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3 Cheap Ways to Increase House’s Value on Summer Sale



Property is considered as one of the best investment. However, you cannot expect the good price will roll over to your bank account on its own without a lot of effort. As many people do look for a house everywhere, keep in mind that actually, you have a lot of competitors as well. If you did not care your house properly, the price will get low so much, because people consider the renovation will cost a lot of time and money. Surely they will prefer a house that is well maintained. To make sure you did not lose any chance in the next summer sale, here are 3 useful things you can do to increase your house’s value in the market without hurting your wallet.

Have a beautiful and inviting garden

Source: soware

Your yard is like the face of your house. People will be interested to stop by and ask about your house if it has a well-maintained yard. You do not have to recruit a landscaper or master gardener to get a nice result as they are quite pricey. You can do it on your own with a real effort and tenacity. Start with the basic clean up, get the grass in shape and remove any dead or unhealthy shrub and plants. Do not afraid to get rid of old plants only for the sentiments if they are difficult to arrange or taking too much space. Visit your local nursery and consult directly with the expert to decide the new plan that you need. You have to consider your property location, to make sure the plants flourish well. Adding some perennial flower will help you attract the heart of young couple. Repair your garden step by step and once it is in shape, do not forget to take very nice photos to post on the ads

Refresh the rooms


Doing a full renovation will cost you a lot and take times. However, you can transform your old and boring house into a modern one with a few tweaks on each room. Start with the bathroom, because they are very important yet pretty small, so you won’t need to spend too much. Check the lighting and piping system. Replace the showerhead, tap, and lamp with a modern looking one. If the tiles are dirty and broken, do not hesitate to change the entire flooring with brand new tiles. If you still got time before the sale, try to repaint the living room and kitchen. Pick clean white, because it is generally customer’s favorite. Add new lacquer on the doors, kitchen cabinet and other wooden furniture to give a new ambiance to your house.

Do a major clean up


Dedicated a long weekend for cleaning frenzy before spring ends. You might be surprised at how much dirt and trash hiding in each corner of your house. If you can offer a modern and new house, at least have a clean and tidy one. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of the unused thing that surely piled up in your rooms and storage. It will help you a lot when you are moving to the new house later. Do the cleaning methodically, starting from the living room to your storage to give a new chance for your house.

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Best Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Architecture that Eerily Defy the Time



The world has seen too many wonderful architectural building that actually left unused. It is actually pretty sad if you counted the effort that once poured earnestly to build these sites. However, due to many reasons, these places that once enjoy its glory as promised structures is now left abandoned without any human trace. While nature is trying to claim what is once theirs, these building is still eerily standing against the time. Even you can still see really clear how grandeur they were once. So here is the most hauntingly beautiful architectural wonder that is forgotten by the rest of the world.

Nara Dreamland, Japan

Source: worldabandoned

The fantasy land once became Japan’s version of Disneyland. However, due to low visitor number, the Japan government decided to close the park on 2006. The attraction is slowly forgotten as the time passed by, leaving the attraction and rides slowly rotten naturally. The metal skeleton of this amusement park still intact though, making it a popular destination for photo hunter who braves enough to break in.

Sanzhi Pod City, Taiwan

Source: debore.pixie

Perhaps served as the early age of the futuristic architectural structure, this hotel resort was built on 1978 to amuse the guests. Strangely, several bizarre death started to happen during the construction, the project was abandoned in 1980. For years the complex that settled in New Taipei City fought the nature with its initial grandeur architecture and still attract visitors that were intrigued by its sad and haunting history.

Canfranc Rail Station, Spain

Source: CNN

Once a very important and beautiful station in Spain, the Canfranc Rail Station still has some dignity left until now. The site is abandoned after the tragic accident on the Pau-Canfranc railway line demolished the L’Estanguet bridge on the French side of the Pyrénées Mountains. The France government decided to not rebuild the bridge since it needs a lot of fund and resources. Right now the main building is still standing despite the overgrown shrubs, fence-off and empty, but people can still go there to witness its beauty with special permission.

Gouqi Island, China

Source: Mirror

This little paradise was a home for around 400 fishermen in 1980s. However, due to its secluded location, many of the villagers decided to move out in the 1990s and slowly left the once-bustling fishing village to a ghost island. Nature slowly claimed back the island and covered the entire village with a lush green plantation. It is now becoming one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on Shengshan Islands for those who want to experience its eerie atmosphere.



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Incredible Futuristic Architectural Design That is Too Good to be True



Architects are dreamers with a vision. Just like other artists, we could not help admiring how incredible their mind that allow them to create such a visionary structure. Not only they have to think about the aesthetic value of a building, they also have to determine the feasibility of their creation, especially in terms of safety and durability. Here is some architectural home design that so futuristic yet functional that will make you wish to see these models are really available in the future market.

Dymitr Malcew’s floating house

Source: e-architect

People have long had a secret dream of living on the water. We see that houseboats and hostel yacht are one of most favorite lodging option when traveling. But it is really possible to live in a floating house that really functions as a common house in luxury? Malcew had made this dream come true through his creation of floating house. It is created on top of a buoyant platform and filled with high-class luxury. The home itself sits in the middle of the wooden terrace and included two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with a bar. With the space of land is getting smaller each day, we really hope this can be a really smart solution for future housing.

Christian Muller’s Villa Vals

Source: funnyand

Looking at this amazing house design, one might thing that finally we can build the Hobbit town in more grandeur setting. Concealed perfectly on Alpine’s slope, the Villa Vals is personal lodging hole that boasts comfort and luxury. It is constructed so close with a thermal bath of Vals, without disturbing the incredible view of the Alpine since the lodge itself are build inside the slope. It has a wonderful patio that allows natural light to come trough and cozy winter cabin style bedroom that will make your stay memorable and convenient.

Coodo’s futuristic block

Source: lebesmart

The Slovenian company, Coodo has a clear vision of what futuristic housing should be. This contemporary housing consists of dwelling blocks that will function as specific rooms. The best idea of this architectural design is that you can build it anywhere you want because it was constructed without depends on drilling foundation. You can simply lay the block on any surface, such as on the lone desert, lush rain forest, and even floating on the water. What is more, you can just simply add another block on top of the main block horizontally or vertically whenever you need more rooms.

Luciano Pia’s 25 Verde

Source: bidernet

Can you imagine having a huge tree house as an apartment? Luciano Pia has made this wild dream comes true with a curious complex stands tall intertwining with lush green trees in Turin, Italy. We cannot deny that the apartment is now the most feasible housing to counter the limitation of land space. However, the construction itself often destroy the ecology of its environment that actually is desperately needed by a human to stay alive. This futuristic tree house apartment allows you to enjoy the luxury of modern housing without destroying the local habitation.

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5 Architectural Wonders You Need to Visit Before It Vanished



The world has witnessed so many man-made wonders that showed great architectural designs to lose its grandeur against the time. The climate change and harsh weather had been the mortal enemy of these work of arts. Of course, the UNESCO and others organizations are working very hard to save this cultural treasure, but sometimes we cannot fully predict what will happen in the next few years. These amazing wonders show great architectural work and pure art but unfortunately are seriously endangered. If you have the time and money, these 5 wonders are definitely ultimate destinations to visit before they are gone forever.

1. The Rose City of Petra

Source: kinooze

This archeological site is famous for its exquisite detail and amazing craftsmanship. The entire city is carved out of a rock face and located in Ma’an Governorate, Jordan. It was known as “The Rose City” due to the rosy color of the sandstone rocks where the city stood. Unfortunately, this historical wonder is suffering from the mixture of erosion, saltwater damage, and landslide which threatening its original form day by day.

2. The Great Pyramids of Giza

Source: sciencenews

If you look at the online photos of Pyramids at Giza, you may think that the historical monuments are spreading on a wide and lone desert. However, the great structure is actually very close to the civilization. The great pyramids of Giza have a lot of enemies, including harsh desert storm, erosion, and ransacking acts from tourist and local.

3. Cerro Rico Mountain


Located in Bolivia, this world heritage site is once the largest silver mine city. It was a real treasure for archeologist and geologist who have to share the site with local and tourist every year. Unfortunately, the silver mine itself was already abandoned due to over mining. The visitor should really embrace the chance to capture the true beauty of this ancient site before it is collapsed and gone forever.

4. The city of Shibam

Source: unesco

The architectural site is believed has survived since the 16th century. The archeologists are enchanted with this city because it is the oldest skyscraper city that still intact in their original structure. Almost all building is over five stories high, leaving a pure awe on how the ancient civilization could build something so grandeur and everlasting. It is a pity that the city is mostly made out of mud brick and very susceptible to natural elements.

5. The city of thousand canals, Venice

Source: internationaltraveler

Everybody knows about the beauty of Venice, a very romantic and beautiful old city in Italy. But you will never be able to acknowledge its true beauty before you experience the magical city on your own. The gondola ride has been the iconic moment of dreamy adventure and wild romance through its epic canal. But the climate change has made the sea level rise gradually, flooding the Venice an average 100 time in a year. We can only pray that the possibility that this eerie city will sink forever never happens.

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Stunning European Castle Hotel with the Best Authentic Architecture



It is a real wonder that a man-made structure can withstand the harsh and merciless journey through the centuries. Most of these castle hotels were a silent witness of the history of mankind, even the cruelness of world wars could not destroy their sturdy stone walls. Nowadays, these castles had become one of the most stunning resorts in the world. So, if you have the cash to splurge, why not spending a night or two as a noble king and queen in these fantastic castle hotel with breathtakingly genuine architecture.

Hotel Schloss Thannegg, Grobming – Austria


This fairy tale sight lies in the midst of Austrian Alps. This whimsical mountain retreat has several dreamy whites towers, romantic outdoor dining venue in its elegant garden and authentic suites dated from the 1150s. Its wine cellar is over 850  years old still in pristine architectural structures. The castle hotel is famous for its winter program, a private shuttle to whisk you away on an Alpine’s sky adventure. And also a summer hiking holiday package to UNESCO’s world natural heritage regions with 300 mountains lakes and 80 waterfalls.

Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, Germany

Source: flickr

This legendary castle was rumored as the original setting of Sleeping Beauty, with its grandeur round towers and very convincing green foliage. The 650 years old castle still standing strong deep in the middle of a mountainous forest, adding the true mysterious beauty that it held. Spending your holiday here, of course, will be an unforgettable experience, as, despite the authentic structure, the Dornröschenschloss is now equipped with luxurious and modern amenities. Surely, you can have an excellent slumber while imagining a prince charming to come and wake you up.

Abbaye de la Bussiere Hotel, France


This hotel castle previously was an outstanding monastery of La Bussière-sur-Ouche, France. The ancient 6-hectare private property by the lake dates back to the 12th century. It’s interior including dramatic vaulted ceiling, six-meter high stained glass window, stone staircase, and balustrades. The Abbaye de la Bussiere Hotel is known for its tranquility, timeless luxury and gracefulness in terms of interior and exterior feature. However, the guest will not be disappointed with its comfortable and elegant guest room.

Adare Manor, Limerick – Ireland

Source: thetaste

A manor house hotel might not as grand as castle hotel but indeed it has its own charm. Such as the Adare manor which reopened in 2017 after undergoing such exquisite renovation. In terms of architecture, the manor house is generally warmer and lovely, just as a guest house compared to a starred hotel. The opulent Neo-gothic structure has an intense beauty that still visible regardless its journey against the time with a gorgeous English garden style welcoming the guest. Prepared to be awed in time-traveling experience once you discover the number one leisure activities that are offered, including a luxurious room with 4-poster beds, claw-foot baths, antiques and fireplaces,  a cinema, a spa, an indoor pool and a fitness center.

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Interior Design Ideas that as Pretty as Summer Getaways



Source: xinature

Having an exotic living area in your own home perhaps is everyone’s goal. Especially for those who live in tropical areas that can enjoy blazing sunshine every day. The coastal area offers so many opportunities to make the most breathtaking houses. With a right arrangement and some artistic touch, you can implement it in your own house right at this moment. If you have a chance to make this dream house come true, there are several hot ideas for your interior to make it as amazing as luxurious summer beach house.

Open kitchen area

Source: pinterest

What is more comfortable and relaxing than cooking in the open air. Imagine having a sea breeze caressing your cheek while you work on your magic in the pots and pans. Having an open kitchen might be quite ambitious, but not impossible. You can make it true by omitting a wall to your backyard or making a wide connecting door to your garden. Sure it comes with its own risks, such as practicality and extra cleaning effort, but surely the holiday vibe that you can enjoy every day will be worth it.

Wall of windows


Having a wall of windows in your living room is a fantastic feature. You can always feel close to nature no matter the weather outside. Especially if you can score a house in a hill that surrounded by sky-high trees. The wall of windows will give a romantic feeling to your house and also luxurious ambiance. And when you put a right furniture and decoration, your very own summer getaways is just perfect for your daily sanctuary.

Tropical style patio

Source: ioniansummer

Your weekend brunch will be upgraded instantly whenever you want if you dare enough to have a tropical style patio. Surely, you will need to invest a high-quality outdoor furniture to make it durable against the harsh weather, but why avoid the challenge? Add colored wicked armchair and stainless steel small dining table will be enough to make your wildest dream come true. Do not forget to prepare a fresh flower arrangement on the table to create a more resort-like feeling.

Bedroom attic

Source: housebeautiful

If you are lucky, you can find a house with a wide attic that you can turn into a farmhouse-style bedroom. The steeply pitched roof will give you homey feeling and a hint of childhood adventure whenever you go there to rest or enjoy your day-off. Implement some summer color, such as pastel blue or faded yellow to make it more authentic with a nice vintage master bed. Pick a cool linen and throws instead of a cover since the daylight might be a bit warm up there. All in all, you just successfully having a lovely resort room in your house just by sleeping on it.

Outdoor dining

Source: pinterest

It might be a bit costly since you need to invest the best of the best to make it durable, so you can save your money on maintenance. However, a heavy oak dining set will answer all of your prayers for an outdoor dining venue. Make your backyard cool and shady with a bunch of hanging wisteria, golden hops or climbing hydrangea on your dining patio and you are good to go.

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