarmonihotels)

Brace yourself. A week-long boot camp at the clifftop, contemporary-styled Epic Sana resort includes a fitness evaluation and five hours of intense exercise daily – from circuits, cycle rides and beach runs to Pilates and aquafit. Instructors can tailor workouts to target specific ski muscles.

Bushwalking In Australia

(Source: tasmanianexpeditions)

Test your fitness by pitting yourself against the Tasmanian bush for five weeks. New for 2018, World Expeditions “most ambitious wilderness adventure ever” crosses the length of Tasmania by way of the island’s four greatest multi-day treks (including the Overland Track) and an eight-day rafting adventure along the rapid-raged Franklin river.

Cycling In Denmark

(Source: visitdenmark)

While you ease into a new fitness regime on a self-guided pedal through cycle-friendly, largely flat North Zealand (good for biking beginners). In addition, the area is set to become Denmark’s newest national park in early 2018. Also, rich in castles, ancient woodland, bird-flocked lakes, pristine coastline, quiet lanes, and in conclusion, it’s perfect for cycling.


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Trendy Sporty Outfit for Soccer Match Date Night



The soccer fans all around the world are celebrating one of the biggest football worldwide tournament, FIFA World Cup 2018. This event is not only created an opportunity for the parties that directly related, but also other entertainment sectors that are benefited from the media hype. It is very common for the clubs and cafes to hold soccer match night where the customer can watch the match together. So, if you have a date night scheduled already for the semifinal match, why not taking the advantages? Here are several outfit ideas to heathen up your date.

Cute and Casual

Source: dailymail

The hot summer night is really perfect for a fun and relaxing date. That is why looking casual for a soccer date is totally okay. Especially if both of you plan to hang out with his friends. However, it is also not a reason to be plain. The T-shirt dress will be a perfect outfit for your hangout, especially if the venue is outdoor and have a nice seating arrangement. He will think that you are utterly cute while at the same moment admiring your toned legs. You can pair the look with sporty canvas high and cute snapback.

White and charming

Source: kokoluxe

The classic image of a girl in a white T-shirt is never going old to charm a guy. It is like their all-time favorite dress code for a woman. This look is very suitable for soccer match night invitation from his closest friends, especially if the match happens in the daytime. For more charming effect, wear a slightly oversized white Tee and high-waist short, so you can tuck in the front part of your T-shirt. This will make your figure looks petite and adorable. You can pair this look with simple flats and sporty lil backpack.

Cuddly and stunning

Source: pinterest

For those who are happened to live in a colder area, do not afraid to go for a warmer option. There is no use of looking good if you spend the entire match trying to fight the chill. Pair a fitted turtleneck sweater with a legging or slim fit jeans for the outdoor soccer date that will accentuate your figure as well as keeping you warm. Guarantee that he will find it difficult to resist snuggling up with your during the match. You can wear this look with a cool sneaker or midi boots and your favorite slingback.

Sporty and trendy

Source: pinterest

You will need this look if you are going to hang out with his closest pals, especially if this is a private invitation. Being the only girl is not the reason why you need to look sporty, but you will be more comfortable and feels at home if you chose this type of outfit. You can opt for ripped mom’s jeans or boyfriend’s jeans and sweatshirt jacket for this occasion, but let him have a glimpse of your feature by wearing a comfy and snugly tank inside. Want to impress the boys? Pair the look with a statement sneakers of his favorite brands.

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Hottest Soccer Players of FIFA World Cup 2018



The FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated events for soccer enthusiasts all around the world. Being one of the world’s most favorite sport, the hype of World Cup 2018 is really not a joke. Even if you are not interested in the game, there are many things you still can enjoy from the festival. The nation’s best team not only offer the skillful player that was so captivating on the field, but also handsome faces and great appearance to admire. Here are some hottest soccer players that gain so much attention and new female fans from the 2018 World Cup.

Maya Yoshida – Japan

Source: Japantimes

The 29-year-old defender from Japan is known for his meticulous defense on the field. He is fondly called as “The rock of Japan’s defense” by the media due to his awesome performance in every match. Boasting athletic body of 6’2″ tall, Yoshida also offers a lot more excellence to admire. His cool look and sharp eyes can melt every woman’s heart easily and his most serious expression radiating mysterious vibe that is so difficult to resist. The Southampton FC player also just released an inspirational autobiography about his life journey called Unbeatable Mind last month.

Asmir Begovic – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: worldtop10list

Begovic is the goalkeeper of Chelsea FC as well as his country team. The 6’6 player is famous for his chiseled feature and intense expression. There is nothing hotter than his serious expression on the field when he showed brilliant performance in guarding the goal. The female fans just can’t get enough of him and really who can blame them to admire such a cutie. The 28-year-old goalkeeper also fluent in four languages; English, French, Bosnian and Germany, which make him a lot sexier and cooler.

James Rodriguez – Colombia

Source: publimetro

At 24 years old, the talented player has blessed his fans with a hot body and irresistible smile. He also has exceptional abs and good look, which gained him more female fans on World Cup 2018. He performed brilliantly during every match and contributed one of the most talked goals of the tournament. Currently, the striker of Real Madrid is also endorsing for Rexona and Adidas. On top of that, Rodriguez is also known for his faithfulness and a good husband for his wife, Daniela Ospina. Sexy man with manner? What a full package that we really can’t help to fall in to.

Neymar Jr. Dos Santos – Brazil

Source: wonderlist

Ever since he burst onto the scene as the promising football player in 2010 FIFA World Cup, Neymar popularity grew as rapid as his soccer career. Now in 2018, the charming boy has grown into a fine gentleman who truly loved by ladies all around the world. Trusted as the captain of the Brazilian National Team, Neymar has been terrorizing any defender who tries to stop him bringing the best for his country. He always looks good in various hairstyle, with a lazy and seductive smile that easily won female fans. With his amazing skills and body to die for, it is not an understatement if he was chosen as one of the sexiest players on this tournament.



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Looking Hot on Morning Routine: The New Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Legging



Legging has become a new wardrobe necessity for everyone. With a lot more new exercise programs offered, we cannot deny that legging is not only handy but also necessary to allow us to perform better move. The big question is what to wear with legging? It is not a big surprise that this workout wears now has its own fashion style. Well, it is not a sin if we want to look hot and chic on them during the exercise because if you can look fabulous all the time, then why not? These new Dos and Don’ts guideline will help you find true inspiration for updated and chic workout style.

How to pick the most suitable legging?

Source: bandier

Even if they all look the same, actually legging has revolved into various styles. The seamless style that hugs your body line perfectly is very suitable to emphasize your figure. This will be useful if you are into a workout routine for perfecting your body shape, such as yoga and aerobics. The high-waist pair will help accentuate your waistline and get you motivated to get a toned belly and at the same time, covering your weakness. The capris and ankle length is for those who have a petite figure so it will help to make your legs look longer.

What is the major color trend and print?

Source: fashionnova

Choosing the color of your legging is also a kind of excitement. It is very true that wearing a pretty workwear will make you more motivated waking up in the morning. Dressing beautifully will also boost your confidence in the gym class, especially for the beginner. Avoid wearing too much pattern that will distract you in the class. However, a lovely pastel tone will improve your mood during the lesson. Right now, the biggest color trend is soft mint green, smoky quartz or hazy lavender that are very suitable for yoga class and calming body language routine. If you prefer to wear a darker color for shaping the body line, wear black or smoky grey with shine detail or graphic bonding to make a statement.

The common mistake in buying legging

Source: yogarebel

The most common mistake in buying legging is because people tend to sacrifice material over the shape. Wearing too tight legging will give you temporary good shape that perhaps build your confidence. However, you will not be able to shape your body perfectly if you do not want to admit your problem. It is better to shop for perfect fit and snug material that can stretch well and flow seamlessly with your movement. You can only gain this benefit by choosing a high-quality material that is flexible and has a great construction. Of course, it will be a bit costly, but it is a great investment in the long run since you will not need to replace them regularly.


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Flash Back of Top 20 Champions of World Cup Since 1930



(Opening Ceremony World Cup 2006,

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) world cup has been held since 1930. As the international association football competition for senior men’s national team of FIFA members, this competition has been held every four years except when there was Second World War. The tournament of world cup 2018 has been held in Russia for the qualified football teams. It is only counting days when the final teams of world cup 2018 will face each other and the team winner will be awarded. It is necessary to flash back the champions of previous years of world cup before we have a new champion of the world cup in 2018.

Here are counting down the 20 champions of world cup since 1930:

  1. 2014

The winner is Germany FR, the runner-up is Argentina, the third is the Netherlands, and the fourth is Brazil. As the place where World cup 2014 is awarded, Brazil is awarded as the fourth winner also.

Final World Cup 2014, Germany FR vs Argentina (

2. 2010

The qualified team for finals is Netherlands, Germany FR, Spain, and Uruguay. Iniesta fires a goal and makes Spain be the first winner of World Cup 2010. The second winner is the Netherlands, while the third and fourth are Germany FR and Uruguay respectively. The world cup 2010 is taking place in South Africa.

Final World Cup 2010, Spain vs Netherlands (

3. 2006

The new name for the Trophy is Italy by conquering France from a penalty shoot-out. It took place in Germany FR. Germany FR and Portugal are the third and the fourth winners.

Final World Cup 2006, Italy vs France ( and

4. 2002

The world cup 2002 is held in two different countries in Asia: Japan and Korea. Brazil makes 2 goals to win fifth world cup from Germany FR. The score is ended 2-0 for Brazil. Turkey is the third winner and the Korea Republic is the fourth winner.

Awarded ceremony the trophy of world cup 2002 (photo: Daniel Motz,

5. 1998

The crown for World Cup 1998 is France where the world cup 1998 also took place. France defeats Brazil by 3-0.

France Team 1998 (

6. 1994

Brazil takes the victory over Italy for world cup 1994 that take place in the United States of America. Brazil takes the trophy after a Final shoot-out.

Brazil vs Italy, Romario vs Roberto Baggio (

7. 1990

The world cup was awarded in Italy. Germany FR conquers Argentina with 1-0. Italy is the third winner and England is the fourth winner.

8. 1986

Argentina brings home the trophy of world cup 1986 with 3-2 from Germany FR. The third and fourth places are France and Belgium. Mexico was the places where the world cup 1986 awarded.

9. 1982

Italy takes the crown by defeating Germany FR with 3-1. The third and fourth winners are Polland and France. It took place in Spain.

10. 1978

Argentina wins over the Netherlands after extra time with goal score 3-1. It was awarded in Argentina. Brazil and Italy are the third and fourth winners.

11. 1974

The first winner is Germany FR, the second is the Netherlands. The third and the fourth are for Polland and Brazil. Germany FR had responsible to handle world cup 1974.

12. 1970

Mexico is to be an honor to be the place for world cup 1970. Brazil takes home the trophy of world cup 1970 from Italy with score 4-1. Germany FR and Uruguay have qualified as the teams for final phase also. The third winner is Germany FR and the fourth is Uruguay.

13. 1966

England, Germany FR, Portugal and Soviet Union are qualified to continue for the final phase. The first winner is England, the second is Germany FR. The third and fourth winners are Portugal and Soviet Union. It took place in England.

14. 1962

Chile is the host for World Cup 1962. Brazil takes the victory over Czechoslovakia for 3-1. The third winner is Chile and Yugoslavia is the fourth winner.

15. 1958

Brazil hits winning note from Sweden with 5-2 at World Cup 1958 in Sweden. France and Germany FR are the third and fourth winners.

16. 1954

Germany FR wins over Hungary at World Cup 1954 in Switzerland. The score is ended with 3-2 for Germany FR-Hungary. Austria is the third place, while Uruguay the fouth.

17. 1950

In World Cup 1950 in Brazil, Uruguay takes the crown with score 2-1 from Brazil. Sweden is the third winner, while Spain is the fourth.

18. 1938

Italy breaks the heart of Hungary in world cup 1938 in France. Italy makes 4 goals while Hungary 2 goals. Brazil and Sweden are the teams to fight for third and fourth winners of the world cup. Finally, the third winner is Brazil.

19. 1934

Italy wins after extra time from Czechoslovakia with final score 2-1. It took place in Italy where Germany as the third winner and Austria as the fourth winner.

20. 1930

The first time of World Cup is took place in Uruguay. Uruguay is not only as the host of the first world cup but also as the first country as the first winner of the world cup. Uruguay vs Argentina is in the final for World Cup 1930. The USA is the third winner and Yugoslavia is the fourth winner.

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